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[[Category:Genre: Suspense]]

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Maximum Mutation
Creator ToookaoA11p
Artist(s) and Others ToookaoA11p
Rating TV-14 DLSV
Preceded By none
Succeeded by none

MAXIMUM MUTATION is a series about a teenage boy named Max as he tries to live normally and save the world in which he lives that undergo an worldwide mutation spread.


An boy with mutant powers named Max Kelezer who lives in a Mad World full of mutants and terror.Now he must team up with powerful people and Save the world from harm!This world is not like that of Ben Tennyson,this a more cruel world than his.


Main article: Maximum Mutation Episode Guide


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  • Max Kelezer
  • Jack Wilder
  • Maria Vasquez
  • Agent Matthews
  • Donatello Fernandez
  • Gina Andreas


  • The One who controls Mutants
  • Matt Riker
  • Kiramutants
  • Punk Jack
  • Xenoparanians
  • The Forever Knight


  • This series was influenced mostly by the TV shows and movies: Generator Rex, Young Justice, Fairy Tail, Mad Max, Teen Titans, Abduction and Titans.
  • This series is mostly based on Superhero, Thriller and Post-Apocalyptic series.