Margaret Elizabeth Valventia is the main character of Fracture Point, as well as one of the few on Earth to be spared from Vilgax's plague - as the universe deemed her too incompetent to be useful to the tyrant.


Born May 2nd, 2104 to parents Ren and Maya, Margaret was raised in Nevada during her childhood, before moving to England in her teens. After graduating from university, she's spent the past few years basically living on her couch, not doing much of anything with her life besides taking care of a sentient potato given to her as a joke by her friend Petra. Though both doubt it'll last very long around her.


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Margaret is just a little bit away from being classified as a bum, who lives her life in a mostly carefree manner, disregarding any concern her parents have for her lifestyle. She prefers to put things off as long as she can, and tends to joke around during otherwise serious moments.

Powers and Equipment

Due to Margaret undertaking a small experiment in 2123 (mostly because it paid extremely well), she has the ability to conjure energy-like ropes from her hands, which mainly get used to grab far away objects in her room.

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  • There are several things about Margaret that are just an excuse to make Persona references.
    • Her name, Margaret Valventia, is taken from Margaret, the attendant of the Velvet Room in Persona 4. Valventia is supposed to be a play on velvet, while still sounding unique.
    • Her middle name, Elizabeth, is taken from the Velvet Room's attendant in Persona 3 - Margaret's sister Elizabeth.
    • The names of her parents, Maya and Ren, are the canon names of the protagonists of Persona 2 and 5, respectively.
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