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The Mecha Matrix
General Information
Creator Azmuth
User Chad Benson
Technology Level Level 20
Structure Watch
Funtion Transforming the user into aliens
First Appearance Chad X: Life of a Super Hero

The Mechatrix or The Mecha Matrix is a watch-like device that can transform the user into multiple alien forms from across the universe. It's current user is Chad.

How it works

The Mechatrix works by pressing the symbol, then a silhouette appears, and the core pops up. To transform, the user must push down the core, in order to choose another alien, the user must turn the dial around in order to find the most suitable alien.

The transformation works by altering the user's DNA, appearance and personality, it can also charge up aliens that absorb energy, so that when transforming, the alien would already have an amount of energy to use.

The Mechatrix transforms the user into the prime example of the species, meaning the strongest, smartest, fastest and healthiest member of that species.

The Mechatrix can also supply many aliens with mechanical tools, such as a Prypiatosian-B's exo-suit, or a Polymorph's Anti-Gravity Projector.


  • The Mechatrix can transform the user into any alien life form chosen.
  • The Mechatrix can be controlled via voice command.
  • The Mechatrix has a master control.
  • The Mechatrix has over 1,750,698 alien DNA stored in it's digital memory base.
  • The Mechatrix stores it's DNA samples in a digital memory base and has an infinite amount of space.
  • The Mechatrix has a life form lock mode, which locks the user in a certain alien until disabled by voice command.
  • The Mechatrix has a randomiser mode, in which the user turns into a randomly selected alien every 10 minutes or so.
  • The Mechatrix is able to scan alien DNA from afar.
  • The Mechatrix is able to fix and adjust unnatrual DNA.
  • The Mechatrix can unleash energy pulses, however, it does take away at the Mechatrix's energy.
  • The Mechatrix is able to fire white laser beams, however, similar to the pulses, it uses the Mechatrix's energy, albeit much slower.
  • The Mechatrix is equipped with a universal translator.


  • Normal Mode: The Mechatrix is working fine and nothing is wrong.
  • Hacked Mode: Once the Mechatrix is hacked, it will glow red and warn the user.
  • Scan Mode: The Mechatrix starts to glow yellow and will scan the unidentified alien's DNA from afar.
  • Messages Recieved & Sent: After receiving a message, the Mechatrix will glow green and the message will play. While in a conversation or while sending a message, the Mechatrix will glow bright green until the message is sent.
  • Teleport Mode: When wanting to teleport the user and anything that is attached to him (People, Items, Vehicles, etc...), the Mechatrix will glow a shade of light blue, and teleport the user.
  • Deactivated Mode: After being deactivated, the Mechatrix will cease to glow, and detach from the user's wrist, all functions are disabled in this mode.

Alien DNA

Alien Species
Tigah Apploplexian
Technomorph Galvanic Mechamorph
Galactoid Celestialsapien
Ultralien To'kustar
Gigantosaur Vaxasaurian
Freezer Necrofriggian
Smartcrust Cerebrocrustecean
Water Ranger Orishan
Inferno Pyronite
RollBall Arburian Pelarota
Speedor Kineceleran
Diamondian Petrosapien
DoubleTrouble Tetramand
Aquabite Piscciss Volann
Dracosnow Polar Manzardill
Primallion Vulpimancer
Werewolf Loboan
Crystel Crystalsapian
Lightningstein Transylian
ShockPlug Conductoid
Nucloid Atomix's species
Plantae Flaurana
Ectoplasmyte Ectonurite
Chronobot Chronosapien

More to come


  • The Mechatrix also has DNA of aliens from other franchises, such as Saiyans and Kryptonians, however, they are locked for the time being.
  • Most of the aliens in the Mechatrix are locked.
  • The Mechatrix' name comes from MechaZero's first name, 'Mecha'.