Matthew Carmine
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence TBA
Age 22 Years Old
Affiliations TBA
Occupations Hero
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Expert Hand-To-Hand Combat
Intuitive Aptitude
Equipment The Phitrix
Relatives Thoman Carmine (Adoptive Father)
Johnny Carmine (Adoptive Brother)
Sophie Carmine (Adoptive Sister)
Misty Harden (Adoptive Sister)
Aliases Matt
Voice Actor Kyle McCarley
First Appearance TBA

Matthew Carmine is the main protagonist of River of Memories. He is a Human from the planet Earth. He's a twenty-two year old amnesic man, being founded by a family and given the name Matthew and alongside him, was the Phitrix.


Matthew is a young adult with warm ivory skin color, messy light brown hair with bangs in front of his forehead and yellow eyes. He wears a yellow T-shirt with the end of the sleeves and collar being white, orange hoodie with the inside of the hoodie being gray, red pants that extend just below his knees and his shoes covers his ankles, with this part being black and the part that covers the toes is white.


It is unknown what Matthew's original personality was before he lost his memories, with Matthew worrying about him being a bad person before he lost his memories. The current Matthew is usually calm and nice, with his most well known characteristic being his kindness, always showing kindness to others, but knows that not everyone have kindness on their hearts.

Matthew would never leave anyone suffering and would rush to save them, even if the situation seems impossible or without any chance of him succeeding. Even if the person is a total stranger, he would still help them. He's also has a "big brother" complex, where he tries to protect his adoptive siblings or any other child that he sees in danger. To him, it doesn't matter if you and others have the same blood, anyone can be a family.

However, Matthew is not without a dark side. He becomes extremely enraged when he fails to save someone and when he becomes enraged, he will stop at nothing until his opponent is defeated, even if he kills them, but he controls himself to not kill them.


Not much is known about his past, but the only thing he remembers is escaping from some kind of lab alongside the Phitrix. He was founded lying unconscious on the beach while in the sea by the Carmine family. After waking up, Thomas Carmine asked his name, and Matthew couldn't remember, he couldn't remember anything. Thomas then decided to bring Matthew to his house and let him live with him, Matthew confused of why he would help an amnesic stranger, with Thomas saying that no matter the person, if they are in danger, they should be saved, Matthew took his words to heart and after arriving, he was given the name Matthew by Thomas and became part of the family

Powers and Abilities

Matthew is shown to be able to defend himself even without knowing anything about martial arts or any fighting style, wondering if his original self was able to fight as well.

He also is shown to adapt to situations not with ease, but he tries with anything he can use.


Matthew is the wielder of the Phitrix, a device that gives him the ability to change into any alien it has the DNA of. An interesting note is that his transformations usually have a glowing substance that appears on their bodies, it's not natural, it's caused by the Phitrix.

When he turns into an alien, he gains their appearance, voice and unique powers and strengths alongside their weakness. His personality usually stays the same, but can change depending on the alien.


Whenever the Phitrix times out, Matthew won't be able to transform into an alien until it recharges, leaving him open for attacks.

When he unlocks a new alien, he needs to figure it out their powers and becomes vulnerable until he discovers what they can do.

Matthew has claustrophobia, becoming extremely scared when he gets stuck in a confined place and tries anything to escape these places.

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  • His clothes are a based on two characters, his shirt and hoodie are based on Shoichi Tsugami's appearance in Kamen Rider Zi-O and his hair, pants and shoes are based on Asta from Black Clover.
  • Matthew is supposed to be a contrast of Jay Taylor, the main protagonist of Draconomenal. Besides both being protagonists and being Omnitrix's users, Matthew is already an adult, especially a young adult, while Jay is a teenager. Also while Jay is happy and cheerful, Matthew is calm.
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