Mask of Simul
Mask of Simul


Energy-Infusing Mask





The Mask of Simul is an ancient magical artifact from Tech 10: Star Spirit.


The Mask of Simul was rumored to have been forged by Anodites in a time of war for the purpose of making the already powerful energy beings nearly unstoppable. Through a series of backstabbing and thievery, the mask eventually ended up on Earth, hidden away from those who wished to harness its power.

At some point, it was discovered by Orion in an ancient Amazon temple. After some years of preparation, he used the mask to infuse himself with Kunenga Energy, giving him potentially limitless abilities.

He crushed the mask after this to prevent its further usage, but unknown to anyone, even Orion himself, the remains of the mask seem to have disappeared entirely.


The Mask of Simul's purpose is deceptively simple in concept; it has the power to draw in any sort of energy and infuse it with its user. While this may seem unimpressive, there are seemingly no limits to the amount of sheer power the wearer of the mask can gain.

In addition, the mask can only be removed from the user's face by the user themselves, unless the user in question is killed.


The Mask of Simul is a fairly plain, nondescript stone mask with only a nose bridge and sloped eye holes as defining facial features. Its most striking feature is the hourglass-like shape cut into the center of its forehead, which is what draws in whatever energy the user directs it to.

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