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Kurt 10
Season 3, Episode 1
Written by Kross
Directed by Kross
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Kurt 10: Heroes United
Meet The Mondays Part 2


Plaguer was floating through the Antimatter realm when the Monday's Airship appeared below him.

Plaguer: Who-

Wind picked up around him and an ice beam hit him, freezing his feet to the Airship. A glowing fist hit him in the face, sending him flying up, then an explosion behind him sent him slamming down into the deck, knocking him out.

Theme song!

Kruti and Zak were playing video games when Kruti's phone rang.

Kruti (picks up phone): Hello? Yeah? How are you George?

George: There's a portal in Paris.

Kruti: I Know. I'm in the Airship, heading over there.

George: Oh, I see the Airship.

Kruti lost the game due to talking to George, and hang up. Kruti and Zak left the Airship and went to where George was standing. A gigantic portal was above them.

Kruti: Where do you think it needs?

George: As far as I can tell, it leads to an Antimatter dimension.

Kruti: Like the one me and Zak were trapped in?

George: Yeah.

Kruti: Alright, lets do this! (transforms) Ghostfreak!

Ghostfreak flew up to the portal and was studying it when the portal edges started moving. Ghostfreak moved down to everyone.

Ghostfreak: Watch out! Something's coming through!

The Anti-Airship came out of the portal. A massive gun-like-machine was on the bottom, with Plaguer strapped to the bottom. A beam shot out of the machine, through Plaguer, and hit the Airship, sending it, Drew, Doc, Zon, Fiskerton and Komodo to the Antimatter dimension.


Ghostfreak (whispering): Impossible!

Laughter rang out of the Anti-Airship.

Zak: Who's that?

A grappling hook flew down and wrapped around Ghostfreak. Ghostfreak was pulled into the Anti-Airship. Ghostfreak then turned intangible, making the grappling hook fall off her.

Ghostfreak: Anyone here?

Doc Monday came out of the shadows and slugged Ghostfreak in the face.

DM: Bad Copy!

Ghostfreak: (groan) okay... (transforms) Armodrillo!

Armodrillo punched DM, causing him to stagger back. Zak M ran from behing DM and swung the Fang like a baseball bat in Armodrillo's face, sending her flying off her feet.

ZM: (puts Fang in Armodrillo's face) I'm gonna kill you slowly.

Drew M: No you're not.

ZM: Who says?

Komodo M: I do!

ZM: ...fine...

Armodrillo timed out.

ZM: Ooooo! I like her!

DM: (rolls eyes) Just get rid of her!

Fisk M threw Kruti out of the Anti-Airship and then she was hit with a beam from the machine in mid air, sending her into the Antimatter dimension.

To be continued...




  • Zak Monday (debut)
  • Doc Monday (debut)
  • Fiskerton Monday (debut)
  • Komodo Monday (debut)
  • Drew Monday (debut)

Aliens Used[]


  • The episode's name is based off the earlier episode Meet The Saturdays
  • Zak Monday was shown to have a crush on Kruti
  • Zon Monday was the only Monday not shown
  • Drew Monday's sword's powers were guessed at.