General Information
Species Techadonian Bioblaster
Home World Techadon
DNA source A Living Weapon sent after Prince Axel
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Weapon Creation, Weapon Manipulation, being a giant metal dragon covered in guns
Equipment Many, many guns, missiles, and explosives.
Voice Actor Dan Green, only with a metallic echo, as if he was speaking from inside a large suit of armour

Maxigun is the Absolutrix's DNA sample of a Techadonian Bioblaster from the planet Techadon in Axel Tracks Unleashed. More data will be added when the articles on Axel's other 10 aliens are complete.


A big metal dragon made of Tritanium and covered in guns. It starts life at twelve feet tall, and can grow to twice the size of a To'Kustar.

Transformation Sequence

Metal spreads out from Prince Axel's Absolutrix and engulfs his body as it grows and twists, gun barrels emerging from his body.

Powers and Abilities

Weapon Creation.

Telekinetic Weapon Manipulation.

Missile Creation.

Its outer shell is made of Tritanium, a synthesized metal thirty times lighter than steel and fifty times tougher. It's tougher than crystal.

Size Manipulation.

Machine hacking.

The incredibly dense Lumenstone-Titansteel-Khorium alloy that makes up its bones and living-metal-muscle-assisting pneumatics renders it resistant to regular mana and cold, entirely immune to heat, possession, and dark/demonic magic, and immune to temporal and reality-warping effects. In addition, the Lumenstone aspect can drain radiation and energy corruption/magical corruption from nearby beings, slowly healing them over time in a manner similar to how radioactive materials can damage beings over time. This effect also weakens radioactive beings and magically-cursed items.

The highly magical Elementium Core in its brain can infuse any chosen weapon or fighter with any chosen element.

The various metals and ores that make it up are infused with life on the subatomic level, and can recombine itself into various forms and repair any damage it may suffer.

As it is still mainly mechanical in nature, a Galvanic Mechamorph can upgrade it further.


Can not harm intangible foes.

Is far too large for most indoor battles and too heavy for battles where the floor is weak.

If its living-steel brain is torn apart, it will die.


Maxigun was a biomechanically-engineered weapon made of semi-organic living metal, programmed to develop specific elements in its metal parts, and sent after Prince Axel Destiny Tracks with knowledge of over 20 of his aliens. Axel scanned the creature's DNA, transformed into it, and turned it on its masters. And then, he removed its "Kill Prince Axel" programming and set it free.

Maxigun, as Prince Axel named it, became a powerful new combat alien for him.


  • Revolver Gunsalot
  • The Strongest VS The Fastest, Part 1


  • His current picture is just a placeholder, I'll draw a cooler and more original body for him when I'm done with the Original 10 Aliens.


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