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Many Things Change prt 1 is the 1st episode of Ben 10 New Omniverse


The episode all starts with Ben and Rook in the spaceship looking for someone who needs help later Ben complains that noone needs help when suddenly Grandpa Max tells them to go to planet Zarks. Meanwhile at planet Zarks lies an alien named Molarite when Ben turns into Bigchill then froze him on his body then Molarite brokes out of the ice and run to a big bridge then Rook and Ben follows him when Ben and Rook are looking for Molariite. Molarite jumps at him and scratches Bens omnitrix then Rook turns his proto tool into an arrow while Molarite dutches it and attacked him when Ben turns into Terraspin but Molarite scratches Terraspins shell then says aw then Terraspin turns into jetray and shoots Molarite with a big bang then Molarite started running then Ben turns into XLR8 then Rook jumps and give Molarite a piggybackride then Rook shocks Molarite with his proto tool after a while Molarite was tied up and has no escape and tries to struggle then Ben and Rook leaves while theyb werent looking Molarite suddenly use his claws and escaped Ben and Rook are chasing him until they come inside a big cave where Ben and Rook found Molarite stealing a big box with a Celestialsapien inside Ben suddenly turns into Gravvattack and use his powers then Ben gets the box but Molarite became out of sight meanwhile Gwen and Kevin receive a call from Grandpa Max to help Ben out when Gwen and Kevin arrive Ben and Rook already captured Molarite


  • Ben Tennyson
  • Rook Blonko
  • Grandpa Max
  • Gwen Tennyson
  • Kevin Levin


  • Molarite

Aliens Used[]

  • Bigchill
  • Terraspin
  • Jetray
  • XLR8
  • Gravvattack


Ben:you think you can get thast box Molarite,Gravattack

Molarite:You dont what doing

Gravvattack:oh just shut up oh

Kevin :finnally we are here

Ben:hi Gwen