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Manadite, formely known as Mig Anodite, is the Codon Stream's DNA sample of an Anodite from the planet Anodyne.

General Information
Species Anodite
Home World Anodyne
Body Energy Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities All Anodite powers
First Appearance The Final Face-Off Pt.1


The same appearance of that of a regular Anodite, only he has Mig's haircut as well as a male shape and an orange trix symbol on his chest. 

Powers & Abilities 

All Anodite abilites.


All Anodite weaknesses.

Mig 10

In The Final Face-Off Pt.1, Manadite was accidentally transformed into and was sucked in with Surpremeium.

Mig 10


  • He, as well as Gamahand, were gifts from Azmuth.
    • Although Anodites lack DNA, Azmuth had scanned the energy signature of an Anodite and added that to the Codon Stream and into the Prototype Gamatrix, therefore making Manadite a basic "copy" of a male Anodite.
    • He will not appear again, due to the fact he never had DNA present in the Codon Stream. 
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