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Meenaars are a species from the planet Shataran.


Meenaars are artificial fighters built by Shataranjans. They are rocky humanoids with cannon forearms, which can either show something that resembles boxing gloves or just cannons to fire cannonballs. They have a big mouth which occupies their body. This can open to encage someone.


Meenaars of each side of Shataran are controlled by the respective queen. They are hardwired for battle and may ruthlessly trap an innocent Shataranjan of the opposite color.

Powers and Abilities

Meenaars have bodies large enough to encage a Shataranjan. The armor of this artificial species is very tough, but very mobile and has a perfect speed for battle. Meenaars are very fast for their weight, and have strong cannon arms.


Meenaars have trouble moving in diagonal lines, as they can only move straight.

Notable Meenaars

  • Towerstone (the Omnitrix's Dna sample of a Meenaar)


Meenaar is Hindi for tower.