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What a Bozo!, is the third episode of Max 13.


Max , Corro and Fledge are Heading to New York as it a HUGE city and may have a Plumber ship there. While they a seaching however ( With Corro and Fledge wearing Id masks from Alien Force.) They see Three Criminals Stealing from a Jewellery store ( The Circus Freaks . ) Max transforms into Stinkfly and Carrys Corro and Fledge To the building roof. Max then Transforms into Cannonbolt to pursue them while the the duo followed. Max ran into an empty warehouse but as he went to leave the solid Taednite doors closed leaving Max trapped. As he turned around he bumped into Zombozo. Max screamed as he had a massive fear of Clowns before passing out and turning back into Max. Meanwhile Corro and Fledge had just reached the door and were banging on it only to be attacked by the Circus trio. Max wakes up only to be strapped up at a torture chamber with Zombozo holding a scalpel. " Now all I want is the Omnitrix, Oh and maybe your brain." said Zombozo with a sinister grin on his face. "Now I cant get the watch off without unstrapping your wrist so here we go"." Excuse me clown man my other wrists a bit tight" said Max and amazingly Zombozo loosened maxs other hand. Maybe thats why he wanted his brain. Max figgled with the omnitrix before transforming into Xlr8 ran behind Zombozo before turning into Weatherman Before shooting a combined ray of Fire,Frost and Smoke sending the Clown flying. Outside Corro was fighting Acidbreath and Fledge Frightwig and Thumbskull. Fledge flew into the air carrying Thumbskull and dropping him into the New York Nuclear Power Station Funnels before doing the same To Frightwig. Corro completly covers Acidbreath in Goo before completly dissolving him. They then continue to try and break the door down. Zombozo stands up in the smoke only to see Scorpalien Pointing His acid filled claws before throwing him at the wall then shooting a blast of energy out of his tail knocking Zombozo unconsious. As Corro and Fledge were trying to brake the door they saw a diamond hand came flying threw and Diamondhead came out of the Warehouse. Then You see a gaseous form of Acidbreath break through the funnels of the power station and you then see a nuclear powered Frightwig and Thumbskull emerge from the rubble.


  • Max Devin Levin
  • Corro
  • Fledge


Aliens Used[]

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