Ben 10: Ultimate Fusetrix
Season 3, Episode 4
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Ma and Pops Vreedle
Master Control on the Ultmonitrix


Myaxx accidentily switched a lever which gave Ben master control. Can Ben prevent himself form becoming the jerk Ben 10,000 from the OS where he never goes Ben?


Azmuth is checking some papers on Galvan Mark ||. Myaxx walked in.

Myaxx: I am bored.

Azmuth: Then go do something!

Myaxx left. She tripped and hit a lever.

Myaxx: Oh no I gave Tennyson Master Control!


Fusetrix: Master Control activated!

Ben: Sweet! (Transforms) Alien X (Evolves) Ultimate Alien X! Now I never have to change back! I defeat Vilgax and his army!

He waved his hand. The TV popped on. Then the channel switched to Sumo Slammers.

Rex; Why not use the remote?

Ultimate Alien X: Because if I can use my aliens why shouldn't I?

Will Haranuge on TV: A Synthroid bot which is industcuable is attacking town!

Ultimate Alien X: I got this! (Transforms) Goop! Nah! (Transforms) Musclemass! Here we go!

Rex: Race ya there!

Musclemass: Playing dirty eh? (Transforms) Fasttrack!

They race and Ben won. Fasttrack jumped up and changed into Benanimo.

Benanimo: Oo oo ah ah! Me part monkey! Snackalacka dingdong! (Transforms) Rocks!

Rocks threw a giant boulder at the Synthroid. He took and ripped it apart.

Rocks: (evolves) Ultimate Rocks!

He threw super sharp boulders at him and destroyed the bot. He changed into Alien X and was about to evolve when he froze.

Ben: Dang it what do you want!?

Serena: For you to stay and be with us!

Ben: Not happending!

Suddenly an Fusetrix symbol popped up and his chest.

Ben: Ultimate Ben!

Ultimate Ben warped himself out.

Rex: Liking the new Ultimate form bro!

Ultimate Ben: Thanks! Clockwork!

The two zoomed two hours a head where they were battling some rogue Pyronites

Pyronite 1: Prepare to die!

Ultimate Ben: I don't think so! Articguanna!

He froze Pyronite 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.

Pyronite 8: No! We will return Tennyson!

Ultimate Ben: Get outta here!

He breathed on him which froze him too.

Ultimate Ben: Sorry!

He sent them into the Null Void.

Ultimate Ben: Man this is the best day ever! XLR-

The Fusetrix started beeping and Azmuth began.

Azmuth: I have re-locked Master Control but what ever forms you gained I am allowing you to keep. Azmuth out.

Ben: So not fair! Rex! I need to borrow some Meta Nanites....


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