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Mark and chris

Mark 12 + Chris 12 Heros united will have a sequel and a series. It was created by Mark and Chris.


It starts off with Mark Twelven arriving at an art show.

(Mark, breathing in): Ahh, nothing like art!

He proceeds inside, concealing his Omegatrix. At the same time, Christopher Shane is also arriving at the same art show.

(Chris): Thanks, dad!

(William Shane): No problem. I'll see you at 5!

He drives off. Chris then walks in, also hiding his Omegatrix.

(Mark): Excuse me, sir?

(Art Show Worker): Yeah, dude?

(Mark): What type of art is here?

(Art Show Worker): Drawings, comic books, novels, graphic novels, paintings, sketches, and etc.

(Mark): Um, thanks?

He goes over to the novels section where he meets Chris.

(Mark): Hey, you like familar!

(Chris): I don't think so.

They look carefully at each other.

(Mark): Wow! It's like I'm looking in a mirror!

(Chris): Hmm, hey nice watch.

Mark put his hand behing his back.

(Mark): Umm, What watch.

(Chris): It look's like mine.

(Mark): Wait a second, can your watch turn you into uhh, aliens?

(Chris): You know abouht aliens?

(Trent): Get them!

(Chris): Oh no "Scraposapiens!"

(Mark): Scrapowhat?

The "Scraposapiens" charge at Chris.

(Feedback): Feedback!

(Chris): A little help would be nice!

(Feedback): Hmm, time to go ultimate!

(Ult.Feedback) Ultimate Feedback!

Mark defeats the scraposapiens and helps Chris up.

(Chris): Ugh who was that?

(Mark): Trent.

Chris and Mark fill each other up on their past adventures.

(Chris): Is Trent completely human?

(Mark): No, he's half human half anodite. Why?

(Chris): I believe Trent is somehow controlling the Scraposapiens.

(Mark): If Trent is controlling these "Scraposapiens", then how is he doing it?

(Chris): I think I know how.

(Mark): How?

(Chris, gulping): Well... I was kinda creating a device that would create a holographic version of my mom and give it to my dad for his birthday. But instead, I somehow created a "power magnifier".

(Mark): Then let's go!

(Chris): One sec.

(Chris' Omegatrix): Time until arrival at destination: 10 minutes.

(Mark): Stop being smart!

(Chris): I can't help it!

Chris transforms into Stinkfly and Mark transforms into Jetray. They then fly to Chris' house.Trent storms in and encounters Chris' dad.

(William Shane): Can I help you?

(Trent): You have something I need.

(William Shane): If you mean my son's Omegatrix, he's not here.

(Trent, looking inside): I can see that. Let me in!

(William Shane): No!

(Trent): Fine, Old Man!

A Scraposapien scrapes Chris's dad. He falls to the ground, dead.

(Chris, terrified): DAD!

(Mark,also terfied): Mr. Shane!

(Trent, noticing him): You must be Chris. Ah, Mark. How nice to see you. Well, I'd love to stay and chat, but I have important things to do. Why don't you leave a message with my Scraposapiens over here?

He proceeds inside, walking on William Shane's body. Chris runs in after him. The Scraposapiens attack Mark.

(Chris, enraged): Nobody... Kills... MY DAD!

(Mark): Chris, wait! Ugh, well I guess I'll have to defeat these guys first.

Trent breaks into Chris's room, and find the device he's looking for.

(Trent): Ahh, here we are!

(Chris): Trent! It ends here!

(Trent): Well, I agree!

He fires up the device. Chris looks at his invention in horror.

(Trent): Goodbye, Christopher Shane!

(Mark): No!

Mark transforms into Chromastone and absorbs the energy. He fires it at Trent.

(Trent, standing up): You have no idea what you have just done.

He teleports away.

(Chris): He got away.

(Mark): Yeah.

(Chris): HE GOT AWAY!

(Mark): Yeah, he escaped.

(Chris): My dad is dead because of him and you're just saying "Yeah"?!? He took what can enslave us ALL!

(Mark): Chris, calm down.

(Chris): Okay. I'll try.

(Mark): There is a way to revive your dad.

(Chris): What? How?

(Mark): The Hero Force.

(Chris): But you can't heal pepole who have died.

(Mark): With the power enhancer I can.

(Chris): You're crazy. But, I'll do it.

(Mark): Alright.

They go to trent's lab.

(Mark): Uh-oh, Trent's here.

(Chris): I... DON'T CARE! He killed my dad, and he'll enslave us all!

(Mark): Chris, Chris! Calm down, on three. One, two, three!

They attack Trent, who is holding the Enhancer. Mark! transforms into Lodestar. Chris transforms into Shocksquatch. Lodestar creates a magnetic field, and Shocksquatch fires electricity through it, hitting Trent in the chest.

(Trent): Argh! Attack!

Trent transforms into Computertrix

(Destructo): Why should we?

(Trent): What?1 I said, Attack!

(Destructo): Alright.

He punches Trent in the stomach.

(Trent): What did you do that for?

(Destructo): You said: "Attack".

He punches Trent again, knocking him out.

(Destructo): Man, I hate that guy! Thanks, a lot.

(Chris): Does this mean you all will stop attacking me?

(Destructo): Today, yes. Forever, not so much.

Chris and Mark teleport away to Chris's house.

(Chris): So, do you think this will work?

(Mark): Trust me.

A yellow field sourund's Matk.

(Chris): Now what?

(Mark): Hold the device up to your dad.

(Chris): Alright.

Mark shoots power through the center, and it hits Chris' dad, reviving him.

(William Shane, waking up): Uh, what happened? Oh, hello.

(Mark): Hello. You hit your head when you were coming inside after dropping Chris off. You've been knocked out for about 10 minutes.

(William Shane): Who are you?

(Mark): Sorry. I'm Mark, Chris'es friend.

Chris' dad notices his Omegatrix.

(William Shane): Oh, so you and Chris have something in common, I see.

(Chris): Yeah. You could say that.

They all laugh.



Major Events[]

  • Mark Twelven meets Christopher Shane.
  • Trent is revealed by be controlling the Scraposapiens.
  • William Shane is killed and later revived.
  • Mark uses the Hero Force again sinse he hasnt since it was drained from him.


  • Mark Twelven
  • Christopher Shane
  • Wiliam Shane (killed) (revived)


  • Trent
  • Scraposapiens (Controlled by Trent)

Aliens Used By Mark[]

Aliens Used By Chris[]

Aliens Used By Trent[]