Meatblast, or 'blast of meat' is one of Len's first aliens. He can control meat and also shoot it. He was Len's first alien as well. He is a Meetonite from the fiery grill, Meetos.



Meatblast can project meat from his body. He can also shape this meat into hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, and meatballs. He can also propel himself like a rocket, and surf on a grill in the air. He can also absorb meat and is a master manipulator of both meat and chicken. Meatblast can also create a super meaty hamburger. He also has the ability to move regular cows with his mind using Cowokinesis. He is made out of fire, but you can only see a bit because the meat are covering the fire.


Meatblast's dependency on meat is also his weakness, as his powers can be negated by sufficient amounts of hungry people or similar meat-eating people and large amounts of hungry people can extinguish him permanently.

Len 10,000

The alternate future version of Meatblast appeared in Len 10,000. Meatblast has two mini chicken legs on his shoulders. Also,he has become much more meaty.


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