Mechachlorox is a villain in the series Simien 10. He was originally a Galvanic Mechomorph but was fused with a Flourana by Zynon. He wants revenge on Zynon for making him a hideous fusion. He appeared in the episodes "Team Vacation" and shortly in "Phobia Factory". He is Zynon's biggest fear. He is the leader of the Fuzors.

General Information

Galvanic Flouranimorph

Home Planet:

Galvors Verdan-B

Other Info
Crimes: Getting revenge on Zynon
Goal: Turning back into a Galvanic Mecomorph, gettiing revenge on Zynon
Abilities: Controlling machines, Controlling plants
1st appearance: Phobia Factor
Arch-enemy: Zynon
Henchmen/Leader: Kinetisphere, Exypnorok, Elektrakan (henchmen)


  • Controlling machines
  • Stretching his arms
  • Shooting lasers from his eye
  • Explosive seeds
  • Controlling plants


  • Electrocution
  • Needs sunlight and water


Species: Galvanic Flouranimorph, a combo between a Galvanic Mechomorph to a Flourana, but a real species

Planet: Galvors Verdan-B


He looks like a combo between a Galvanic Mechomorph and Flourana

Roles in Episodes

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