Ben 10: Ultimate Fusetrix
Season 3, Episode 5
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Master Control of the Fusetrix
Guy Problems


When Myaxx realized what she did she took away master control from Ben but gave it to Mech by accident!


Ben: Rex I need some meta Nanites!

Rex: Sorry they are merged with me! Thats how I got my new power!

Meanwhile Mech was at Plumbers Academy where Magister Patelday was teaching him. He ultified and went Ultimate Mech. He had unlocked the exact same aliens as Ben. As Ultimate Mech he could talk.

Ultimate Mech: Articguanna!

He froze the oppenents. His team cheered.

Ultimate Mech: Spitter!

He spat on em.

Ultimate Mech: Buzzshock!

He electrified them!

Ultimate Mech: Ben!

Ben was his human form that looked like Ben but all he could do is eat chilli fries and drink smoothies. He used his enhanced agility and beat up the other team.

Magister Patelday: Wow Mech! You are ready to graduate!

Ultimate Mech: Thank you sir.

Magister Patelday: Since when couuld you talk?

Ultimate Mech: Since this morning, Magister Tack taught me.

Magister Patelday: Good for you my friend. You are now an official plumber.

Ultimate Mech sat up straight and held his chest high. He took his badge with honor. He left with pride. Then he got attacked by Psyphon.

Ultimate Mech: Mechgax!

Mechgax beat up Psyphon. The actual Vilgax came.

Ultimate Vilgax: Give me my Ultimonitrix!

Ultimate Mech: Never! (Transforms) Waybig!

Ultimate Mech shot a cosmic ray and threw Vilgax out at his Chimerian Hammer, destroying it.

Ultimate Mech: I wonder what Ben is doing.



Rex: NO!

Ben: Pretty please with a cherry on top?

Rex: Hmmmm.uh NO!

Ben pouted.

Rex: What a cry baby!

Meanwhile Gwen and Kevin were on Viscosia, battling Adwaita who had taken over the planet. Tack Junior shot at him with a plumber blaster

Kevin: He has information that we need!

Gwen: I know that Kevin!

Hulka threw a fusion grenade at him. Adwaita reversedd it and sent it flying to the team. Kevin absorbed just in time and turned into a crazy fire monster. He scared Adwaita off.

Gwen: Kevin no!


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