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&nbsp Last time on Mark 12.


Whoa mark 19 says.

What is that mark12 says.

the omegatrix.

Cool mark says young.

Vilgax apears Mark Yells out Omegatrix fusion marks spins the face plate yeling Houmougasuar four arms.

Mark young turns into Waybig and with marks help goes ultimate than Mega.

Mark goes Omega they send vilgax back into space.

They revert and say that was to easy.

Lets go Young mark goes Jetray

Mark goes Echo Echo then goes Ultimate Echo Echo.

They find Vilgax at his base Young ben turns way big and Marks says REVERT NOW!

Im doing the most experimental thing i can Omnitrix OMEGA WAVE!!! Mark almost kills vilgax but does not.

Mark goes Clockwork and goes back in time Wher pardox Just aperad il take it from here Mark. thus ending the Episode.