Maxwell Tennyson
Max E210D39
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence Bellwood
Age 66
Affiliations Plumber
Occupation(s) Plumber
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Advanced Technology and Alien knowledge
Plumber Training
Military Training
Equipment Plumber Suit and Weapons
Alias Magister Max Tennyson
Grandpa Max
Magister Tennyson
First Appearance A Predator as The Prey

Magister Maxwell "Max" Tennyson is a semi-retired legendary Magister rank Plumber. According to people that know him, Max is widely considered the greatest Plumber in the Milky Way Galaxy. He is currently Magister of Earth.


Max wears a white shirt, covered by a red button up Hawaiian shirt with a floral design. He has grey hair and white pants, as well as grey and black shoes.

Powers and Abilities

Although Max doesn't have any super powers, he is very skilled in combat and can take on anyone who does have them as he is quite athletic for someone of his age. As a retired Plumber, he has access to a variety of various Plumber tools and weaponry, which he uses skillfully. Aside from that, his experience from his Plumber days made him knowledgeable on various species of aliens. He is also able to strategize well and is skilled in inventing new machines.


Max appears in A Predator as The Prey where he is a part of the squad that is send to investigate the place where the fight between Jaden and the mercenaries happened. He mentioned that Azmuth is the creator of the Parasitrix.


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