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Meet the Replacements is the twenty-fifth episode and first episode of the second season of Back in Action: Alien Universe.


Part I

Three Months Later...[May]

[We open in Bellwood at Ben Tennyson's high school in his current class--Physics. The teacher in front of the class is performing his weekly lecture, which Ben has his full attention on until a loud burst of noise is heard outside. The whole class's attention is diverted to a large hunchbacked alien tearing through a street outside. The class all looks to Ben, who smiles as he shakes his head "no." Plumbers arrive at the site and detain the monster in a matter of minutes. The teacher calls the attention of his students back to the front of the class, but at just that point, the class ends. Everyone files out of the small doorway, Ben attempting to exit last, before being stopped by the teacher.]

Teacher: Benjamin.
Ben: Yeah--err, yes, Mr. Kennedy?
Mr. Kennedy/Teacher: I have noticed your performance in my class has skyrocketed over the last few months. I love improvement in my students. I have heard about how this is the only class you really struggle in. Maybe you might hit that honor roll if you keep doing what you're doing.
Ben: You think so?
Mr. Kennedy: I know so, Benjamin. He puts his hand on Ben's shoulder. And I am aware of what happened to Ms. Yamamoto. The whole of the school sends their condolences to both the family and you.
Ben: Thanks, Mr. Kennedy.
Mr. Kennedy: Now, I'd hurry it up. It's the end of the day. I'm sure you'd like to leave school as early as possible.
Ben: Hah, yeah. He rushes out the door, waving to Mr. Kennedy behind his back.

[We transition to outside with a view of the whole secondary school. Zooming out of the parking lot is Ben in the DX Mark 10. He drives for less than three blocks before passing by Julie's house. He slows down for only a moment then continues to speed down the street until he reaches his house. He parks out front on the curb and swiftly removes his keys, opens the car door, and exits his vehicle. He walks around to the passenger seat, grabs his backpack, shuts the door, and locks the car. We transition to within Ben's room, which lie just feet away from the living room in the one-story home. Ben opens his bedroom door and tosses his backpack onto his bed. He then seats himself at his desk. He pulls out some of his books and immediately gets started on his homework. After two hours of work, he completes the work, with daylight still in sight. As he puts his books away into his backpack, he realizes two small framed photos on his desk, just next to his computer monitor. Each features Julie and Ben together on a date in a cute pose: the first with Julie and Ben's faces smooshed together with big smiles on, the other with Ben hugging Julie in the halls of a cinema after just having seen a movie of Julie's choice. For a moment, Ben's expression shows utter sadness, but it doesn't take long for his lips to be turned right side up as he recalls all the dates he had been on with her. His somewhat nostalgic flashbacks cease as he hears a commotion outside. He puts down the photo he has in hand on his desk to sit on his bed and watch the scene. Darkstar fighting several equipped red-armored Alpha Squad Plumbers, with two white Humvee-like Plumber vehicles in the area. Darkstar is detained when a Plumber surprise-attacks him from the back and fetters him. Ben's smile isn't lost, though. He pulls out his phone and scrolls down to Gwen in his contacts, reading a line that reads "Last Call: Two weeks ago."]

Ben: I think it's time I visited cuz at college.

[We move to outside at the DX Mark 10, which Ben is already seated inside and ready to travel in. As he reaches for the accelerator and begins to put his hand on the gear stick, he sees another outbreak of villains just behind him. Darkstar had broken out of the Plumber Humvee he was shoved in for transport to local law enforcement and was headed for Ben's car. Ben drops his foot on the gas and speeds off, the Kineceleran Magister Karin Frikton running out in front of Darkstar and dropping him once more. She ties his feet with more shackles and has her team lift him back into the back of the Humvee. For a moment, she turns around and sees the DX Mark 10 driving off in the distance. She waves, imagining Ben had seen her. One of the Plumbers walks up to her to bring back her attention.]

Plumber: Karin, come on.
Karin: Uhh, yeah, sorry, Cooper. She runs back to the Humvee and seats herself in the back with Darkstar. Cooper shuts the two rear doors where a trunk would normally be and heads into the driver's seat. He pulls out with the other Humvee following him.

[A couple of hours later, we find Ben entering the state in which Gwen's Ivy-league college is in. He taps the blue screen on his dashboard, slides through his dashboard, and finds Gwen. He taps her name, and a holographic pop-up appears with three options: a phone indicating "call contact"; a mail icon indicating "text contact"; and an X indicating "delete contact." He taps the first option, and within seconds, Gwen picks up.]

Gwen (call): Hey, Ben. What's up?
Ben: Nothing much. You?
Gwen: Same, for once. I don't have to study for a single today. Being a college, I was expecting a lot more work this time of year.
Ben: Well, it's a good thing you're not busy. I'm guessing you're at Kevin's, right?
Kevin (call): Good guess, Tennyson.
Ben: I've got a gift, don't I?
Gwen: So, why's it matter whether or not I'm busy?
Ben: Why else? I--

Abruptly, Ben's surroundings change. He, still in the DX Mark 10, is brought to the highest floor in a large tower on an alien planet during a bright day. Azmuth, on a small circular Galvan hoverboard, appears at the DX Mark 10's driver window and taps on it.

Gwen: You're what? Ben? Ben?
Ben: I'm going to have to call you back, Gwen.
Gwen: Wait, Ben--

Ben ends the call. Azmuth zooms away from the DX Mark 10 and stops at his computer. Ben exits the car and shuts the door, leaving the engine on. He walks up to Azmuth.

Ben: You know, you could've called me first.
Azmuth: In truth, I haven't a clue as to how to contact you without an Omnimatrix.
Ben: You don't know my phone number?
Azmuth: No, and due to the nature of how communication is conducted on most advanced planets--such as Galvan Mark II--I could not contact you through your phone number either.
Ben: My car's got a phone built in. I think Kevin said it works universally.
Azmuth: Hmm...then I ought to use that number sometime.
Ben: Is that what you took me here for?
Azmuth: Heavens no. That would be the definition of a waste of time. No, I brought you here to show you something.

Azmuth hovers over to a large door in the middle of the room with an Omnitrix symbol in the center.

Ben: An Omnitrix symbol to protect some super secret vault?
Azmuth: The Galvan Peace Symbol is its proper name. You were first introduced to it through the Omnitrix and so were most of the other Earth dwellers, so I guess it's fair for you to call it such. And yes, it's a "super secret vault," if that's what you wish to refer to it as.
Ben: So what's inside?
Azmuth: Ahh, now that's a secret. Access 3020-0314. The vault door slides open at a very slow rate. Azmuth is able to slip in after it opens only slightly, but Ben is forced to wait for the door to separate by a few inches. Ben slips in through the vault door, following Azmuth who whizzes around the dark room on his glowing green hoverboard. Soon, Ben hears a switch turned, and lights flicker on in the room, revealing a showcase of work-in-progress inventions including watches like the Omnimatrix and suits of armor. As Ben reads across the tags on the inventions, he reaches one missing invention. He reads "Alpha Omn" then is cut off as Azmuth calls him. Benjamin, here!

Ben runs away before completing the line and reaches a single item at the end of the vault that sits on a podium in a tall glass case. The item glows extremely bright.

Ben: Agh. What is it? Azmuth chuckles. He descends to the podium the invention is sitting on and presses a button. The light ceases. Ben begins to look past the glass, seeing a brand new Omnitrix that resembles the Assault Omnitrix. Azmuth ascends, leveling with the invention, as Ben speaks. Whoa.
Azmuth: "Whoa" indeed. Presenting your newest Omnitrix.
Ben: The Assault Omnitrix? Or is it something new?
Azmuth: Well, its user interface and outward appearance are still relatively the same, so yes, you could call it the Assault Omnitrix Mark 3.
Ben: So...what's different about Mark 3?
Azmuth: Just a couple things. You recall my dilemma with finding a more efficient power source for the Omnimatrix?
Ben: Yeah? You finally figured it out.
Azmuth: could say that, yes.
Ben: Is that all?
Azmuth: No. Azmuth presses a button on the podium once more, and the glass is lifted to the ceiling. Put your arm out.

Ben shrugs and extends his left arm. The Assault Omnitrix jumps onto and straps itself on Ben's wrist and much of his lower arm. Ben swings his arm down, bending his left arm in a way that shows the Assault Omnitrix on him once more.

Ben: Wow, it's been a while. I almost forgot what it felt like to have this thing on here. Ben watches as Azmuth zooms out of the vault. Ben runs after him. As soon as the two have left the room, the glass case on the end podium is slowly replaced. The lights flicker back off, and the vault door shuts itself. Azmuth hovers back over to his computer. Ben follows yet again. Hey, so, what was that other thing that you changed?
Azmuth: recall how the Omnitrix is my attempt to give any being in the galaxy--soon to be universe--the chance to 'walk a mile' in the shoes of every other being's?
Ben: Yeah...why?
Azmuth: Then you'll understand why I've made this decision.
Ben: What decision?
Azmuth: Your Omnitrix has been near-factory reset.
Ben: Whoa, whoa, what?
Azmuth: Understand that you cannot figure out how to live the lives of other aliens if you constantly use others. Most sentient species in the universe exist as Plumbers, which means they all have the capability to be used for, err, your many purposes. So I have recalibrated the Omnitrix, leaving intact only the safeguards you had unlocked prior to Master Control while in Chronospect. Again, I hope you'll understand why I've made this decision.
Ben: I...actually do.
Azmuth: Well, I'll have you know--excuse me?
Ben: I do; I understand. I keep using all my favorite aliens, and for some, I don't really use them at all because I've got guys I like to use more.
Azmuth: I had expected you to 'freak out' about this, as you humans say, but you are taking this quite well. It seems you've grown in maturity since last we met.
Ben: Yeah. I really got my life in line. I'm almost on the honor roll in school even.
Azmuth: Well, that's just great, Benjamin. I haven't a care in the world for your Earth "honor rolls," but congratulations, I believe.
Ben: Err, thanks. Now, let's see what I've got.

Ben pops up the tower on the Assault Omnitrix, revealing some unrecognizable aliens around Ultimate Echo Echo's height.

Azmuth: You'll soon realize that some of these aren't entirely new, but are also underused aliens in your playlist. I did recognize that you aren't fond of Bugbite for his powers, so he is one of the exceptions I made. Abstallion is another, but that is something I or Professor Paradox will explain at a later time.
Ben: Sure. Ben scrolls through and finds a very familiar yo-yo like alien. Whoa. Ecstatically. Is that Combustiball?
Azmuth: I've heard that your future self, who was recently revived, is quite the fan of that
transformation, so I built him into your new playlist. Ben resets the tower to its base position. Is something wrong?
Ben: Just a little. These new guys look awesome and all, but there's one guy I really wish I had back. I know you want me to use some new ones, but there's this one I haven't used in a while because Albedo locked him out. I think I had him unlocked after I started using Future Ben's Omnitrix, but I never got a chance to use him.
Azmuth: And who would that be?
Ben: Streak.
Azmuth: Oh. I see. Well, prior to this alleged lock-out, you did overuse that transformation. It wouldn't be of my best judgement to re-unlock him for you. Additionally, you would have eleven, as opposed to the norm of ten, transformations available.
Ben: Oh...yeah. I'll make a trade. I could swap out--
Azmuth: No, Benjamin. In spite of my previous statement, I will allow you to have Streak added on to your mainly new set of transformations. Azmuth hovers over to Ben. Lift your hand. Ben raises his Assault Omnitrix arm to Azmuth. He pops the tower up and after twisting it back and forth a few times, removes it. After doing so, he taps one section on the tower, and replaces it in its holder in the Assault Omnitrix. He floats back over to his computer. There you are. Streak is now available in your second playlist. Ben: Awesome. It's gonna take me awhile to get everyone else back. Azmuth: Don't fret. Every now and then, I will drop by and return to you a transformation of my choosing. If it is dire, I will allow you to choose the alien, but do not expect me to hand over the decisionmaking for each returned transformation at every visit.
Ben: Okay.
Azmuth: Now, would you like a transport directly to where you would have been on your trip.
Ben: No way. He pops up the tower on the Assault Omnitrix and immediately smacks down on it, transforming into Streak.
Streak: It's been a long time since I used this guy. He deserves to be the pilot this time.
Azmuth: Just do not overuse him, Benjamin. Remember you've received a new set.
Streak: I know, I know. I can't live off of Streak alone. Now...He walks to the front of the DX Mark 10, faces his back to the car, and opens a portal immediately in front of it. He then uses his intangibility to phase through the hood and into the driver's seat. He becomes tangible once more and seats himself, hands on the wheel. Thanks for this, Azmuth. I just hope the bad guys don't start to come out again now that I'm back.
Azmuth: The Plumbers looked to have been taking care of it all nicely. You've missed many a small-time criminals breaking loose in the past few months, nothing the Plumbers couldn't handle of course. Now, enjoy your trip.

Streak nods, then puts his fin-like leg down on the accelerator, taking off into the portal, which closes immediately after he leaves. We get a look at Azmuth smiling as Ben disappears.

[We open inside a cozy room, featuring a three-seat couch facing a wall on which a TV is mounted on. Closer to a window at the end of the room, on the same wall, is a desk. We see Gwen and Kevin seated on the couch, watching TV. The Will Harangue Nation logo and theme music play as its titular host appears.]

Will Harangue (TV): Welcome to the Will Harangue Nation. I'm your host, Will Harangue. Today's main topic: Ben Tennyson. For once, it's not that he's done something bad. We're led to believe that Ben Tennyson has hung up his metaphorical cape and withdrawn himself from the villain business. We haven't seen Tennyson in months, but today, we spotted him at his high school here in Bellwood. According to what we were able to gather from teachers at the educational facility, "Ben's been doing a great job these past few months"; "Ben's performance has skyrocketed. Whatever he's been doing, he better keep it up." Tennyson has put away that weapon which we are told is called "the Assault Omnimatrix," created by an intelligent species of aliens far out in our own galaxy. These intelligent beings sure are showing it, what with handing a teenager a watch that he uses for pure evil. Was that their intention, though? We'll talk more about these aliens at 11. Let's get back to Ben Tennyson, shall we?

Gwen's phone begins to ring. She picks it up, and Kevin mutes the TV as Will Harangue continues to babble on. Gwen turns on speakerphone.

Ben (call): Alright, so where was I before?
Gwen: You were asking where I was, and I think I know why.
Ben: You do, do you?
Gwen: Of course.

Gwen gets up, with Kevin following suit. Gwen walks up to the front door on a wall to the side of the couch and opens it. Ben is standing right there, the DX Mark 10 parked outside on the curb. Ben puts away his phone with Gwen doing the same. Gwen hugs Ben, then steps back to the doorway.

Ben: Hey, cuz. Kevin peeks into the doorway. Ben extends his arm out with a fist ready. Kevin taps his own to Ben's. Hey, Kevin. Can I come in?
Kevin: Sure.

Kevin and Gwen walk back over to the couch, Ben walking in after. Ben shuts the door after he is inside and seats himself between Gwen and Kevin, wrapping his arms around his favorite cousin and best friend.

Ben: So, what were you guys doing before I came? And don't tell me if you don't want to.
Gwen: Nothing, Ben. Kevin unmutes the TV. Ben looks up to the high-definition flatscreen. Well, maybe we were watching something.
Ben: It has to be this guy? Well, at least, he couldn't be bashing me. I haven't done anything.
Kevin: But by the looks of your wrist, you're about to be.

Gwen looks to Ben's left wrist.

Gwen: Oh, hey, you got a new Omnitrix!
Ben: Yep. Azmuth stopped me on the way here to give it to me.
Gwen: Anything new?
Ben: Yeah. Azmuth reset my aliens. It's basically a whole new set.
Kevin: Show us later. Listen to what Harangue's still got to say about you.

Ben looks up at the TV.

Will Harangue: We suspect that in the last three months, Ben Tennyson has given his weapon to someone in his family, so that a younger menace can break loose with Ben as this new villain's teacher. It's even possible that Tennyson is putting together a full team of villains from across the galaxy, acting as not only their teacher but their ringleader as well.

Ben drops his head backwards on the couch.

Ben: Ugh.
Kevin: Hahaha. This guy kills me.

[We transition to just outside the city on the barren road that brings the rural area into this one. We see a being in white flying at mach speeds toward the city. We take to the being's perspective as it gets increasingly closer to the city. We hear a menacing somewhat high-pitched male laugh.]


Part II

[We open with the trio sitting on Kevin's purple couch, continuing to watch the Will Harangue Nation.]

Ben: Can we please watch something else? Or you know, turn off the TV?
Kevin: No way, Tennyson, this guy's awesome.
Gwen: It's fine, Ben. Follow me for a sec'. Gwen stands up. Kevin and Ben stand up after her. Just Ben. Kevin scratches the back of his head then re-seats himself, watching at the side of his eye as Gwen heads out the backdoor with Ben. After the two have shut the back door, he sneakily walks up to the other side and holds his ear up to the door. So, Ben, did you bring anyone else here?
Ben: What do you mean?
Gwen: Like Chelsey, or...maybe a new girlfriend?
Ben: No, Gwen. And I don't think I will anytime soon. I know you might think it's easy to just get over someone you've been dating for two years, but think about it with yourself. What would you do if, and please don't say anything that'll make me puke more than this question is already going to make me, Kevin was killed by Albedo or someone else?
Gwen: Well...I mean...I've thought about it before...a bunch of times...and we've talked about it...but Ben, that's not the point. The focus is on you. I'm not saying you have to get up and get a girlfriend just to have one, but I can tell you're slowly becoming less sensitive with anything to do with Julie.
Ben: I haven't let go of her, Gwen.
Gwen: I didn't say you did, though. I'm just saying, even though you still love her, that you have the ability to get back on your feet now. Remember what I said a few months ago, about how she'd want you to move on? Just like you would her?
Ben (sighing): Yeah, I do.
Gwen: You're able to move on. Even at her funeral two months ago, you were able to hold yourself up. Don't count on anyone to replace Julie, but don't out any girl that tries to come into your life.

Ben smiles.

Ben: I won't, Ju--err, Gwen. Thanks, cuz.
Gwen: No problem.

Kevin bursts through the backdoor.

Kevin: Uhh, guys, I think we've got a small problem.
Gwen: How small?

We move to the living room once more where a keyboard has emerged from the wall just beneath the TV. The TV has also begun to span a larger space on the wall and now shows a full green screen with a universal peace symbol on it. Kevin, Gwen, and Ben rush to in front of the display.

Ben: What's going on?

Kevin presses a button on the keyboard.

Robotic voice in the room (female, looping audio): Threat detected. Threat detected.
Kevin: It looks like there's something nearby this thing's picked up on. He removes his Plumber badge from his pocket and holds it a few inches over a black circle on the keyboard. The display ceases to show a universal peace symbol and moves to a screen plagued with question marks and views from cameras on the outer rim of the city that are all slowly turning to static. And whatever this threat is, it's got something that's damaging all of my cameras.
Robotic voice in the room (female, looping audio): Threat has entered the watch zone. Threat has entered the watch zone.
Ben: What does that mean?
Kevin: What else, Tennyson? Whatever this threat is, it's in the area I'm supposed to be watching.
Ben: Would this area happen to be the city?
Kevin: Yep, starting at the city limits.
Ben: I didn't see anything on the way here, but I did use Streak starting somewhere just outside of Bellwood.
Kevin: Would make sense, then. This thing's going faster than this computer can scan for.
Ben: Well, then, I think I've got a guy who might be faster. He pulls up the tower on the Assault Omnitrix and immediately smacks on a yo-yo like alien.

Combustiball snaps the two sides of his yo-yo-esque body together, his hands and arms disappearing shortly after. He then begins to rev up much like Cannonbolt would.

Kevin: Wait, Tennyson, no! Combustiball ceases revving up and blasts off through the front wall, smacking immediately into his own car outside. He unrolls himself, his arms and legs appearing once more to hold him up. Kevin and Gwen rush outside of the house. Holding his hands on his head, Kevin yells. DUDE! My house!
Combustiball: Hey, at least it's not your car that's trashed right now.
Kevin: Your car wouldn't even have a scratch on it if you just waited! Kevin takes his hands off his head and pulls out a small remote with a single red button on it. He presses the button, and the front wall of his garage is lifted much like a garage door would, leaving the entrance doorway and door in place on the ground. I told you this place was a garage!
Combustiball: Sorry. I promise, I'll fix it later with one of my new guys.
Gwen: Do you even know if one of them can do that?
Combustiball: There's at least got to be a strong alien in here who can lift the pieces and put 'em back together. If I don't have a new Upgrade, I at least have to have a new Humungousaur. I mean, what are the odds that in these ten there isn't a single one with a bit of brawn?
Kevin: Well, there's over one million aliens in the galaxy, so--
Gwen: Guys, if you could let me concentrate, I might be able to find that threat, assuming it's not tech. It's difficult to trace something going so fast, and we have to stop this guy.
Combustiball: No, *I* have to stop this guy. I've been standing on the sidelines for a few months now. I wanna take this thing on on my own. He rolls back up and revs up for a moment, but eventually stops, unrolls, and turns around to Kevin. Err...where is this thing exactly?
Kevin: Yeah, that's where I become useful. We'll follow it in my car.
Combustiball: I said I'm going on my own, Kevin.
Gwen: Oh, just let him, Kevin. He'll let us join next time, (turns to face Combustiball) won't he?
Combustiball: Of course, of course. Now, Kevin?
Kevin: Ugh. He walks through the open garage door and presses a button on his keyboard. He then begins to type in a code. There.
Omnitrix: Auto-accepting connection in the vicinity.
Kevin: And sending...A holographic map is projected in front of Combustiball from his Omnitrix symbol, with a red blip speeding into the city from its border. Done.
Gwen: How are you going to catch up with that thing?
Combustiball: Combustiball's pretty fast, but there's no way I can go as fast as whatever that is. What I can do is go where it's going.
Gwen: You mean, you're going to predict where that thing's headed and wait for it there?
Combustiball: Exactly that.

The projected map in front of Combustiball fades away as Combustiball rolls into a large yo-yo once more. Combustiball begins to rev up yet again.

Kevin: Haha, there's no way you can do that, Tennyson. You can barely figure out where you're going to be in five seconds if you stand still the whole time. Gwen: Kevin!
Kevin: It's true. He needed Julie to help him with that stuff, and now that she's gone--Gwen's eyes widen. She covers Kevin's mouth with some mana and watches as Combustiball comes to a full stop with his revving. Combustiball sits still for a moment, then with only a moment of revving, takes off down the street. Gwen gives a look to Kevin as she removes the band over his mouth. What?

[We transition to a carfree intersection where Combustiball comes to a full stop from top speed. He uncurls and stands up once more, facing south where the city limits are.]

Combustiball: Darn. Am I too late? He presses down on the Omnitrix once more, and the map appears, showing that the threat is far behind where Combustiball had predicted it would be. Whoa, I'm early. He watches as the blip becomes increasingly closer. He curls back into his yo-yo form, the map disappearing from in front of him. Let's do this.
Omnitrix: Threat oncoming at extreme speeds. Recommended course of--
Combustiball: Turn it off, Omnitrix. I'm doing this myself.

Combustiball simply sits there a moment, squinting at the target in the distance as it becomes bigger as it grows closer. With the target only a block away, he begins to rev up, but before even a second, the target blasts past him, forcing him to fall on his side. He uncurls himself and presses the Omnitrix symbol as a ringing tone begins to sound.

Gwen (call): Ben, you alright?
Combustiball: I'm fine. It wasn't that bad, but whatever that thing was, it was fast.
Gwen (call): No, I mean...with what Kevin said.

Combustiball sighs.

Combustiball: If you don't mind, I have a fight to get to. He taps the Omnitrix symbol and the call ends. His arms and legs disappear again as he curls up and rolls away after the threat.

[We return to Gwen and Kevin's view inside Kevin's garage. He has shut the garage door. Both stand in front of the computer/TV.]

Kevin: You see, Gwen? He's fine.
Gwen: That's not what it sounded like.
Kevin: Pfft, I know Ben.
Gwen: And so do I, Kevin.

Kevin attempts to say something, but Gwen raises her eyebrow and gives him another piercing look. He withdraws his statement and looks back to his computer, where he has a map showing the threat as a red blip and Combustiball as an Omnitrix symbol.

Kevin: Gwen, remember when I said we only had a small problem?
Gwen: Yeah...?
Female robotic voice in the room: Threat has entered city hall. Threat has entered city hall.
Gwen: Oh, no...We need to get there now.
Kevin: Wait...according to this, that thing is slowing down. Maybe you can use your powers now?
Gwen: I'll try. She walks back over to the couch and seats herself with her legs criss-crossed. She extends her arms and holds her palms open facing the ceiling. She closes her eyes for a moment, during which she begins to hover over the couch. Her eyes fly open, glowing bright pink.

[We zoom in on Gwen's eyes to a point where all that is in our view are the glowing pink wonders. We pan out now and find our view now on the threat's caucasian male face, his eyes glowing pink. He begins to lose velocity as he speedily approaches the water fountain at the center of city hall. He comes to an immediate stop right in front of it, just before crashing into it. It is not for another ten seconds that Combustiball arrives at the scene. Combustiball unrolls his body and looks up at the humanoid threat in a white suit that covers most of his body, still facing the water fountain.]

Combustiball: Hey, you! What are you doing? The threat simply floats there. Hey, can you he--
Threat (soothing somewhat high-pitched male voice): I hear you just fine, yes. But I'm not in the mood to talk to you right now, Ben. He floats up over the fountain and turns around to face him. The boy makes himself visible to the city. I want to talk to the whole town. Several city police cars begin to converge around city hall. Officers hop out of the car and target the threat. And look, here's the audience. Voice projected across the area: CITY OF BLUE LAKE CITY, I AM HERE TO BURN THIS PLACE TO THE GROUND. ANY WHO OBJECT WILL MEET THE SAME FATE AS THE REST--A FIERY DEATH!
Police Officer #1: Stand down! We will not allow you to do that!

The threat blasts at the police officer, causing him to turn to ash before the everyone's eyes. Several nearby officers are distracted for a moment by this.

Police Officer #2: Hey! Get on the ground and we'll make you a cozy place in prison!

The threat blasts the second officer, turning him to ash as well.

Threat: I've actually just come from prison, thank you. Any other objections? There is a moment's silence as he watches the police officers tremble while keeping a grip on their weapons.
Combustiball: Who are you and why are you doing this to an innocent city? This place never has any bad guys!
Threat: I know. That's what makes it so delicious. I want to see the whole of the Earth burn. Then the next planet on my list, then the next! And my name, while I'm at White Paramount.


Part III

[We open with Combustiball standing before White Paramount, who hovers inches over an eight-foot tall water fountain. Six cars are posted around the area, with at least two officers posted at either side of each one. The car the rightmost to White Paramount is devoid of living officers at this point, having been instantaneously reduced to ash after White Paramount's blast moments ago.]

White Paramount: You know, Ben Tennyson, I don't think you can actually beat me.
Combustiball: If you really think think I can't, you're crazier than you look, kid.
White Paramount: Grr, I'm not a kid!

A small mask begins to cover White Paramount's mouth. He breathes fire out into Combustiball's direction. Combustiball enters flight mode and rotates his impellors to face White Paramount and begins to inhale the flames. White Paramount's breath is taken, but immediately fired back at him ten-fold from Combustiball. Combustiball ceases after ten seconds of constant blasting, only to find White Paramount unharmed and floating in place. Combustiball reverts to standing up straight and facing him. In the background, several police officers retreat to cover behind their cars with their backs turned to the direction of the battle ensuing.

Combustiball: Looks like we're evenly matched, White.
White Paramount: That's what you think.

White Paramounts spawns large fire balls in his hands and tosses them at Combustiball's feet, knocking him back a few inches. Combustiball rolls into his oversized yo-yo form and rolls off in White Paramount's direction. He uses the base of the fountain as a ramp to reach him, but White Paramount simply catches Combustiball and throws him at one of the squad cars. Combustiball, too disorientated by the toss, simply screams a warning to the police officers.

Combustiball: Get out of the way!

Many of the police officers rise from the backs of their cars to look at Combustiball. Two police officers especially find themselves behind the car Combustiball's is only feet away from touching. They drop their guns and begin to retreat to the police station across the street. Combustiball attempts to enter flight mode before making contact with the squad car but fails and crashes into it. A large explosion proceeds. White Paramount turns around to the site of the explosion.

White Paramount: Ben Tennyson, everybody. Or should I call him the almighty "Super Ben?" Now, who's next? The police officers all remain behind their cars, not even peeking out to see him. Hide and seek, is it? And you were calling me the kid. One new pair of arms grow out from under his main set. All four begin to grow fireballs in their hands. After garnering volume, he tosses all four fireballs in the direction at the five law enforcement vehicles. To account for the fact that there is one more vehicle than fireballs, the final fireball hits just between two cars, causing just as much damage to the two of them as all the rest. Dark smoke proceeds explosions from each car. White Paramount puts on a devilish grin. The Plumbers truly are the only real law enforcement on this planet. It's too bad the only weapons they had to combat me have been destroyed...(his hands recede back to nothing under his main set of arms) by me. His eyes flash entirely light blue, and we are able to spot one red blip on his right eye before his eye reverts to show his white sclera, dark blue color, and standard black pupil. Tennyson, I know you're in there. I really don't want to fight you; I just meant to destroy this town. Eight Ovular dark red gel-like objects slide out of the legs of White Paramount's suit. He grabs four in each hand and chucks the now-ticking objects into the smoke before him in the direction of the buildings. He waits a few seconds then puts on a devilish grin as he speaks. Boom. His lips expand, turning his expression into a full-on open-mouthed evil expression. But after a few seconds with absolute silence save for the continued burning of the squad cars giving off great amounts of smoke, White Paramount stares into the distance now with an awkward stare. Eh...boom? He floats there, crossing his arms after a few seconds of stillness yet again. Grr...blow up already!
Alien Voice: Gladly.

Eight portals blow open at each diagonal direction around White Paramount. One gel bomb is chucked out of each portal, each sticking tightly onto him, exploding just as they exit. We move to the base of the water fountain, which is now breaking up, where another portal opens up. Streak steps out of it, turns around, and looks up to see White Paramount. After observing the results of the explosion, he turns back to the smoke of the squad cars. A grin on his face quickly turns to an expression of sadness for the twelve lives lost, all his own fault. Lunging at him from behind is White Paramount, rolling Streak onto his back to show his body. Streak ponders the creation of a portal underneath him to escape White Paramount, but he simply sits there observing White Paramount's body which has been severed of most of his limbs. Half of his head is missing, with what remains of his brain still present inside; his left arm is cut from the middle of his upper arm, just above his elbow; his right leg is cut just barely past the thigh; some of what remains of his hair is burning.

White Paramount: I've burnt down town after town facing Tachyon Cannon after Tachyon Cannon from the Plumbers. And let me say this...(his missing body parts are regenerated in just a second) it has no affect on me. He breathes a large amount of flames in Streak's face with the sound of Streak crying out in pain heard. He closes his mouth and stops exhaling to find Streak gone from below him. He jumps up onto his feet. Whatever. I don't need you anyway. He is immediately smacked onto his stomach on the ground. He turns his head around to see Combustiball rolled up and revving his body into White Paramount. Hey! I'm not an almost empty tube of toothpaste! He hand grows in size, and he smacks Combustiball off of him. Tennyson, you're outmatched at this rate.
Combustiball: Combustiball's going to be my favorite alien. He's gonna be the most powerful, I think.
White Paramount: If you're going to count that thing as your most powerful one, you might as well throw in the towels now.
Combustiball: Guess you need more incentive to give up yourself?
White Paramount: Why do you heroes always think we the villains are going to give up? After we've racked up this much of a status, where we've been put in one of your Plumber prisons twice and escaped both times, we're not just going to give up. We're not just going to go freely. I know I'll be heading to Incarcecon after this, but I won't leave easy. Here, let me show you my power.

Combustiball attempts to flee the area, but White Paramount almost immediately appears behind him. White Paramount shoves Combustiball into the ground and begins to pound his body into the ground several times.

[We pan out as the events appear to be being watched on the computer screen in Kevin's living room. Kevin and Gwen are standing before the computer as a call comes through with the caller ID simply reading "Mag. F."]

Gwen: "Mag?" Who's Mag?
Kevin: Cool it, Gwen. It's not what you think, unless you think it's Ben's old girlfriend.

Kevin taps the screen and Magister Karin Frikton appears onscreen.

Gwen: Karin! How are you?
Karin (call): Great, Gwen. You?
Gwen: Not so much. Ben just ran off after something that came to Blue Lake City.
Karin (call): I thought so. Kevin, have your computers picked up anything on the threat in your town?
Kevin: Nothing much. He's going faster than my scanners can do anything about. He's in city hall now, but I don't have any scanners in there. It's the cops' job there.
Karin (call): *We* are the cops in this situation, Kevin. And if you're saying that it's going at super speeds, then you confirm our suspicions.
Gwen: What suspicions?
Karin (call): Nothing you need worry about. I realize how involved you two have become in regular Plumber business, and how powerful you are, but all we need is to assemble our weapons to take on this threat.
Gwen: Karin, what is this threat?
Karin (call): I told you, Gwen--
Kevin: C'mon, Karin, do we really need to go through this? It's in my zone. He absorbs a section of the walls in the room. And I've been wanting to beat something till it didn't know which way was straight for weeks.

Karin sighs.

Karin (call): Alright, alright. The threat is a regular kid who calls himself White Paramount. We don't know his real name and haven't been able to get any facial or fingerprint recognition programs to properly function with him.
Kevin: Wait, he's just a kid?
Karin (call): He's 15 years old, origins unknown.
Gwen: What can he do?
Karin (call): From what've seen, his abilities include pyro immunity, pyrokinesis, regeneration, limitless strength, flight, and super speed. His abilities seem to grow over time, though, and we suspect he has the ability to sense the presence of others with a pulse in the vicinity.
Kevin: Alright, so he's got power. But we've got more. What are weaknesses?
Karin (call): We only know of one weakness--singular, which has allowed us to detain him twice over.
Kevin: So what is it?
Karin (call): May I have unlimited access to the video feed?
Kevin: Sure. He presses a button on his keyboard. There, you're in.

Karin looks down at her own offscreen keyboard on the monitor. Soon, a blue and silver gun that ends in a large three-prong plug appears onscreen.

Karin (call): I'm sure you recognize this one, Kevin.

Kevin drops his head and sighs.

Kevin: I do.
Gwen: Kevin, why would you recognize that?
Kevin: It's nothing.
Karin (call): I broke rank by telling you something, now at least be able to tell your girlfriend a little story.
Kevin: No way, I--Gwen zaps an area just next to the keyboard for the computer. Okay, okay! It, uhh, it was from my childhood. They used it on me years ago.
Karin (call): Is that all you're going to tell her?
Gwen: That's all he has to tell me. He doesn't want to tell me, so he doesn't have to.
Karin (call): Good. You're getting better at this girlfriend stuff, Gwen.
Gwen: Why does every girl keep saying that?!
Karin (call): No reason.
Kevin: So where do we get one of those?
Karin (call): They've become limited in supply over the years, but luckily, the Plumbers have acquired some. You have one of those large standard-issue ships, correct?
Kevin: Yeah. Why?
Karin (call): One should be in the back.
Kevin: What? No way, I've checked.
Karin (call): Have you?
Kevin: Well...I checked a few boxes.
Karin (call): I'll leave you two to that. The rest of us are on our way. If you can, have White ready for us when we get there, alright?
Gwen: Alright.
Karin (call): Frikton out.

The monitor changes from a live capture of Karin to that of the battle between White Paramount and Combustiball. Gwen turns around to Kevin.

Gwen: So, where is your Rustbucket? Kevin: Downstairs, (Removes a small dark gray keychain remote with three red buttons on it) where else?


Part IV

[We open with a low-resolution view of Combustiball being burrowed even further into a four-foot deep hole by White Paramount. We pan out to find ourselves looking at the small screen on the center console of Kevin's car, with Kevin (armed with a layer of his car's paint) and Gwen seated and on the way to Blue Lake City's city hall.]

Gwen: So, Kevin, how exactly did you know about that Vena Contraplug gun?
Kevin: I thought we dropped this.
Gwen: Yeah, but...Kevin, what's so bad that you can't tell me? Is there a girl involved? Kevin's mouth straightens out, he glances at Gwen a moment, then he returns his attention to the road. Oh...well, I realized that I have no control over your past, Kevin. And after all, it's your past, right? Kevin sighs. C'mon, tell me, Kevin.
Kevin: She tricked me, just so she could get a part in the Plumbers.
Gwen: Who? When?
Kevin: 7 years ago, right after that cousin I'm about to save trapped me in the Null Void with Squidf--err, Vilgax. We went our own ways. You know how I was--how I am, when I'm a monster; I want to work solo, whether for the good of others or not.
Gwen: Kevin, you're never a monster. A monster's shell takes over sometimes, but I'll always know there's the real you deep inside trying to fight that monster.

Kevin smiles, but his lips straighten out once more as he tale proceeds.

Kevin: I flew around the Null Void. It was my first time there, so I didn't know what to look for or where to go. I didn't know what to become, just flying around there, but then I found this little farm. I was hungry, so...I flew down to try and steal their stuff. Turns out, someone beat me to it. The farmer there pointed me to the thief, who was still on the land. I walked up to the thief, a young Kineceleran, who turned out to be a girl. I found this out only as I almost touched her, when she ran around the land and smacked in my back. She knocked me down, got on top of me, and questioned me. She wanted my name, and what my powers were, so I told her. I don't know why; I must've somehow got lost in her...just something about her.
Gwen: Uh-huh.
Kevin: She then told me her name, and that she was like me; she was just a regular girl, stuck in her alien form. She couldn't change back. She helped me up, said she trusted me because we knew something about each other.
Gwen: What was her name?
Kevin: She said it was Aya.
Gwen: You sound like you don't believe her anymore.

Kevin sighs again.

Kevin: She told me that she was stealing from the farmer to lure in someone at least competent to help her with a heist she had planned. She wanted to rob some Plumbers of a huge amount of cash that was being transferred from the Null Void to an Earth facility, which meant as soon as we stole that thing, we could also come back home in the end, and get our cuts. I trusted her, so we went along.
Gwen: Then she betrayed you?
Kevin: Gwen.
Gwen: Sorry, I'll let you tell your story.
Kevin: So we went to where the shipment was going to be made. We were early, and the crate of gold was there. She wanted to go in and grab her cut first, but I wanted to go first. I went in and burned through the crate, hoping to find the gold inside. But it was empty; it was just more crate was inside when I threw off the lid. I was about to flip around to find Aya, but I was immediately blinded. I held onto my eyes and dropped onto the ground. I heard Aya talking to somebody, some older guy. I opened my eyes. Everything was blurry but I could make out what was right in front of me. Aya was talking to some older Plumber, and there were a bunch more Plumbers standing in the background with guns in hand. When Aya saw me looking at them, she grabbed a gun off of the older Plumber's back, but this gun wasn't like any of the others. It was that plug gun. She walked up to me and touched the tips of the prongs into my back. I heard a click, and I was immediately weaker. My sight was becoming even blurrier, and my thinking was a bit off. I can't remember much else, except for what happened after Aya walked back to that guy she was talking to. That guy said something, one thing...."Good job, Karin. You'll be part of the next generation of Plumbers and proud Friktons in next to no time."

Gwen, who had just been holding her body up with full attention on Kevin while storytelling, opens her eyes wide. She drops back in her chair.

Gwen: actually worked with her dad...and *she* betrayed *you* at some point.
Kevin: when are you going to tell me about one of your guys?
Gwen: I thought you said you didn't want to hear any of those stories?
Kevin: Oh...yeah. There is a moment of silence. Alright, we're here.

Kevin shuts off the live video of the still-going 'battle' between White Paramount and Combustiball. Kevin throws his foot down on the brakes, then throws his door open. Gwen follows suit, and the two almost simultaneously leap out of the car to in front of White Paramount. This distracts him, causing him to turn to face them.

White Paramount: Look, it's Robin and Star. Or is it more appropriate to call you that Zatara girl? Oh, I don't care!

White Paramount unleashes his fire breath on Kevin, who defends himself by turning his back and expanding his back as a shield. White Paramount stops blasting, with Kevin turning around and returning to his normal.

Kevin: Hey, White, wanna see a new power of mine?
White Paramount: Anything you show me is new. I don't know who you are.
Kevin: Seriously? Well, whatever. A pair of wings grow out of his back. He flaps them to the point where he is hovering inches over the ground. This is going to be fun!

Kevin leaps into White Paramount and attempts to smack him, but White Paramount grabs Kevin by the head and tosses him down onto the ground. Kevin spots Combustiball now getting out of his hole in the ground. Combustiball stands outside of the hole and speaks, weakly kneeling.

Combustiball: Oh, hey,'s nice see you...

Combustiball drops face-first onto the ground and reverts to human.

Kevin (yelling, to Gwen): Gwen, get Ben in the backseat!
White Paramount: Hey, no planning behind my back! He flies down to Kevin, picks Kevin up, and holds Kevin out in front of him. That's a nice pair of wings you've got there, alien. Would be a darn shame if someone came along and (he pries the wings off of Kevin's back and tosses Kevin back-first into the ground) pried them off with his bare hands (he then burns the wings to ashes which fall down to the ground) then scorched them to a crisp.

With White Paramount distracted with hurting Kevin, Gwen stands by Kevin's car and creates a platform under Ben with which she brings him towards her. When he reaches the car, she lays him in the backseat.

Gwen: What now?!
Kevin: Swap out!

Gwen's eyes glow pink. We get a view of Kevin's eyes which then glow pink as well. Both eyes cease to glow. Kevin gets up out of his hole and analyzes his body. Gwen does the same.

Kevin's body (Gwen's voice): Oops.
Gwen's body (Kevin's voice): This is not what I meant!
Kevin's body (Gwen's voice): Just do what you had to do!

Kevin in Gwen's body walks around to the driver's seat and seats himself. He presses a hidden button to the left right side of his seat which deploys a seatbelt covering Ben's whole body in the backseat with two horizontal straps coming from separate directions. The straps meet at a central Galvan Peace Symbol. Ben's breath begins to pick up. We return to Gwen in Kevin's body who is attempting to battle White Paramount using her mana which fails to work properly with the layer of car paint absorbed onto her body. Blasts at White Paramount simply reverse and hit herself. White Paramount soon becomes bored of watching Gwen battle herself, so he turns to look for Ben's body in the hole he'd made. He realizes now that Ben had been moved. His eyes begin to glow blue. Two small red blips appear on his right eye, while only one appears on his left. His eyes return to their normal color.

White Paramount: What are you doing with Tennyson?

Gwen's Voice: Me? I'm right here!

White Paramount is smacked out of the air and into the ground as Gwen begins to use Kevin's physical ability for combat.

Kevin's Voice: Gwen, switch back!
Gwen's Voice: That I should be able to do. Kevin's body's eyes glow pink, then Gwen's. Now in her own body: Alright, done.
Kevin (in his own body): Thank you. Now, where was I?
White Paramount: You were right about to give up. He holds onto the top of Kevin's head with one hand, with which he begins to burn through the layer of car paint. When he reaches Kevin's head, he holds tight. Hahahaha!
Gwen (in her own body): Kevin, no! As she throws a ball of mana, Kevin's layer of car paint disappears and he falls unconscious. White Paramount speedily flies into the air to dodge Gwen's blast. What did you do to him?!
White Paramount: Nothing much. He rolls his hand into a fist. I just absorbed his powers and much of his energy. It's nothing I really need, since I already had those powers.

Gwen's eyes widen.

Gwen: So those are your powers?
White Paramount: Indeed. You're somehow the only Plumber to have realized that. But it's a good thing you're the only one who's around...and conscious. He dashes over to Gwen and holds her tightly by her hands. He then tosses Gwen's unconscious body into the hole previously inhabited by Combustiball, which is now home to the bodies of Gwen and Kevin. Now for Tennyson.

A large hole is made in the roof of Kevin's car as Combustiball rolls out. He enters his flight mode, hovers over to White Paramount and begins to burn White Paramount, who quickly grabs Combustiball and thrusts him into the hole with Gwen and Kevin. Combustiball quickly transforms into Streak so as to become intangible before hurting his friends.

Streak: No more games.
White Paramount: Aww, but I was having so much fun. He procures one more bomb which he throws at Streak. A mana bubble is created around the hole Streak, Gwen, and Kevin are in. Streak turns around to see Gwen down on the ground. Hey!
Streak: Gwen, you're alright!
Gwen: Yeah. I can generate my mana faster than Kevin can regain his, fortunately.
Streak: So what do we have to do beat this guy?
Gwen: There's this weapon in the trunk of Kevin's car. You have to use that to stop White Paramount.
Streak: What does it look like? I'm pretty sure Kevin's got a bunch of things back there.
Gwen: It ends in a three-prong plug.
Streak: Alright. Wish me luck.

Gwen brings down her mana shield as Streak teleports away to the back of Kevin's car. He opens a portal just above the trunk to grab the gun out. He grabs the gun and holds it out in his hand. White Paramount is quick to realize this.

White Paramount: Where did you get that?
Streak: Oh, this? I honestly don't know. But I heard it's good for taking you down. He blasts the gun, but finds that White Paramount immediately dashes away to Streak, grabs the gun, and throws it down on the ground, destroying it. Oh, man.

White Paramount grins. He grabs Streak's face and thrusts it into the ground. Streak quickly opens a portal, rushes in, and closes it. He appears inside the hole with Gwen and Kevin. Gwen brings up her shield once more.

Gwen: Did you win?
Streak: Not so much, no. He broke the gun. Can you fix it?
Gwen: I wouldn't know how to. I'm not a weapon specialist; my powers don't actually work well with any type of tech.
Streak: Hmm...He transforms into Combustiball.
Combustiball: Maybe Combustiball's got some hidden powers? Maybe I can melt the pieces back together?
Gwen: You'll just be breaking it even more, Ben. Don't you ever get tired of him?
Combustiball: I only just started using him!
Gwen: But you've turned into him how many times at this point?
Combustiball: Oh...yeah...So then what am I supposed to do?
White Paramount (appearing outside of the bubble, angry): Give up. He absorbs the mana from Gwen's shield, which quickly knocks her out once more. I'm growing impatient. I just want to torch this city. Why do you even care, Tennyson?
Combustiball: Because my cousin and best friend live here.
White Paramount: So what? They can find a new town, hopefully before I burn it down.
Combustiball: They're already settled in. It took them a lot of work to do that.
White Paramount: Oh, boo-hoo. A lot of people lose their homes everyday.
Combustiball: I bet that's your story, isn't it?
White Paramount: I don't have a story, Tennyson. Remember that. He dashes over to Combustiball and grips tightly onto the metal bar between his two yo-yo-like body parts. That hurts, doesn't it?
Combustiball: Not really.
White Paramount: Oh, sorry. The metal begins to burn as White Paramount holds it. Combustiball begins to cry out in pain. How about now?
Combustiball: PLEASE!
White Paramount: No. He holds Combustiball over his head with ease and launches his body miles upon miles away. After a few seconds, his grin extends as he sees a mushroom cloud appear in the distance. I hope that spells death and not just another decoy. He turns around and faces Gwen. He descends to near her, now speaking in her face. Even if it's the latter, he'll meet with destiny soon enough, whether he wants to or not. He holds tightly onto Gwen's face, continuing to absorb her mana at the same rate she regains it.

[We move to the landing site of Combustiball, where barren, grassy fields have been turned partially into a burnt hole. Out of the hole comes Ben, who walks with a small limp which he manages to shake off.]

Ben: This isn't working.
Omnitrix: Affirmative.
Ben: Looks like Azmuth really did make some upgrades with you, didn't he?
Omnitrix: Affirmative.
Ben: Whoa. Conversations?
Omnitrix: Affirmative.
Ben: Close enough to real interaction. There is a moment of silence, which concludes with Ben scratching his chin. Hmm...He transforms into Combustiball, enters flight mode, and flies high up in the sky. He looks to the Blue Lake City city hall where no destruction appears to be in progress.
Combustiball: Looks pretty safe down there. Omnitrix, can you do anything to tell me? Like...unlock Anos maybe?
Omnitrix: That genoarchitive is currently unavailable. Additionally, a proximity scan is required for the restoration process.
Combustiball: Well, you're pretty talkative now, aren't you?
Omnitrix: Affirmative.
Combustiball: Is that all you can say when I ask you questions? Omnitrix: Negative. Multiple courses of action recommended.
Combustiball: Oh, yeah?
Omnitrix: Affirmative. "Yeah."
Combustiball: Read 'em off. He spots a black and white Plumber-issue Humvee in the distance. Start quickly. The Plumbers are almost here.
Omnitrix: Starting at index 0.

[We arrive back at White Paramount in city hall who is now remotely absorbing Gwen and Kevin from outside of the hole. He stops as his eyes flash without his consent.]

White Paramount: What's going on? His eyes glow blue of his own accord. A large rid blip appears on both of his eyes. His eyes return to their normal color. Tennyson. You can't trick me! I know you're right on top of me! He looks up and prepares to blast Ben as he arrives, but finds nothing above him. He must be scrambling the signals. I need a repair quickly. His eyes flash white then return to normal. They then flash blue. No, wait--

Combustiball bursts out of the ground and smacks White Paramount at his feet, sending him miles into the sky. White Paramount quickly recuperates and dashes back down to Combustiball. Combustiball enters flight mode and moves from White Paramount's grip, leading White Paramount to fly face-first into the ground. White Paramount shakes his head and rises back to hovering over the ground. His face, which appears beat up, is swiftly healed. Combustiball rolls out to in front of White Paramount, unrolls, and stands up straight.

Combustiball: Still having fun, White?
White Paramount: Did you get some practice or something in the last five minutes? I was hoping I could toss that yo-yo alien of yours around some more, maybe even try to 'walk the dog.' I never was able to do that trick with smaller toys. He blasts at Combustiball, who quickly rolls up and dashes of the way. Would you stop moving for one second? He becomes tense, preparing to blast Combustiball once more, but he quickly finds peace. He relaxes. You know what? This is pointless. He flies up into the air and begins to twirl in circles, bombs beginning to scatter in the area. He stops as he notices Combustiball missing from the area now. His eyes flash blue. A green blip is shown on his left eye in that split second, indicating a life form behind him with different DNA than one he recognizes--one hiding right behind Kevin's car. Really? A game of hide and seek? And *I'm* the child? He floats around to the back of the car to find a small purple ball on the floor with two silver stripes near the top and bottom. Oh, what is this? His eyes flash blue. Where did he go?! The top and bottom caps of the ball pop off, and a poisonous gas is emitted from the ball which White Paramount begins to inhale. In spite of uncontrollable coughing and the sudden inability to use his flight to escape, he is able to use all other abilities. He blasts at the ball with mana, which the ball absorbs. The ball jumps onto White Paramount. After it attaches, it cracks open, and all of the gel bombs that had previously been scattered attach to him with no way of being ripped off. The ball breaks; the gas ceases to spread in the area. You think you've won? You think a bunch of bombs of my own creation will make me throw in my towel? He flies up to just above the water fountain. There, the red gel bombs begin to glow red. They all detonate, destroying the water fountain and leaving White Paramount's body parts--marred or not--severed across city hall. We focus on his head, which is working to reassemble his body at a steady pace. I can regenerate, Tennyson, which means in next to no time, you'll be a goner.
Unrecognized Voice: Yeah, but you can only do so at about as fast as a Methanosian--like Swampfire--can.
White Paramount: Huh? Who is that?

White Paramount, with the very limited amount of control he has over the movement of his head, looks up to the sky, where a rather slender robotic alien appearing to be around 5'3" stands on a circular platform resembling a large frisbee.

Unrecognized Voice: Me? I'm just your friendly neighborhood Frisbit.
White Paramount: Tennyson!
Frisbit/Unrecognized Voice: Well, duh.
White Paramount: You have not won.
Frisbit: Yeah, not yet. But I'm about to.
White Paramount: And how do you intend to do that?
Frisbit: Well, I was hoping to do it with that plug gun you're so afraid of. White Paramount gasps as his eyes widen. He stops rejoining with his body for a moment. But that was damaged beyond repair. White Paramount grins, continuing to piece himself back together. So I made a few modifications to my frisbee.

Frisbit lowers himself to the outer edge of the hole in which Gwen and Kevin are in. He gets off of his frisbee platform and grabs it in his hand. He presses down on one of many buttons along the edge of the frisbee, additions on the frisbee which at first glance appear to be aesthetic improvements only. Three prongs grow out of the bottom of the frisbee. He throws the frisbee to over White Paramount's head.

White Paramount: What do you expect to do to me? If you use that on me, I'll die.
Frisbit: I know.

White Paramount ceases reassembly and gasps once more. He then puts on an angry expression. Frisbit holds his hand out, and the prongs strike a small lightning bolt onto White Paramount's head. White Paramount screams for a bit, but soon he finds the bolt having ended. His body is pieced back together, and he is standing up straight.

White Paramount: Oh, how much of a fool do you appear to be now, Tennyson!

Frisbit looks down the southern street from which White Paramount and Combustiball followed to reach city hall, where the Plumber Humvee grows ever closer. He then turns back to White Paramount.

Frisbit: That's what you think.

The three prongs of the frisbee tap lightly onto White Paramount's back. His eyes flash white, then blue, then red, then they return to normal. The white suit over his body slips off of him and falls onto the floor, showing now White Paramount in underwear. White Paramount, now just in his human form, falls to the ground. The Plumber Humvee arrives at the scene and screeches to a stop in front of White Paramount. All doors of the car fly open and Plumbers file out. Most of them are wearing opaque helmets, but the co-leaders of the squad--one exiting from the driver's seat and the other from the rear door--are helmless. They reveal themselves to be Cooper and Karin, in her Kineceleran form, respectively.

Cooper: I think we can take it from here, Ben.

[15 Minutes Later... Ben is still as Frisbit. Gwen and Kevin have been helped out of their holes and have walked up to Frisbit. The Plumbers have captured White Paramount and are walking him to the back of the Humvee to join Darkstar in the back. They toss White Paramount in next to him. Karin calls Gwen, Frisbit, and Kevin around back.]

Darkstar: Oh, hello, lovely Gwen.
Karin: This isn't the time, Morningstar.
Darkstar: That's *Darkstar* to you, Karin.
Karin: Whatever. So you said you couldn't get anything about him before, Gwen?
Gwen: Yeah. He was wearing that suit that's got a huge focus on tech.
Karin: Let's see if you can't change that. Gwen nods and smiles. Her eyes proceed to glow pink, with White Paramount's own following. After only a couple seconds, their eyes cease to glow. Still got some issues?
Gwen: No, I got all I needed. Without his suit, he was defenseless.
Karin: So what do we have?
Gwen: His real name is--(she cuts herself off with an uncontrolled chuckle) sorry, his (she stops again to swallow her laughter) real name is Theresa Mickey. He's definitely 15 years old--and male--and he's pretty bright. He just doesn't want to work for the right side, or any side that isn't his own.
Karin: Well, that's...(chuckles) interesting.
Theresa/White Paramount: It's not funny.
Kevin: Haha, sure it is, Theresa.
Frisbit: To think I was afraid of you before!
Theresa/White Paramount: Watch. I'll get my hands on that suit again.
Karin: No, you won't. That's going into safe keeping, Theresa.
Theresa/White Paramount: Stop repeating that name! I am White Paramount! And I will destroy you all!

Pink mana formed like tape is thrown over Theresa/White Paramount's mouth. Karin, Frisbit, and Kevin turn to look at Gwen.

Gwen: What? He was getting annoying.

Karin chuckles.

Karin: Alright. Thanks, guys. It's great to see your team back up. Especially welcome back to you, Ben.
Frisbit: Thanks. I kinda missed this.
Karin: Don't see how you wouldn't. It's fun, isn't it?
Frisbit: Of course.

Karin smiles, then jumps into the back with Darkstar and White Paramount. She bangs at the wall in the back that separates the rear seats from the driver and passenger seats. Karin then pulls the backdoors shut. Frisbit, Gwen, and Kevin walk to in front of the car and watch the Humvee as it prepares to leave. Cooper walks up to the driver seat, but before seating himself, speaks to the trio.

Cooper: I'm still open if you guys need a 10 Squad member.
Frisbit: I think we're set. He reverts to human and wraps his left arm around Gwen to his left and his right arm around Kevin to his right.
Ben: The original trio's got this.
Gwen: Wasn't the original back when we were 10?
Ben: Oh, yeah. Well, you know what I mean, Cooper.
Cooper: Of course. I'm always open, though.
Gwen: We'll be sure to have you onboard when we need you.

Cooper nods and seats himself in the driver's seat, shuts his door and reverses the car to an intersection, then swiftly turns the car 180 degrees to face away from city hall.

[We transition to the Null Void Incarcecon. A ship flies in through a Null Void portal, which closes as they enter the dimension, and lands on top of Incarcecon. We move forward a few minutes to find two Plumbers from that ship entering Incarcecon with White Paramount. All prisoners are currently in their cells. As the Plumbers walk, they make conversation.]

Plumber #1: Who would have thought a 15 year old boy in a costume could do so much damage? I mean, that kid's pretty resourceful. I bet you he'll break out and need to be transported to that isolated Incarcecon in the middle of dead space.
Plumber #2: Kid might be resourceful, but I bet there's no one who can top that trait as it was in that Galvan that broke out just before being sent to Final. I think his name was Slix.

One of the prisoners, silhouetted in his position in the shadows of his cell, stops the Plumbers to speak to them in his natural scratchy voice.

Prisoner: Slix? Where is he?
Plumber #2: Uhh...I don't know. To Plumber #1: Do you? The first Plumber shakes his head. To the Prisoner: Yeah, we don't know. But don't think you're going to partner up with him again, Vilgax.
Vilgax/Prisoner: Oh, I won't, Plumber.
Plumber #2: Yeah...The Plumbers continue to walk on to White Paramount's designated cell, their voices becoming quieter with distance from Vilgax. So where were we?

We move into Vilgax's cell and listen to him speak to himself.

Vilgax (to himself): Good news. Slix is on the outside.

There is a red glow from Vilgax's wrist as someone speaks from his watch.

Malevolence's voice (call from a watch): We might just be able to advance the plan.



Three months after suffering a grave loss, Ben comes out of the woodwork to visit Gwen and Kevin in Blue Lake City. Unfortunately, a new villain is out to play, too.

Major Events

Assault Omintrix Alien Debuts



  • White Paramount (first appearance)
  • Darkstar
  • Vilgax (Endgame only)
  • Malevolence (Endgame only; voice only)
  • Null Void Incarcecon Prisoners

Aliens Used (by Ben)


  • The title of the episode is a reference to the animated TV series The Replacements.
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