General Information
Home World Osmos V
Body Tentacled Giant Frog
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Energy Absorption
Matter Absorption
Super Durability
Stretchable Shapeshifting Tentacles
Enhanced Jumping
Voice Actor Dee Bradley Baker

An Osmosian's Predator, dubbed Materealistic by Oussama is from the planet Osmos V in Ahmad 15. This is the first predator not used against Ahmad as an Alien, but against Oussama.


He looks like a large frog with several tentacles instead of limbs. Since it can absorb energy or matter like an Osmosian, it's default color was never seen, as it uses it's absorbed material "armor" to camouflage more than an offensive feature.


  • Energy Absorption: this creature lives off the life force and absorbed powers of an Osmosian, able to absorb any energy from any victim by just wrapping it's tentacles around the object and absorbing.
  • Matter Absorption: since this creature moves on the ground using it's tentacles, it can absorb material off the ground way faster than an Osmosian. Along with it's unique ability to mix up substances as armor, it can use it's material absorption to camouflage.
  • Stretchable and Shapeshifting Tentacles: the tentacles of this predator can extend and bend as pleased and can morph into any weapons after absorbing matter. These also apply to it's tongue.
  • Enhanced Jumping: this creature can leap great distances like a Frog.
  • Super Durability: this creature is immune all kinds of attacks but requires adapting to them first (it takes a moment to do so), as an Osmosian may have the powers of half the aliens of the galaxy.
  • Heavy Weight: this creature is heavier than an evolved Vaxasaurian can lift.


This semi-rare creature is a misery to an Osmosian, able to beat several Osmosians with ease. It was considered the "most powerful and dangerous predator in the galaxy" as was it's prey considered "most powerful and dangerous species in the galaxy". After the destruction of Osmos I, Osmos II, Osmos III, and Osmos IV, this creature is almost extinct.


While this creature is so powerful, it is weak to non-Osmosians, who can deliver 10/10 of the damage, while the creature is immune to the 1/10 powerful attacks of an Osmosian. Also, it can be killed by being thrown from high platforms. It was also shown to be weak to explosions and shockwaves.


  • While this creature is once considered invulnerable, it was beaten easily by Ultimate Swampfire.
  • It was originally going to be named "Materealistick" and drawn like a tick, but the idea seemed stupid.
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