Maulsapiens are a race of mole-like aliens from the planet Talpas. They are a completely free-to-use alien.


Maulsapiens look very similar to Earth moles. They usually have smooth dark fur, ranging from brown to black. The noses of some male Maulsapiens have a fleshy growth, similar to the nose of a star-nosed mole. They usually have a line of fur on their head and down to their mid-back, which is usually white, but can darken with age or dirt. They have large claws on their hands, but little stubby legs and feet. They are about the height of a small child. Every Maulsapien wears a special pair of goggles, as the whole race has poor eyesight. They usually wear overalls and hardhats, or other mining-related gear.


Maulsapiens as a whole act like a planet-wide mining town. The core of their planet is always pushing out new layers of metal and precious stones, letting the Maulsapiens to make lots of money by selling these precious metals. About 89% of the planet works in mine or refineries, with the other 11% works in other places. Most Maulsapiens are born with an innate knowledge of different kinds of stones and gems, even ones they haven't seen before.


Maulsapiens eat massive worms native to Talpas.

Powers and Abilities

Maulsapiens can use their large claws and enhanced strength to dig massive tunnels within the matter of minutes.

Maulsapiens are also largely immune to heat, even letting them survive their own planet's core with only slight sweat.

Maulsapiens can project light from their eyes in order to see in darkness. Unfortunately, this also has damaged their eyes, leaving them very near-sighted. As a work-around, they have created special Maul-Glasses, which as a side effect, focused their light projection ability to fire off laser beams.

Maulsapiens have an innate knowledge of precious metals and gemstones, even if they've never seen them before.

Maulsapiens can smell gemstones and precious metals from even above ground. The larger amount in one area, the stronger the smell.


Maulsapiens are not very agile or fast, unless underground.

Without their Maul-Glasses, they are almost blind.

Some Maulsapiens have a case of agoraphobia, meaning that open spaces can cause them stress.


Maulsapiens have created massive refineries and drills, including the largest drill in the galaxy, the Giga-Spinner.

Maulsapiens have produced a brand of goggles called Maul-Glasses, using a mineral only found on their world: Maul-Glass. When used in conjunction of their light projection abilities, they can fire off laser beams.

Notable Maulsapiens

Dig Dug (The Omnitrix's DNA sample of this species.)

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"Maul" means mole in German.

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