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Mark + Chris Generation 12: The Series is a series following the events in the second Mark + Chris 12 crossover. It is written by Mark & Chris, who the characters are also based upon.

Mark + Chris Generation 12: The Series
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General Information
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Creator(s) Mark & Chris
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Overview (I think this is gonna be good!)[]

In Mark + Chris Generation 12: The Series, Mark and Chris must fight an alien invasion before it consumes the universe, as noted in the end of Operation 12, they are invading Washington D.C. Mark & Chris must prevent the invasion with the help of some friends, Albedo and Ken Owaz.

Episode Guide[]

Mark + Chris Generation 12: The Series/ Episode Guide



  • Trent
  • Nathaniel
  • Scraposapiens
  • Investigator # 5
  • King Absorb-a-Tron


  • This counts as the third Mark 12/Chris 12 crossover, but also counts as a series.
  • Ken Owaz makes his Mark 12 debut, but is a regular character and hero in the Chris 12 series (C12, C12:AF, C12:UA, and C12: OV)
  • Mark turns 17 sometime during this series, but Chris turned 17 that april.
  • This series takes place between C12: AF and C12: UA.
  • Washington D.C. makes it AF appearance, and will reappear in UA.
  • Thee series will have 2 video games.