Mutant Drake
Season 1, Episode 9
Air date 12/13/15
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Manhunt is the ninth episode of the series, Mutant Drake.


In the city, earlier, the buildings are standing tall. A moment later, one of them bursts into flames. The scene cuts to the street level in which a police cruiser is seen approaching the building. The car stops in front of the building, parked next to a firetruck.

December 5, 17:33 EDT

The driver's door of the cruiser open and Detective Wilson steps out of the car. He approaches the building and encounters a firefighter.

Detective Wilson: What's happening here?

Firefighter: I don't know, Detective. It's okay to understand one building on fire, maybe even two because it spread to the one next to it but eleven buildings in a row?

Detective Wilson: What do you think it is? Gas leak?

Firefighter: If it was a gas leak, you wouldn't be here. I know how you work. You think someone did this.

Detective Wilson: Yeah.

Firefighter: Well one of my boys found something not too far from the eleventh building, where the fire ended.

The firefighter removes a diamond shard from his pocket. Detective Wilson's eyes widen slightly. The firefighter hands it to him and the Detective takes it in his hand, examining it.

Firefighter: You know who it is, don't you?

Detective Wilson: I do.

Firefighter: It's a Mutant, isn't it?

Detective Wilson: Not just a Mutant. The Vigilante.

Title Sequence

The city is seen once again, the sky is now darker than before, surrounding Kate's apartment building. 

Palatial Valley Apartments
December 5, 20:00 EDT

 Inside the apartment building, Kate is seen siting on the couch. Behind her, Drake is seen pacing back and forth. His footsteps sound hard, aggressive. Kate continues to sit there.

Kate: Well?

Drake: I didn't do it.

Kate: That's it? That's all you're telling me? (turns to face Drake) "I didn't do it"?

Drake, stopping, turning to face Kate: Kate, what do you want me to say?

Kate: I want you to convince me.

Drake: Why would I destroy this city, Kate? I told you how much this means to me.

Kate: Is that why you're pacing back and forth?

Drake: Maybe. I don't know what I'm doing.

Kate: This. This right here is exactly why I'm asking. You don't know what you're doing half of the time, Drake. How am I supposed to believe that you didn't go out there doing something stupid because you didn't know it was a bad thing to do?

Drake: It was Blake.

Kate: Wh-What? Who's Blake?

Drake: Earlier today, I met a Mutant. A Mutant with the power to cure other Mutants but he was taking Nanogenes from them, killing them, just to fed himself. So he tried to kill me and mutated himself even more. I don't know what happened but I stopped him. After he tried to take my Nanogenes, he escaped and I was unconscious. He must have done this while I was inactive.

Kate: Then we'll make him answer for his crimes, Drake. Someone has the be responsible for this.

Drake: He might be dead. He fell off a bridge and MCA is still looking for him.

Kate: He fell off a bridge?

Drake: I might have made him- fell.

Kate, correcting: Fall. (puts hands on her face and exhales) Drake- (slowly wipes hands off of face) What are we going to do now?

Drake: I don't know. I'm going to the Outpost. I'll talk with the Director.

Kate: You should stay here. For now anyways. A hooded Mutant just caused serious damage to the city and hurt a lot of people, I don't think they'll want to see another one going to MCA, an organization with a shady reputation.

Drake: ...Fine. I'll contact them. The scene cuts to the exterior MCA Outpost.

Owens, unseen: Absolutely not.

The scene then cuts to the inside of the Briefing Room, where Owens is seen standing by the table in which John is seen sitting at. 

MCA Manhattan Outpost: Briefing Room
December 5, 20:08 EDT

Owens: Under no condition are you allowed back at MCA during this situation.

Drake, through the monitor's communication systems: Why not?

Owens: The Director ordered it. Right now you're a target by everyone who has seen the news report. As we speak, The Director is attempting to cover up the story with the Director of the Press. Drake, are you in an isolated location?

The scene cuts back to inside Kate's apartment building. Drake turns from the corner he's in and looks at Kate, watching him from the distance.

Drake, to Kate: Are we safe here?

Kate nods. Drake looks at her then turns back to the wall.

Drake, using his earpiece: Yes.

Owens, over the earpiece: I take it that was your female acquaintance.

Drake, using his earpiece: ...Yes.

Owens, over the earpiece: Drake, your actions to help the public have gone noticed. Those rumors about you are now peculation. If someone sees you, that peculation will turn to belief, belief that you were the cause of the events that occurred earlier today. And if they see you coming, especially, to the Outpost, the public will discover our connection to you and we will be attacked through words, fights and paperwork. Things we don't have time for when there are Mutants still out there to contain.

Drake, using his earpiece: So how long do I stay in hiding?

Owens, over the earpiece: Until the situation is fixed. You're going to be in the dark from here on out, Drake. No support for MCA. Communication will still be active but until the situation passes over, you cannot be associated with the MCA. Is this understood?

Drake, using his earpiece, hesitating: ...Yes.

Owens, over the earpiece: Stay clear of trouble. Owens out.

The feed then cuts and Drake turns from the wall, seeing Kate, still watching him.

Kate: Well?

Drake: We're on our own.

Kate: What do you mean?

Drake: I can't go back to the Outpost. I have to stay here until the situation passes over.

Kate: What? Are you insane? You were just framed for burning building, attacking people and a whole bunch of other crimes, Drake. That doesn't just pass over. That stuff isn't forgotten. Trust me, I work in the news. I know these things. And-And you can't stay here forever, Drake. I live with my dad.

Drake: If people see me, as The Hood, they'll believe it was me who did it. They'll know I'm out there.

Kate: We just need to prove you didn't do it.

Drake: They'll never believe it. That a Mutant with powers like mine did this.

Kate: We'll find a way. After all, you're going to be here for a while.

Drake: I thought you didn't want me to stay.

Kate: Well where else are you going to go?

Drake: I don't know.

They look at each other for a moment.

Kate: (chuckles dryly) "The Hood"? Is that really what you're calling yourself?

Drake: Yeah. Because I wear a- hood.

Kate: Don't. (laughs)

The scene cuts to a building with police cruisers parked in the front of the building. 

Manhattan Police Precinct
December 5, 20:22 EDT

 Inside, Detective Wilson is seen walking past two police officers. He looks around, passing by a desk with an officer sitting there, on the desk phone. The Detective looks to the right and sees two officers moving a prisoner, a pale skinned man wearing an orange shirt with a black vest over it. His hair is only by a few strands and his eyes are brown. There is a muzzle over his mouth and his arms are in handcuffs. Detective Wilson looks at the prisoner who exchanges a look at the Detective as he is being moved through the precinct. The Detective continues moving through the precinct until he enters an office. He knocks on the already open door. The man at the desk looks up. He's an older looking man wearing a striped formal shirt with a grey tie. His hair is grey and his eyes are brown. He has a mustache.

Man, at the desk: Detective Wilson. Come in, come in.

Detective Wilson enters the office, approaching the desk.

Man, at the desk: You'll have to talk fast. I'm quite busy.

Detective Wilson: Yes. I know. Look, Commissioner, it's about the Mutants.

The Commissioner exhales.

Commissioner: Detective-

Detective Wilson: Look, Commissioner, these-these Mutants, these freaks have been destroying our city.

Commissioner: And there's nothing we can do about it. Look at us. We're fit to handle regular crimes. If there's a situation in which there's a global crisis or something of the sorts, we call the upper ones.

Detective Wilson: And is this not a global crisis?

Commissioner: From what I was assured, it's currently locked within the Manhattan area.

Detective Wilson: Then why did I see an MCA ship or whatever it's called heading for Brooklyn about a month ago.

Commissioner: Prehaps just New York then. This isn't my problem, Detective.

Detective Wilson: Yeah? Well it should be. We should be doing something about this. I may not have the authority in this case but I am a citizen and a member of the police department and I refuse to not only be bullied by these things but to be attacked by them. We have to do something. Especially if you're wrong. What if its not just New York. What if its the state over. What if its the world, Commissioner? What if it could be? These things. They're not all mindless. Some of them think. What if they all start thinking and their first thought is to take over the world. I don't know. Maybe I'm overreacting. But I have a daughter, Commissioner. And I refuse to let her grow in a world where any second of any day she could be attacked and killed by one of these things. We may not be equipped for this situation but surely you know someone who is.

The Commissioner sits there for a moment. Detective Wilson breaths.

Commissioner, after that moment: I do. I know someone. The Government is entwined with MCA's connection with these Mutants and they're cutting out the middle man, me. I know a faction of the government that operates outside of its control. They'll be available to handle with that Mutant threat you keep bringing up only. After that, their plans for world domination should cease and they'll be weakened enough for the police to step in.

Detective Wilson: By Mutant threat you mean-

Commissioner: The Vigilante. I'll contact them now, they should be here as soon as possible. Two days or so. Although, with the news report, I'm surprised you don't think he didn't skip town.

Detective Wilson: Trust me, Commissioner, he wouldn't. There's something about this city that's important to him.

Commissioner: Thing is, Detective, it's like you're trying to understand him rather than catch him.

Detective Wilson: You misunderstand. I'm trying to understand him in order to catch him. He's a criminal, Commissioner. He needs to be stopped. At any cost.

The scene cuts to Detective Wilson driving a car, not a police cruiser, a black car. He looks through the windshield, out into the night. He turns his head to the right slightly and sees a figure throwing another figure into an alleyway. The Detective then hits the brakes hard and stops the car alongside the curb of the sidewalk. The door opens and Detective Wilson steps out of the car quickly, armed. He enters the alleyway and sees a hooded figure punching a man in the alleyway, several times. The man's face is bruised, nearly lifeless. 

December 5, 20:54 EDT

Detective Wilson, pointing his weapon: Freeze! NYPD!

The hooded figure stops punching the man.

Detective Wilson: Back away from the man! Now!

The hooded figure moves away from the man.

Detective Wilson, gripped his weapon: It's you, isn't it? The Vigilante.

The breath of the hooded figure is seen. The temperature must be low.

Drake: You're a cop. Do your job.

Detective Wilson, approaching him slowly: Detective. What the heck are you talking about? I should just shoot you right now.

Drake: You have no idea who you're messing with.

Detective Wilson: We'll see about that once you're in prison for life.

Detective Wilson attempts to grab Drake who activates his wing form. His wings open up, impacting with Detective Wilson's face, throwing him back. The Detective holds his face and looks up as Drake flies away. Detective Wilson looks down at the man, leaning against the wall. He then sees a paper bag in the alleyway with a logo of a pizza on its side with the words "Daryl's Pizza" on it. The scene then transitions back to Kate's apartment building. 

Palatial Valley Apartments
December 5, 21:13 EDT

 Drake lands on the balcony once again and deactivates his wing form. Kate opens the glass door.

Kate: I still don't think it was such a good idea to go outside. Are you alright?

Drake: Fine. I just- Someone saw me.

Kate: What? What happened?

Drake, entering the room It was an officer. Someone was being robbed and I-

Voice, coming from inside: Sweetheart?

Drake: Who's that?

Kate: Oh shoot!

Drake: What?

Kate: It's my dad!

Detective Wilson, unseen: Who are you talking to?

Drake: He knows I'm here.

Kate: Okay uh- take off your hoodie. I have an idea.

Drake takes off his hoodie showing his red shirt. Kate grabs the hoodie and throws it under the bed. She then grabs a bottle and squirts some of its content into Drake's hair. She reshapes his hair into a calmer state.

Kate: You are so lucky I worked part-time at a hair saloon.

Detective Wilson, calling out from the other room: Kate?

Kate then wipes her hands on her shirt three times and opens a drawer. She starts searching through clothes.

Drake: What are you looking for?

Kate: This.

Kate pulls out a pair of glasses and puts it on Drake's face.

Kate: Better. Now when you see him say "Nice to meet you, sir".

Drake looks confused as Kate exits the bedroom. Detective Wilson hangs up his coat on the couch and sees Kate entering the living room.

Detective Wilson: Ah there you are. What were you doing? Getting dressed?

Kate: No. I'm sure that would have taken longer.

Detective Wilson: I could have sworn I heard somebody back there. Is everything alright?

Kate: Uh- Yeah. Well, I shouldn't really lie to you.

Detective Wilson: What is it, sweetheart?

Kate: I bought somebody over while you were- uh out.

Detective Wilson: Huh?

Kate: Drake.

Drake enters the room, adjusting his glasses.

Kate: Dad, this is um- Drake. We work together.

Detective Wilson: Oh! (sighs in relief) Y'know for a second I thought this guy was your boyfriend or something.

Kate, blushing: What? No!

Detective Wilson: Relax, Kate. I'm just messing around. I'm a Detective after all. If you were hiding a boyfriend, I would have found out already. (to Drake) Hello, Drake. I'm Kate's father.

Drake leaves his glasses alone and looks at Detective Wilson. His vision is slightly blurry until a faint mechanical noise is heard as his vision becomes clearer.

Drake: Nice to meet you- (now seeing Detective Wilson clearly) ...sir.

Detective Wilson shakes Drake's hand.

Detective Wilson: I have to say, anyone who can work with my daughter, is alright by my standards. Drake grabs his hand tightly.

Detective Wilson: That's uh- a strong grip you got there.

Kate, noticing this, separates their hands.

Kate: Okay. That's enough of getting acquainted.

Detective Wilson: So what are you two working on? A story about the Vigilante probably?

Drake: You would know.

Detective Wilson: What's that supposed to mean?

Kate: Uh- What Drake meant is that since you're a Detective, you would probably have some insight on what's going on?

Detective Wilson: Not much. There's been some sightings. I actually saw him earlier. He was senselessly beating some guy in an alleyway. Had to call an ambulance. With all this happening, I thought I should come and see if you're okay.

Kate: Yeah. No. I'm fine, Dad. It's not like he's here or anything.

Drake looks at Kate without moving his head.

Detective Wilson: Heh. Yeah. I guess you're right. Look, I better go check on that guy who went to the hospital but don't worry about The Vigilante anymore.

Drake: Why not?

Detective Wilson: Because I handled it. Alright I'm going to go now. (looks at Drake) I think I have the same pair of specs for my reading glasses.

Kate: Alright we'll see you later. Oh um, Dad, Drake can't go back to his place right now his landlord kicked him out. Do you mind if he stays here?

Detective Wilson: Here?

Kate: Just for a couple of days or something.

Detective Wilson: I really have to go but since I probably just hit the biggest score ever, sure. Just make sure he doesn't try anything or he'll be facing the biggest jail sentence he's ever seen.

Kate: He's also in the room.

Detective Wilson: Right. I'll be going now.

As Detective Wilson leaves the room, Kate closes the door behind her father, turns to face Drake and leans against the door. She exhales deeply.

Kate: Oh my gosh. I can't believe that actually worked.

Drake: What did he mean by he handled it?

Kate: I don't know. (gets up from the ground) It's best you stay in from now on.

Drake: And there are still threats out there, Kate. Threats the cops can't handle.

Kate: Well they could have handled a crook robbing someone.

Drake: She was in danger.

Kate: You hospitalized him, Drake.

Drake: Today is not the day to start questioning how I do things, Kate.

Kate: But we will have this talk.

Drake: You want to talk? Why didn't you tell me your father was the officer hunting me down?

Kate: I didn't know he was hunting you down, Drake. He's probably not even doing that.

Drake: Well he's doing something and I need to know what it is.

The scene cuts to a warehouse, empty. A man is seen approaching a group of figures, standing in the darkness.

Abandoned Warehouse
December 5, 21:34 EDT

 The man is wearing a uniform, black gloves, dark pants, knee pads, elbow pads, brown combat boots. His hair is blonde and his eyes are blue.

Man: Alright listen up. We got a call from the Police Commissioner from Manhattan, New York. Says there's some freak that needs handling. He didn't say those exact words but it doesn't matter. What does matter is that people are in danger and this thing is a threat. I've trained you for this. It's time you got out there and did something for a change. The target is the Vigilante you've been hearing about. He's not a rumor. He's not a story. He's real. He's out there. What he wants is for the problem to be handled. What I want is for him to be brought in so we can have some fresh meat to bring to the table. But if anything goes down, you take him out. Are we clear?

There is no response.

Man: Good. Hexa, you're leader. To be fair, I don't trust the new guys but I worked a special deal with these guys. Make sure you show them how its done. Understood?

There is no response again.

Man: Good. Now go get him. Oh. And you might have to take one of the testers. A small one. A collateral damage but nothing too big. Something to get his attention.

The figure nods and turns to leave with the small group following him out. The scene cuts to the Central News Building. The atmosphere is now brighter, it now being day. 

Central News Corporation Building
December 8, 11:33 EDT

 Inside, there are employees seen walking around, attending to their business. Kate walks past a person with Drake behind her in his makeshift disguise from the other day.

Drake: So, you work here?

Kate: Yes.

Drake: Oh.

Kate: "Oh"? "Oh"? What's so "Oh" about this? I think this is pretty cool.

Drake: But you just walk around and sit down. Where's the training room?

Kate: There is no training room.

Drake: So how do you train?

Kate: We go outside and do the tasks that are given to us. (exhales and sits at her desk) Honestly, Drake, I know I'm supposed to help you fit in with society but I'm not such a good teacher on getting a job, let alone, in journalism.

Drake: I'm not trying to fit in. I'm trying to understand.

Kate: Right. Well I need to talk with the Chief, hopefully he'll be interesting in looking into another cause of the damage from the incident.

Drake: Isn't he the same person that didn't publish your story about Mutants? Or is this a different person you told me about.

Kate: No. You- You got that right. (sighs) Still. It's not like there's something better to report.

The Chief then exits from his office, only opening the door and sticking his head out.

Chief: Alright listen up.

Kate turns her attention to the Chief.

Chief: There's a Mutant running around in Manhattan. I want pictures, highlights.

The Chief returns back within his office, closing the door behind him.

Kate, turning her attention back to Drake: Drake, I know what you're thinking but don't- (turns completely)

In front of Kate is nothing, indicating that Drake left.

Kate: I now remember why I hated watching my cousin's kids.

The scene cuts to the streets where a red, small, child-sized, Mutant is seen crawling on top of a car and shouting in the air.

December 8, 11:52 EDT

Drake, hood on and up, then lands on the streets using his wing form, deactivating it upon touching the ground. The small Mutant then turns to look at Drake. The Mutant roars out at Drake who, in response, grunts at the Mutant, activating his enlarged hands. The Mutant jumps forwards to attack at Drake but a red, glowing net catches the Mutant, stopping his launch forwards and entrapping him to the street. Drake instantly looks around the area. He then stops. After a short moment, a mechanical release is faintly heard as well as a slow whooshing. Back in real time, Drake dodges the impact of the second net by rolling out of the way. On his right knee, he prepares a fireball from his hands and fires it at the direction the net came from. The fireball impacts with an alleyway. Drake waits for a moment, gets up and looks at the alleyway. After the moment has passed, armed men exit from the alleyway, welding blades surrounded by some type of red, pulsing energy. Their armor is grey with the sleeves underneath colored brown, their gloves are black as well as their knee pads, belt and helmet while the face plate of the helmet is grey. The men start to surround Drake. Drake looks around at the men approaching him carefully.

Unknown Soldier: Take him!

They then start their strike however Drake slams his fist against the ground, causing a wave of heat to be released, throwing the attacking Soldiers back. The three Soldiers, from behind the fallen ones, start to approach him, with their energy blades ready. Drake then strikes at the tree Soldiers with one punch, throwing him back. Another two come from the other side of Drake, ready to attack. Drake turns and strikes at them as well. One of the Soldiers, successfully, strikes Drake with his energy blade sending a tasing feeling to Drake's back. Drake then grunts in pain and turns around quickly to strike that exact Soldier down. Drake is now slightly hunched over. Another Soldier successfully strikes Drake's back, now from the other side. After grunting from the pain again, Drake turns and strikes the Soldier into a car, rendering the Soldier unconscious upon impacting with car door, leaving behind a dent in the orange car. One of the Soldiers then jumps on Drake's back with the energy blade in one hand and his other hand, grabbing onto Brandon's back. The remaining Soldier continues to strike at Drakes side with his energy blade. The zapping noises from the blades are heard as they impact with Drake's body. Drake then throws them both of him using the heavy weight/force of the enlarged fists. He looks around the area and the Soldiers are lying on the street and pavement. One of them attempts to crawl away. Drake makes it way to the Soldiers, deactivates his current form and grabs the Soldier with both of his hands. A news van is seen approaching them in the short distance.

Drake: Who are you? Who sent you?

Soldier: I won't tell you anything. You think you have defeated us? We are victorious. You may have won the battle but we will return again to capture you like all of the others. You're nothing but a mindless beast. A freak of destruction and the Infinite Darkness will consume you. And-

Drake: Tell me. What. You. Know.

Soldier: Like I said, I'll never talk.

Drake then repetitively strikes the man in the face for eight times. Drake then stops and drops the now unconscious body which drops to back to the street. Drake then looks around and breaths hardly. In a building across the street, a figure approaches the edge of an open window. A large gun comes into view as the figure lifts it into position. The figure crouches down, the gun on the edge of the window. The figure looks through the lens. From the lens perspective, the target is focused on Drake. The figure's hand is on the trigger, ready to pull.

Kate, unseen: Hey!

The target then moves towards the right side and focuses on Kate, approaching Drake, from the news van. Drake reenters the view when Kate stands across from him. Drake looks at Kate and they appear to be talking. The figure then lowers the gun and retreats back into the building. Back on the street, Drake is seen facing Kate.

Drake: How did you get here?

Kate: News Van. (points to the van directly behind her) I work in the news, remember?

Drake: You shouldn't be here. People seeing us talk, publicly.

Kate: Don't worry. I've got a cover. (pulls out tape recorder)

Drake: What's that?

Kate: Tape Recorder. Used to record conversations.

Drake, looking confused: I'm confused- but- I'll ask questions later.

Kate: Good. Good. (looks around) So, what happened? Did you get the Mutant?

Drake: (exhales) The Mutant was captured by these people. They tried to capture me too so I think it was a set up.

Kate: Why would they go through so much effort just to get you?

Drake: Because I'm hard to find and I don't like being finded.

Kate, correcting: Found.

Drake: Yeah. Whatever.

Kate: Did you get any information from these guys before you- well,-

Drake: No.

Kate: You could have saved one for me.

Drake: For you?

Kate: Yeah I could have, y'know, asked them questions. I'm a journalistic so I could have gotten some information.

Drake: Oh. Well-

Kate: Well nothing. Next time think before you punch something.

Drake: He did say something about Infinite Darkness. You know what that is?

Kate: Yeah. They're a group that's been doing some pretty shady things. Bad guys for sure but I don't know why they're hunting Mutants now- or um you.

Drake: They were probably sent by someone.

Kate: Anyone you know?

Drake: Maybe.

The scene cuts to the police precinct. 

Manhattan Police Precinct
December 8, 12:44 EDT

 Inside, Kate is seen walking through the entrance, making her way through the precinct. At one part of the precinct, there is a metal desk with an office chair parked next to it. There are a few filing cabinets. A few photographs are seen on the desk as well as a blue pen, some papers, and a white mug. Detective Wilson is seen looking at a board with some papers, post-its and tacks holding them into place. A red string is seen connected some of the objects on the board. Kate then enters his "office" and stands by the desk, folding her arms. Detective Wilson then turns from the board and jumps slightly when seeing Kate.

Detective Wilson: Kate. Sweetheart, what are you doing here?

Kate: Did you send them?

Detective Wilson: What? Kate, what are you talking about?

Kate: I'm talking about those guys that were destroying the street close to my job.

Detective Wilson, confused: Kate, wh- why would I do something like that? Come on, sweetheart. You know me. Are you feeling sick or something?

Kate: I'm fine, Dad. Actually. No. I'm not fine. You said you were going to take care of- uh the hooded guy and now I see guys attacking him on the street.

Detective Wilson: So far I see nothing wrong with this. People should have been attacking the Vigilante ever since he appeared in the city.

Kate: That doesn't mean you have to fire some guys to take him out.

Detective Wilson: Who told you this? Where are you getting these-these stories from, Kate?

Kate: ...The Vigilante.

Detective Wilson: Kate! Kate! (wipes hands down face) Oh my goodness. Kate, are you out of your mind? You can't talk to him, do you understand me? Did he hurt you? Are you okay?

Kate: I was at the scene after he stopped them. He told me what happened and what who he thought did this.

Detective Wilson: And he thought wrong. Seriously, Kate, who are trusting now? Your father or this psychopath?

Kate: Dad. I love you but you're a detective and I'm your daughter. I can tell when you're lying to me so I know for a fact that I trust the person who doesn't lie.

Detective Wilson: Alright. Alright. I was involved but I didn't hire them. I didn't mean to cause any of this.

Kate: Someone could have gotten hurt, Dad.

Detective Wilson: And how many people does he have to hurt before he gets what he wants, huh? All I did was complain. I complained to my boss and he called up a favor.

Kate: To who?

Detective Wilson: How should I know? And why should I tell you especially now that you're working with him apparently.

Kate: So now you don't trust me? Is that how this is going to go?

Detective Wilson exhales.

Detective Wilson: You're right. I'm sorry, Kate. I should have told you the truth.

Kate: You're right. You should have but you didn't. How am I supposed to trust you knowing you might pull something like that again?

Detective Wilson: Honestly, Kate, I won't. If it means regaining your trust I won't.

Kate: I'll be the judge of that.

Kate leaves the area and storms out of the precinct. Detective Wilson stops at the exit, watching his daughter leave. Detective Wilson sighs. The scene cuts to the outside of the Precinct, its darker outside and thunder is heard above. Kate is seen leaving the precinct, still storming off. In the shadows casted by a ledge holding the precinct sign, the figure, from before, is just barely seen stepping out, looking at Kate. His helmet is seen until the figure backs back into the shadows. The scene cuts to Kate's apartment building among the other buildings. 

Palatial Valley Apartments
December 8, 16:38 EDT

 Inside, Kate is seen opening the door and entering the room. She slams the door behind her.

Kate: I can't believe him!

Drake is seen, sitting on the sofa, hoodie off.

Drake, looking up: What?

Kate: He lied to me. I mean he's not supposed to do that lie to me. And-And then he's hiring guys to capture you and stuff. He's supposed to be a Detective, Drake. He's supposed to go out there and stop the bad people.

Drake, after a moment: If it counts, (stands and approaches her slowly) I'm a bad person.

Kate: You're not. You help people.

Drake: That doesn't mean I haven't done things that aren't good. (stops in front of her)

Kate: What did you do?

Drake: I can't remember.

Kate: Then why'd you bring it up then if you can't remember? Obviously it wasn't important because-

Drake: I'm amnesic.

Kate: ...What?

Drake: I said I'm an amnesic. The first word I learned. Heard it when they gave my diagnostic report. I asked what it meant when I was older but I already knew. I can't remember who I was before the MCA took me in except pieces of it come back to me. Usually when I'm unconscious or asleep. It's all piecing together though. Leading to something.

Kate: What's it leading to?

Drake: I don't know. Something big.

Drake looks at Kate who is looking down slightly, looking a little off.

Drake: Your father is a good man, Kate. I've seen a lot people. Bad people. I've fought them, stopped a few. Your... dad works with the police who work for the law which stands for justice. So your dad stands for justice like I do. He just does it better than me. He might not like me but I don't like a lot of things so I don't- what's the word?

Kate: Judge?

Drake: Yeah. That. I don't judge him. He can throw whatever he wants at me but he's only doing it because he- cares about you.

Kate: Yeesh. When did you get all sentimental?

Drake: I don't know what that is but I'm only doing it because I don't want you in bad condition. I still need you.

Kate, sarcastically: Gee thanks.

Drake: And you're important to me too.

Kate looks at Drake. Her mouth opens slightly and her eyes get puffy. She then leans close to Drake, her arms rising. Drake squints slightly with an unsure expression. Kate closes her eyes and wraps her arms around Drake, hugging him. Drake raises his arms and looks slightly startled by what happened.

Drake: Wh-... What are you doing?

Kate: (sniffs) It's called hugging. (dry chuckle)

Drake: Oh...

Kate: (sniffs) (sniffs again) Thank you, Drake.

Drake, looking around with his eyes: Yeah. Sure...

Kate then lets and immediately wipes her face with her hands.

Kate: Sorry. Just give me a minute.

Kate walks off. Drake then moves his head and starts lower his arms. He then grabs his hoodie and puts it on. He then stares out and breaths out. Meanwhile, in the back of the apartment, Kate is seen entering the bedroom, drying her face with a towel. When finished, she throws the towel on the bed. She exhales and a faint noise is heard. She turns to her left and moves to the glass doors. She then opens the glass doors and steps out into the balcony. The noise is getting louder. An engine sort of noise.

Kate: Hey!

Drake, after a short moment, unseen: Yeah?

Kate: Is MCA supposed to pick you up or something like that?

Drake, unseen: No! They're still locking me out. Why?

Kate: Because I hear a jet or something.

Drake, entering the bedroom, hood up: A jet?

Drake looks out through the glass windows and sees Kate on the balcony. Since the door is open, Drake hears the noise.

Drake: That's not a jet.

The figure is then seen rising from the edge of the balcony. He then comes into full view, being elevated by a thruster on his back. He lands on the balcony before Kate who backs away from him. The figure pulls out his gun from before and shoots Kate. A dart is then launched from the gun and sticks itself into Kate's neck. She reaches for her neck but passes out before being able to. Thunder is heard from above.

Drake: Kate...

The figure approaches Kate's body and picks her up, carrying her in his arms. Lightning strikes in the sky above, giving off enough light to see the figure. He is humanoid, male judging from the shape of the person. He's armored. His helmet is black with a violet lens shaped like a "T". He's wearing a grey vest with dark green bar codes on the sides, fading out. He's sleeves are purple, his gloves are black. He's wearing black pants that have cargo pockets on their sides and black boots and a black utility belt as well. On his back is a device with straps on it, currently strapped around his arms. The device appears to be a small modified thruster.

Drake: KATE!

Drake then smashes through the glass windows, shattering the glass, and continues running for the figure. The armored man activates his jetpack and starts to lift from the ground. She throws Kate over his shoulder, having her rested there, reaches into one of his cargo pockets and retrieves a small circular device. He activates the device throws it at Drake and it explodes upon contact. Drake is then launched back into the apartment and hits his head against the wall. Drake grabs his head in pain but then starts to loose consciousness. The scene then fades into a flashback scene back in Drake's home. A younger version of Drake is seen sitting on the couch. 

Drake's Home
7 Years Ago

Young Drake: Mom.

Drake's Mother, entering the room: Yes, Drake?

Young Drake: Are you still mad at me?

Drake's Mother: No. No of course not, sweetie. We both love you very much.

Young Drake: Why isn't dad here then?

Drake's Mother: Oh baby, your father is just busy, that's all.

Young Drake: But why does he always have to go to that scary place?

Drake's Mother: He goes to the facility because that's where he works. Don't you like the facility?

Young Drake: I don't really like science that much.

Drake's Mother: Oh but you're still excited about going to your Dad's job, right?

Young Drake: I guess. I wish Zack would be there.

Drake's Mother: (sighs) I know, sweetie, but Zack can't come. Not this time.

Young Drake: Oh...

Drake's Mother: Why were you asking about if we still about you?

Young Drake: Because you take things away from me and Dad doesn't stay around that much anymore.

Drake's Mother: Oh baby we don't take things from you.

Young Drake: You took Zack away and he was my friend.

Drake's Mother: I know, sweetie, but we had to because of what happened and-

Drake: But I keep telling you, it was me, Mom. I'm the one who took the samples from Dad's bag. Zack's just saying that stuff so I don't get in trouble.

Drake's Mother: I know sweetie. I believe you. But what Zack did. He took responsibility. Sometimes you have to do things you don't want to do in order to give someone another chance. Maybe you'll be able to do it in the future.

Drake's Mother kisses Drake's forehead and walks back off. Young Drake just sits on the couch, looking out, as the scene transitions back to the present. Drake awakens and gets up as soon as possible. He looks around and sees the broken glass all over the floor and the burn marks on the balcony. The sky looks dark. It's night. Drake looks closely at the markings then activates his wing forms. He walks outside and flies upwards. He looks down. The marking, from an upwards perspective, read out "1218 DW". The scene then cuts to the Police Precinct. Detective Wilson is seen exiting the Precinct, on his phone. 

Manhattan Police Precinct
December 8, 18:48 EDT

Detective Wilson, on his phone, walking forwards: Hey Kate. It's your pop. Look I was just calling because it's been a long day and I wanted to say something earlier but I just got off work so I'm coming home now and- Look, Kate, I'm sorry about what happened earlier and I just want to make it up to you. And I've been calling you with every chance I could get but you wouldn't pick up the phone. Maybe we can go out for ice cream. Nah you're probably too old for that stuff now. Um- Look, I found this new pizza place. It's called "Daryl's", I think. We can go out and get some dinner. Just the two of us. Just call me back, please. I love you.

Detective Wilson stop walking and hangs up the phone, looking down at it.

Drake, unseen: She won't call you back.

Detective Wilson instantly looks up upon hearing his voice. Drake is seen standing under a streetlight, looking at Detective Wilson.

Detective Wilson: Heh- You have a lot of nerve showing up here. In front of a police station. I should arrest you right now. Better yet, shoot you where you stand.

Drake: Right now you have nothing to shoot me for. I need you to listen to me.

Detective Wilson: Why would I do that? You're a psychopath. A freak. You don't have anything to say that's worth my time.

Drake: Your daughter is in danger.

Detective Wilson: What?

Drake: A dangerous man took her. He had a machine that made him fly with fire. I think he was working for the people you sent.

Detective Wilson: Flying with fire? You think I'm stupid. You did something to my daughter, you sick son of a-

Drake: If I did, I wouldn't be here. You're a Detective. Start acting like one. I need your help finding her.

Detective Wilson: Why do you want to find my daughter? You gonna eat her or something?

Drake: No. She's helping me with something and I need her alive.

Detective Wilson: And now you need my help finding her?

Drake: He told me where she is but there's a chance he'll hurt her when I'm there. I need you to be there and keep her safe. Take her somewhere else and I deal with him.

Detective Wilson: And what are you going to do? Kill him?

Drake: No. I don't kill, Detective.

Detective Wilson: I'll believe one story at a time. Where is she?

Drake: 1218 DW. Do you know where that is?

Detective Wilson: Not a clue.

Drake: I'll have to try my sources.

Detective Wilson: Remind me to arrest them too.

Drake gives Wilson a look then moves away from the Detective and activates his earpiece.

Drake, using his earpiece: Owens. Owens, are you there? ...Anyone?

The scene cuts to the Briefing Room. 

MCA Manhattan Outpost: Briefing Room
December 8, 18:56 EDT

 John is seen with his head down on some papers, siting at the main desk.

Drake, over the communications systems: Anyone?

John then wakes.

John: Huh?

Drake, over the communications systems: Is there anyone there?

John: Drake. Drake! Are you hear me?

Drake, over the communications systems: John? What are you doing there?

John: Studying. I think we should call that Mutant that attacked you earlier, a Havoc because it was causing Havoc. Also did you know that Dr. Nemo actually borrowed some research from other people he worked with. Actually there was a person named Isenberg, he worked with that was working on an alternate dimension call The Void and a handheld device to access it. Cool stuff, huh?

Drake, over the communications systems: Yeah. Look, John, I need you to run an address.

John, getting up from the table: Sure thing. (approaches the computer) What's the address?

Drake, over the communications system: 1218 DW.

John, accessing the main computer: Weird address. Probably not a home and I don't think buildings have letters like that. (typing) Yeah I found something. DW is an acronym for Dock Warehouse. 1218 must be the one you're looking for.

Drake, over the communications system: Right.

John: You're welcome.

The scene cuts back to Drake who turns to face the Detective, waiting.

Drake: She's at the docks.

Detective Wilson: Then what are we waiting for?

Drake: Wait. We need to think before we punch.

Detective Wilson: Okay. What are you thinking?

The scene cuts to the warehouse by the docks. 

1218 DW
December 8, 19:34 EDT

 Inside, the armored man is pacing around a chair, metal, in the middle of the warehouse. In the chair, is Kate, tied, hands only. Kate then comes to her senses, waking up. She looks up and sees the armored man, circling around her.

Armored Man: You're awake. Good.

Kate: What do you want from me?

Armored Man: Nothing. You're not important.

Kate: So why don't you just kill me then?

The armored man stops and turns to face Kate. He walks over to her and crouches down to her level.

Armored Man: You're no use to me dead.

The armored man rises and continues to pace around her.

Armored Man: Your hooded ally will come after you.

Kate: So you sent those men earlier today.

Armored Man: They were a joke. A diversion. Amateurs. I've been a black-ops bounty hunter for years and he had me working with these clowns.

Kate: He'll stop you.

Bounty Hunter: You think I don't know what he is? I stopped a tank after it launched a missile at me. Impact ensured. Every battle leaves scars. (looks at Kate) I intend on scarring him for life.

The Bounty Hunter pulls out a smaller gun and points it in the opposite direction, keeping it there. Drake, still hooded, enters the view, appearing from behind some crates stacked on top of each other.

Drake: I'm here.

Bounty Hunter: I know.

Drake: Let her go.

Bounty Hunter: You see this is the part where I usually do that. I let the girl go, you come with me, we train together and you become our weapon. But no- I need to see what you can do. I like getting scars. They serve as a reminder. And I want to remember this fight.

The Armored Man fires his gun at Drake who activates his enlarged hands in order to block the impact from the oncoming fire. Drake then ignites his hands and uncrosses them, letting out a wave of fire towards the bounty hunter. The Bounty Hunter jumps out of the way, throwing one of his modified grenades at Drake. Drake is then hit by the explosion and is thrown in the wall, deactivating his form. Drake gets up from the wall and dodges oncoming fire. Drake forms his fingers into claws and fires diamond projectiles at the Bounty Hunter. The Bounty Hunter moves out of the way, hiding behind a column which now has crystals stuck into it. Kate looks around, still tied to the chair, when Detective Wilson appears from behind the crates a short moment later. He approaches Kate and stops before her, kneeling.

Kate: Dad?

Detective Wilson: Don't worry Kate, we're going to get you out of this.

Kate: Dad, what are you doing here?

Detective Wilson: I'm doing my job. Now hold still.

Back behind the column, the Bounty Hunter is seen, holding his gun. It's a long gun with a scope attached on its top. It's a black gun.

Bounty Hunter: You know there's a chance you're not getting out of this alive.

Drake, unseen: After what you did to her-

The scene cuts to Drake behind his column.

Drake: I would probably say the same to you.

The scene cuts back to the chair in which Detective Wilson has already cut the ropes tying Kate. Kate then looks at her hands and gets up. The Detective grabs her hand.

Detective Wilson: Come on.

The two start to run away when the Bounty Hunter peeks from behind the column.

Bounty Hunter: What the- (sees the running off) Nobody said you can bring guests.

The Bounty Hunter points his gun from around the column and aims for the the two, stepping out from behind the column, walking ahead. The Bounty Hunter is about to pull the trigger when a diamond shard is launched into the Bounty Hunter's gun, knocking it out of his hands. The Bounty Hunter then turns instantly to his right and sees Drake coming for him. The Bounty Hunter strikes first but Drake dodges the punch and strikes the Bounty Hunter in the helmet. He then deactivates his claw form and throws a low blow to his side, followed by two more blows to the stomach. The Bounty Hunter slams both of his arms against Drake's back, knocking him to the floor. Drake gets up on one knee but the Bounty Hunter kicks Drake in the face, throwing him back slightly. Drake looks up, putting his hand on his own mouth. He pulls his hand in front of his face and looks at it. He then looks up at the Bounty Hunter who cracks his neck.

Bounty Hunter: I can do this all day, kid.

Drake, getting up, charging for The Bounty Hunter: RAAHHH!

The Bounty Hunter, in response, attempts to roundhouse kick Drake who blocks the kick with his left arm. He then punches his leg with his right arm, twice. The Bounty Hunter then jumps using his other leg, using it to sandwich Drake. Due to the gravity, The Bounty Hunter drops to the ground as well as Drake's head, stuck between the legs of the Bounty Hunter causing Drake's head to be slammed against the ground. The Bounty Hunter then stands up and over Drake who attempts to get up, holding his head. The Bounty Hunter then circles to the back of Drake and reaches his arm down, pulling down his hood. Drake's face is bruised and his hair is messy.

Bounty Hunter: Just like I thought. Nothing but a brat with powers. I'm not going to kill you, kid, but I'm going to enjoy training you until you beg for death.

The Bounty Hunter pulls out a cord from his cargo pocket on his left side and inserts it into a slot in his neck. He presses against his neck which causes a small light to glow, activating something.

Bounty Hunter: General, this is Agent Sixty-Six reporting in.

The scene cuts to Drake's face which looks tired and beat up. His breathing is hard and his eyes are closed.

Agent Sixty-Six: I have successfully captured the Vigilante. Bring transport.

Drake's eyes then open and he clenches his teeth with an angry expression. Drake then forms his wing form which throws Sixty-Six into some barrels, knocking them over. One of the barrels is now sideways but reads "CAUTION: Contents within are extremely flammable." The Bounty Hunter makes his way up, holding his helmet. He takes it off revealing a man's face with blue eyes and blonde hair. He looks out and sees Drake standing there.

Agent Sixty-Six: You still haven't won. Stop me, they'll still be here and they'll still come looking for you.

Drake: Let them come. I'll stop them all. Just like I'm going to stop you.

Agent Sixty-Six: Still think you're a hero, huh?

Drake: I'm not a hero.

Agent Sixty-Six: And I'm not a bad guy. I'm just a merc with a job to do. The result of this is all on you, kid.

Drake forms his fire hands.

Drake: You talk too much.

Agent Sixty-Six: And I'm out of here.

The Bounty Hunter attempts to activates his jetpack but it doesn't work, sparking up instead.

Agent Sixty-Six: No! My jetpack!

Drake then creates a small fireball in his hands and throws it at Agent Sixty-Six who dodges out of the way. The fireball impacts with the barrels creating an explosion. A ringing is heard as blinking is seen from someone's perspective. Blurry flares are seen in the back. In the vision is restored, the fires are now seen more clearly with a figure in the flames, moving slightly. Out of his perspective, Drake is seen getting up and looking at the flames. The warehouse stability starts shaking the foundation. In the flames, the Bounty Hunter is seen crawling towards Drake.

Drake: The result of this was all on you.

Drake then walks away from the fires with the figure still crawling until he stops and drops onto the floor. As the flames consume his body, his helmet is seen from the side of the fires, remaining there. The scene then cuts to Kate's apartment building surrounded by multiple other buildings. 

Palatial Valley Apartments
December 12, 12:45 EDT

 Inside, Kate is seen sitting on the couch as Detective Wilson enters the living room, putting on his coat, while approaching the door.

Detective Wilson: Alright. I need to go to work. Are you sure you're going to be okay by yourself?

Kate: I'm fine, Dad.

Detective Wilson: Okay then. I'll try to be home early today. Love you, sweetheart.

Kate: Love you too, Dad.

Detective Wilson exits the apartment while Kate remains there on the couch. A knocking is then heard coming from the back of the apartment. A smile appears on Kate's face a short moment after. The knocking is heard again. The scene cuts to Kate entering the bedroom and opening the glass doors. Drake is seen, standing on the balcony, with his hood up. The balcony is cleaned up now. No burn marks or broken glass.

Drake: Are you okay?

Kate: I'm fine. Bit late to check up on me though.

Drake: Yeah. I had to go back to the MCA. Detective Wilson covered for me.

Kate: So you're cleared, right? Nobody thinks you did it anymore?

Drake: You work in news. You should know.

Kate: I've called out sick. Being kidnapped isn't really fun.

Drake: No. People still think I did it but not as many people now so I can go back to MCA.

Kate: Oh.

Drake: I just wanted to say something for um- letting me stay here.

Kate: You don't have to. Really.

Drake: Good. I didn't really want to.

Kate: Whatever. (chuckles) I'm just glad you got to work with my dad.

Drake: Why? He hates me.

Kate: I know but if he can work with someone like you then I know that he would do anything for me.

Drake: Too bad there is nobody like me.

Kate: Catch you around, Drake.

Drake: Yeah.

Drake then turns around, walks to the edge of the balcony and jumps off. Kate then goes back inside, closing the glass door behind her. The scene cuts to a dark room, dimly lit. The lights come on when two men enter the room. A hospital bed is seen with a figure rested on it next to a tray with medical equipment on it, including syringes, a saw blade and scalpal. One of the men appears to be a doctor, old age. The other is the General figure from before.

Doctor: He's status is stable, General, but he's vitals are in a state of flux especially when we attempt to remove the suit. Their was some type of substance in that warehouse that I can not seem to identify but it has made contact with him and fused his skin to the suit he's wearing. Even if we could take it off, we would only see bones and organs. The only flesh unaffected by the substance is his face which was warped by the flames. Apparently he was on his built-in radio at the time which also fused with his skin. We haven't been able to understand him since the last time he was awake.

A gasping noise is heard as the heart monitor starts beeping rapidly. The figure in the bed shakes around with the Doctor placing his hands on his shoulders carefully.

Doctor: Easy, Sotar, Easy.

General: Hexa. Hexa Sotar. This is General Irons. I need you to tell me what happened.

Doctor: That is not a good idea, sir. He's condition-

General: He's condition is fine. (to Hexa) Now tell me.

Hexa: (makes strange radio noises)

Doctor: As you can see, his speech isn't as effective as before the operation.

General: It's radio noise. I was trained to communicate with radio noise, Doctor. Only form of communication the enemy didn't know. (to Hexa) Take it easy for now, Agent. You gave us just what we needed.

Doctor: But- What did he say, General?

General: (exhales) "Monster is Boy. Monster is weapon. Monster is-

Hexa: (speaks in radio noise)

General, surprised: -Class 3".


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Kate creates an alter-ego for Drake
  • Detective Wilson talks to Drake in person
  • Drake stops the Infinite Darkness attack
  • Kate gets kidnapped
  • Agent Sixty-Six suffers from extreme burns and contact with unknown fusing substance
  • A Government Faction knows the Vigilante's information

Minor Events

  • Drake visits the interior of Central News for the first time
  • Detective Wilson and Kate have parental issues
  • John studies more of Dr. Nemo's research during his punishment.
  • Kate calls sick for about a week



  • Agent Sixty-Six/Hexa Sotar (First Appearance)
  • Infinite Darkness Soldiers (First Appearance)

Forms Used

  • Fire Fists (x2)
  • Crystal Claws (x1)
  • Stealth Wings (x4)


  • The Hood, the name that Drake gave himself, was an alias to Oliver Queen in CW's Arrow
  • Dr. Isenberg is a reference to Marty Isenberg, writer of many Ben 10 episodes including Truth.


  • This episode is a direct follow-up of the previous episode, Blake.
  • This is the first episode to be set in the same day as a previous episode.
  • In this episode, Drake sees the interior of the Central News building as opposed to visiting the exterior, specifically its roof, in Night of the Living Mutant.
  • Originally, there was meant to be a scene included in this episode but it was saved later for the finale.
  • This episode was inspired by the Arrow episode, Betrayal.
  • At one point, before becoming a rookie reporter, Kate babysat her cousin's kids and worked at a hair salon.
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