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A prototype picture, made by Weirdo Guy

Gwen in the Anodite form with the Manamatrix. Strangely, she's taller.

The Manamatrix is the Omnitrix that Azmuth gave Gwen in Dawn of the Squid, Part 1. It takes any Anodite's mana, and strengthen's it, making spells that would otherwise take 75 years of training.


There is a Master Control that lets all the spells be done 10 times as stronger. It also activates an Anodite's true form.


It looks like the Alien Force Omnitrix, only pink. The pink holograms that appear show the appearance of whatever spell is selected. When timed out, the symbol turns red.


  • Master control
  • Activating Anodite's true form
  • No magic word-saying necessary.


Not to be confused with the "Appearance" section, these are the episodes it's featured in.

---****--- Roads