Mantasaur is the Omnitrix's DNA Sample of a Manphibian the planet Maphia Glidicus.

Powers and Abilities

Being a Manta ray like alien, Mantasaur has incredible swimming capabilities, and can even fly as fast as a jet-plane. This alien is amphibious, being able to survive in or out of water for an unlimited out of time.

Mantasaur's skin is also immune to the effects of heat or the cold, meaning meaning that fire and ice have no affect on him. This alien also possesses enhanced speed in the water or air, and has enhanced strength as well.

He can absorb water in his skin, and use it as energy or nourishment.

Mantasaur's two feelers can sense any incoming enemy out of Mantasaur's vision.


Mantasaur cannot stay airborne for more than a few hours, and then he will tire out.

Mantasaur can be gripped by his tail or feelers, and damaged by doing so.

This alien is frail and light, so he can be easily thrown or blown away with ease.


  • Mantasaur's powers are extremely inspired by Jetray.
  • Mantasaur was created by Illuminate08 from Deviantart.
  • Ben unlocked this alien off-screen.
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