Max 10

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Maxwell "Max" Tennyson is an alternate version of Max Tennyson who found the Omnitrix instead of Ben.


Max wears his red floral shirt, with a black one below it, marked with a white 10. He wears green pants, the Plumbers badge is located on his belt and he wears white shoes. He also has a white beard, and he uses the Omnitrix on his left wrist.


Max has a heroic sense of duty due to his years as Plumber. Max often comes across as pleasantly absent-minded at times, but is actually quite perceptive. He also has Prime Max's weird appetite, which comes from his travels both on the Earth and beyond.

Powers and Abilities

Max is equipped with the prototype Omnitrix, which gives him the abilities of all the aliens he has unlocked.

Accessible Aliens:

  1. Heatblast
  2. Four Arms
  3. Wildmutt
  4. Diamondhead
  5. Grey Matter
  6. Upgrade
  7. Ripjaws
  8. XLR8
  9. Stinkfly
  10. Ghostfreak
  11. Waxclub


Despite being highly trained, Max is far from the prime athletic specimen he was during his days as a Plumber. He is a senior citizen, and has not managed to keep in shape, though he does still possess an incredible tactical mind to compensate for his less than stellar physical conditioning.


His backstory is the same as Prime Max until his summer trip with his grandchildren. After getting to the camp, Ben and Gwen went their separate ways, and after the dinner was ready, Max went out to find them, and on his way he found the capsule that contained the Omnitrix.



  • His grandchildren named his aliens.
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