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Mana (or Qi, Chakra, Prana, Quintessence or Life Force) is the name given to all life-energy in the universe, present in every living thing. Anodites are race of "energy" beings who are composed of it. Mana is the Anodites' very source of power and strength. While it is incredibly strong and powerful, it is not invincible. Constructs made out of mana seem to have similar properties to glass, light, or rope, depending on how it is used. In "What Are Little Girls Made Of?", Verdona Tennyson mentions how most of her corporeal descendants did not inherit "the spark", the catalyst that allows for the control and manipulation of raw mana. Mana is what Hex and Charmcaster calls magic, the source of magic. Hex and Charmcaster had spent their life mastering Mana. According to Aggregor, Geochelone Aerios are unharmed to Mana possibly due to Adwaita, the tyrant of Ledger Domain and a Geochelone Aerio.


Colors of Magic/Mana

  • Bright blue, Light blue, and varying shades of Cyan (in the original series and in Ultimate Omnitrix for Sora)
  • Pink, Magenta, Fuchsia mixed with shades of violet-purple (for Gwen and Verdona Tennyson) (various shades)
  • Red (various shades)
  • Gold/Yellow (Darkstar when he absorbed the power, thirty-year-old Gwendolyn in a twenty-year alternate future)
  • Purple/Violet (unknown, possibly for male Anodites, a speculation)
  • Orange/Reddish-orange (varying shades and tones)
  • White/Black
  • Green (various shades)
  • Silver/Gray (varying shades and tones)
  • Aqua/Blue-green/Turquoise/Aquamarine (varying shades)
  • Indigo/Cornflower Blue/Blue-Violet (various shades)
  • Multicolored/Rainbow-colored (all existing various colors of mana/chakra possible combined) (Is the strongest and most powerful in existence)
  • Pink/Purple (Mandy)
  • Deep Purple, Chaos Mana (Black Scythe)


  • Qi, Chakra, Quintessence, and Prana are synonyms for Mana.
  • The Energy Gem from the Gauntlet of Elements is made of Quintessence (the fifth element)

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