General Information
Species Mechabioid
Home World Hyrashimo
Body Orb-like
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Physical Strength

Quick Regeneration
Limited Teleportation

First Appearance N/A
Mechasin is the Omnitrix's DNA Sample of a Mechabioid from Hirashimo.


Mechasin appears to be a dark-gray orb with two arms, both having scythe-like blades on their forearms. His hands are rotor blades that he can fire rapidly, able to mass produce them. On the top of his head he has a trident-like crown. While he seems to be purely mechanical, he actually has a non-mechanical brain, which is apparently the product of a species attempting to evolve themselves through mechanics. He has two red eyes and the Omnitrix symbol, also red, is on his right arm.

Powers and Abilities

Mechasin's hands are able to be fired while spinning at extremely fast speeds. He can easily regenerate them in about a second.

Whenever a part of his body is destroyed, he is able to regenerate it thanks to medi-bots stored in his body that are only active when he is wounded.

Mechasin also has increased strength, allowing him to fight in hand-to-hand combat if necessary. He can use the scythe-like blades on his arms to combat foes easier in close range.

Mechasin has the ability to utilize most of his power and teleport within a two mile distance.


Due to having a living brain and a machine body, Mechasin's response time is slightly slower than many aliens'. Due to this, he is constantly outsped. This also causes his regenerative powers to sometimes, albeit rarely, malfunction and either harm him or not activate at all.

Teleporting severely hampers Mechasin's ability to fight and think properly, and should be used only as a last ditch effort to escape.


Stew 10: Rebooted

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