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General Information
Species Anodite
Home World Anodyne
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Controlling and sensing mana

Manaflow is an alien in Sem 10, Sem 2.10, and BTMT.

Sem 10

He appears in the season 2 finale of Sem 10, going on a rampage until the Anodites get Sem out of this form, telling him not to use him until he can handle the true power. He later appears in the series finale, when he defeats Alshedo as a monster.

Sem 2.10

After the upgrade from the Florauna Captain in The Ultimate Sem 10 Movie, Sem has gained control over Manaflow. This is seen in The Return of Alshedo (Part 1) when he battles Alshedo (in the form of Humongousaur). He later appears in the next episode The Return of Alshedo (Part 2) where he defeats Alshedo. Manaflow made his Season 2 re-appearance in Noah 10-Sem 2.10: Clones Attack to defeat Alshedo yet again.


Manaflow is a pure Anodite who possesses "the spark," which is the ability for Anodites to control their powers. With this, he controls an energy called Mana. Mana is very powerful and can do a lot of stuff, such as make platforms, shields, whips, and much more. Mana can also power up magic, which allows him to do spells. The strength of her Mana is amazing, as seen in The Return of Alshedo (Part 2) where he defeats Ultimate Fusion with effort.

It is also revealed in The Ultimate Techadon that Manaflow can open up a portal to the Ledger Domain.


In The Spookiest Finale, Part 2, Ben's Anodite part is activated. When he changes back to human, Manaflow is added to the Omnitrix 2.0. He has not appeared much since.

Stan 14

When Stan first met Mandy, the Omnimizer accidentaly scanned her, but, as a safe guard, it gave Stan a male Anodite form.

Stan as Manaflow


  • Freakshow
  • Over for All (Part 2)

Sem 2.10

Stan 14

  • None yet...

Ultra Ben

In Ultra Ben, an alien similar to Manaflow, Anoben is shown to be in the Matrixes


  • Sem mentions in "The Ultimate Techadon" that he doesn't like Manaflow that much because it makes him look like a girl. This is a reference to the fact that the Anodite DNA in the DNAtrix is female.
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