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Maverick Leander
General Information
Species Human (formerly)
1/2 Human 1/2 Prypiatosian-B
Home World Earth
Residence Rooter Headquarters
Age 50 (Cool Kids)
51 (Verge)
Affiliations Plumbers (formerly)
Occupations Magister Ranked Plumber
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Radiokinesis
Intense Heat Generation
Lava Eruptions
Pyro Immunity
Cryo Immunity
Lead Immunity
Radiation Immunity
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Corruptura Immunity
Outside of Armor:
Enhanced Agility
Light Generation
Energy Absorption
Energy Consumption
Size Alteration (via Energy Absorption)
Equipment Plumber Suit (formerly)
Plumber Badge (formerly)
Proto-Tech Armor
First Appearance Cool Kids

Magister Maverick Leander (born 1955) is a villain in Bonds. He first appeared in Cool Kids. He is a human/Prypiatosian-B hybrid from the planet Earth and a member of the Rooters


Magister Leander has his Omniverse appearance, but his fingers are rounded instead of rectangular and his helmet does not have a handle or ears. His colors match the color palette of Heroes United.

It is unknown what Magister Leander's true form looks like.


Magister Leander is a nihilist and believes that nothing really matters in the grand scheme of things. He bases his decisions not on what is right or wrong, but on what is logical or what may benefit him the most. He also creates facades of himself in front of others, as he refuses to allow anyone to see what kind of person he is at his core.


Prior to Bonds

Despite not having much of an inclination to do good, Maverick joined the Plumbers in 1980 at the age of 25, mostly because he was looking for ways to make his life more exciting. He proved very skillful in reconnaissance missions, which caught the attention of the Rooters. He was promoted to Magister and was recruited into the Rooters in 1987.

In 1989, Magister Wheels, a member of the Rooters, came up with the idea to use children to do their bidding. The Rooters kidnapped many children from across the galaxy and brought them to Servantis, a reluctant ally of the Rooters who worked for them at the Null Void Incarcecon. They ordered him to fuse them with DNA from other species. Dozens of them did not survive the hybridization process, but the majority of them did. Looking for more ways to add meaning to his life, Magister Leander decided to be hybridized with Prypiatosian-B DNA, as figured it would either provide a unique experience or kill him, both of which he considered a win. The process did not kill him, but instead damaged his vocal cords beyond repair and made him extremely harmful to be around. Therefore, some modifications were made to his suit to contain his radiation. He could no longer be a Plumber in public without arousing suspicion, so he left, shifting his focus to the Rooters full-time.


In Thnks fr th Mmrs, Magister Leander took the Amalgam Kids to the space cafe Fllrton for their first mission.

Over a year later, in Verge, a bounty hunter named Disease found Magister Wheels' husband Trystan, for whom the Rooters had issued a manhunt in 1994, on Revonnah and brought him to an undisclosed location. The Rooters retrieved him and brought him back to Rooter Headquarters. Not wanting to split their attention between Trystan and the Amalgam Kids, they canceled the kids' next mission and ordered Servantis to break the news. Magister Leander joined the other Rooters in a meeting where Magister Wheels offered to kill Trystan.

Dissatisfied with the explanation given to them on why their mission was canceled, the kids decided to snoop around to get answers by disabling the camera in the elevator to access the restricted levels. Alan and Pierce went to sub-level 2, only to be greeted by Servantis, who told them to return to their rooms. Magister Gorvan and Magister Leander arrived at the scene. Magister Gorvan reprimanded the boys for disobeying orders, and soon realized that Helen wasn't with them. He checked the cameras and saw Helen taking Trystan out of the interrogation room in which he was held. He made an announcement to notify the rest of the Rooters and told Servantis to take the boys back to their rooms. They tried to stand their ground, but Servantis electrocuted them to knock them out. The two Magisters then left to find Helen.

They went to level 3 and split up. Magister Gorvan found Trystan in Helen's room, with Magister Wheels' dead body on the ground. Furious, he demanded to know where Servantis was, but received no answer. He killed him and told Magister Leander to clean up the mess before leaving. After doing so, he decided that the Rooters were exhibiting too much incompetence. Thus, to remedy that, he contacted Magistrata Latdu and told her what was going on.

He later brought her to an official Rooters meeting. Servantis was present as well as an official member, replacing Magister Wheels. Magistrata Latdu explained that she used to be a Rooter herself, but she left to focus on the Plumbers as a whole. Displeased with the direction the Rooters had gone in her absence, she officially declared herself the leader and intended to make major changes. Intrigued by Servantis' role in the organization, she urged him to tell her everything that had transpired since he was forced to work for them.

Powers and Abilities

Magister Leander is capable of firing highly radioactive energy beams through the vents in his Proto-Tech armor which can corrode or melt metallic objects. The energy Magister Leander radiates is hot enough to melt solid metal and rock through mere contact. This energy can also be found in his saliva.

Magister Leander can channel his heat underground, which results in the eruption of massive geysers of lava.

Magister Leander is capable of producing his radioactive energy with his hands while inside his suit.

Magister Leander's Proto-Tech armor is fireproof, being able to resist a Methanosian's fire attacks. Overall, the containment suit is virtually indestructible against most attacks.

Magister Leander is immune to radiation and extremely hot environments.

Magister Leander's radioactive energy can melt ice, such as the ice breath of a Necrofriggian. He is also immune to extremely cold environments thanks to the heat he generates.

Magister Leander is immune to being controlled by a Vladat via their Corrupturas by mimicking the radiation of a star.

Magister Leander is immune to being poisoned by lead.

Magister Leander was a master of stealth even before he became an alien hybrid, as he can easily sneak in and out of places without anyone being the wiser.

True Form

Although he usually chooses not to, Magister Leander is able to easily open his Proto-Tech armor and get out whenever he wants to. Outside the suit, all of Magister Leander's powers are enhanced massively.

Without his armor, Magister Leander can manipulate energy at a higher level and is able to consume it simply as nourishment or to increase his power. He can also fire energy balls and blasts out of his hands and mouth.

Magister Leander can make himself glow like a light bulb, which is bright enough to weaken Ectonurites.

Magister Leander can absorb an Aerophibian's neuroshock blasts.

Magister Leander can grow in size if he absorbs or consumes enough energy.


Due to the dangerous radiation his body gives off, Magister Leander must stay in his suit for the safety of others and keep his radiation level to a minimum. There are, however, downsides to this, as most of his abilities become weaker than outside of the suit.

Magister Leander's Proto-Tech armor also completely removes several abilities, such as his agility. On the other hand, the suit increases his physical strength.

Magister Leander has a strength limit.

Magister Leander can be frozen and immobilized by ice, such as that generated by a Necrofriggian.

The eye holes in Magister Leander's suit are quite small, making his vision somewhat limited. He can be blinded even further by adhesives.

Magister Leander is vulnerable to carbon dampening rods because they can slow down nuclear reactions, thereby inhibiting the radiation he generates.

Similar to Pyronites, Magister Leander's powers can be negated when exposed to enough water, such as that generated by an Orishan.

Certain species can withstand Magister Leander's radiation, including Aerophibians.

Magister Leander's radioactive blasts can be absorbed by the plasma generated by members of Ball Weevil's species.

Magister Leander is vulnerable to a Galilean's gravakinesis, as well as the telekinetic abilities of a Celestialsapien.




  • Unlike full Prypiatosian-Bs, Magister Leander cannot fly or turn intangible in his true form.
  • The Plumber database lists Magister Leander as missing, as he did not formally resign, but rather vanished.