General Information
Species Refleer
Home World Slagmas II
Body Meerkat
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Mirror Coat
Mirror Inhabitation
Paralyzing Roar
Classification Fauna
First Appearance TBA

Meeroar is an alien from Tech 10: Combalien Evolution.


Meeroar's abilities include:

  • Mirror Coat
    • Meeroar's silver stripes are made up of hundreds of special reflective hairs that can store light by reflecting it between themselves. Meeroar can release this light at any time, creating a blinding flash of light, or even directly reflecting light-based attacks.
  • Mirror Inhabitation
    • Meeroar has the ability to travel into and between reflective surfaces, allowing him to infiltrate locked areas and escape predators.
  • Paralyzing Roar
    • Meeroar's roar temporarily paralyzes any target that hears it.
  • Enhanced Burrowing
  • Enhanced Agility


Meeroar is a bobcat-sized meerkat-like alien with red fur and silver markings. He has a silver dorsal sail on his back, and the Ultimatrix symbol is on his chest.


Meeroar's Paralyzing Roar doesn't work on deaf targets.

Planet and Species Information

Meeroar is a Refleer from Slagmas II.

The Refleer are one of the few lifeforms left on the planet without a mineral-based body. Their reflective abilities allow them to survive the planet's harsh solar radiation, and their ability to move between reflections allows them to escape predators.

Slagmas II is a molten mess of a planet still forming from the remnants of the original Slagmas, which was broken apart by a massive meteorite impact. Most of the ozone was stripped away from the planet during this event, killing most life on the planet, with only a few species surviving to the present day.

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