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The Mechatrix is a machine in Mechatrix Chronicles (TBA) that is used by Davis Cooper to transform into mechanical versions of both Omnitrix and Nemetrix aliens. Two Mechatrixes were launched in the series beginning, one of them finding ownership with Davis


The Mechatrix looks similar to that of the Ultimatrix, but with many differences. The core is a lavender coloring, with the body and tubes were carbon black. When it was first created it was nothing more than the Ultimatrix Evolved Symbol, but after recalibration when it was activated by Davis it transformed into it's new form.


Initially a side project by Azmuth, the Mechatrix eventually became a prototype version of the Omnimatrix, to test the transformation function to ensure the user's health. The first few tests were a success, and further development on the Omnitrix was made, with the Mechatrix testing each function, except self-destruct, of course.

Once the Omnitrix was finished, the Mechatrix was no longer needed and was left in his workshop. Unbeknownst to him, Albedo had copied the Mechatrix under the guise of sharpening his skills and wasn't going to let something like it go to waste. When the Omnitrix was launched, the Mechatrix was sent soon after, while Azmuth wasn't looking.

One of the Mechatrixes landed in Bellwood, USA, where Davis Cooper happened to be. The other Mechatrix landed somewhere else... while the Omnitrix's position is still unknown.


  • The Mechatrix can transform the user into a mechanical version of the life-form chosen.
  • The Mechatrix can be controlled via voice command.
  • The Mechatrix has over 1,750,698 mechanical alien forms stored in it's digital memory base.
  • The Mechatrix can fuse certain forms once per day. If paired with another Mechatrix, it can do these at any time, with the drawback of reduced form time
  • The Mechatrix has a randomizer mode, in which the user turns into a randomly selected Mechanical Form every 10 minutes
  • The Mechatrix is able to scan alien DNA from afar and synthesize it into a mechanical form.
  • It is equipped with a Universal Translator
  • It is equipped with a firewall to prevent hacking, as it's forms are mechanical.

It does NOT have the ability to do the following:

  • The Mechatrix does not have Master Control
  • It cannot jump from alien form to alien form
  • Parasites cannot be copied
  • It is unable to repair unnatural DNA



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  • This version is that of Subnauticatraer. It is not to be confused with Mechatrix