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Man in the Stone Mirror is the thirteenth episode of the first season of Back in Action: Alien Universe.


Part I

[Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey, with a medium-sized crystal in hand; Scarogus, with several smaller crystals wrapped in his four outward papery hands; and Sii, using a glowing Amperi form, float behind the Commander's door. Some Thep Khufans pass by the group, casually waving to them. The Commander's door opens. After the trio step in, the door closes behind them and the Commander swings around in his chair to face his lieges. They bow before him and kneel at the foot of his altar as Sii describes their recent mission.]

Sii: The mission was a success, Commander.
Thep Khufan Commander: Excellent...Which of you has the crystal?
Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey: I do.
Thep Khufan Commander: Albedo, after you set yourself to an at least somewhat bearable form, give the Rexahegen to me.

Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey reverts to Spidermonkey, then immediately to human. He walks up the steps of the Commander's altar and hands him the black and white crystal. Albedo sets himself back in kneeling position after being shooed from the top of the altar. The commander analyzes the Rexahegen, paying great attention to all of its edges. He pushes down on a section of the crystal and sets of vertically-aligned spikes emerge from all sides. The Commander laughs maniacally then pushes a button on one of the arms of his chairs that reveals the Tetragen crystal's compartment. The Tetragen hovers above the arm as the Commander places the Rexahegen immediately next to it. Rather than falling, the arm holds the Rexahegen alongside the Tetragen. With the press of the same button that revealed the Tetragen, both crystals are sent into a compartment in the arm and its opening is sealed shut.

Albedo: You don't want to bother us about the mission?
Thep Khufan Commander: If I'd an ounce of concern for the details of the mission, I would have asked prior to your giving me the crystal. And watch your tone. I recently released Mistress from my custody; doing the same for any of my other insubordinate servants won't be such a difficult task.
Albedo: We're not your servants; we're mercenaries.
Thep Khufan Commander: You're hired hands and that's all that's going to be said on the topic unless you wish to be destroyed right where you are. He awaits a rebuttal from Albedo, but after a moment of silence, he proceeds with a new topic. Now, I've noticed that the amount of Thep Khufans to non-Thep Khufans on this ship is rather high, an astounding 6:1 ratio.
Albedo: So?
Thep Khufan Commander: Thep Khufans are expendable. Warren knows that if I want any more men for any reason that I can simply ask. But I want to earn the trust of a new member of the team. After the loss of Mistress, I lost someone close to me. I built her, and I wasted a lot of time to do so. I will not be betrayed by someone, and I will not have a so-called undercover mercenary suddenly have their identity revealed to the galaxy. I don't want to have to explain any further to the General that I work with certain life forms for certain reasons. Now, the solution to all of these problems is to ascertain a life form that is entirely competent, irreplaceable.
Scarogus: Sir, what about me?
Thep Khufan Commander: You are somewhat irreplaceable, but I am referring to non-Thep Khufans. You likely worship me because I am higher in the ranks, anyhow. Otherwise, the fact that I am much younger than you would be my downfall at your very hands. But that's not going to happen, now will it?
Scarogus: No, Commander. So, what are you doing to fix the Thep Khufan to non-Thep Khufan "hired hands" ratio?
Thep Khufan Commander: I will be attaining the help of an alien who upon being sprung out of his prison will aid in the Armada's mission until the very end.
Scarogus: And who is this alien? Where is his prison?
Thep Khufan Commander: He is referred to by many names, but among the most popular is his name's meaning--Man in the Stone Mirror.
Scarogus: And what about his prison?
Thep Khufan Commander: He is not bound by conventional means in any way. Instead, he has been trapped through a spell.
Albedo: A spell? Commander, mind you, maybe there's a reason he's been trapped that way.
Thep Khufan Commander: Of course there is, but after being locked away for so long, he'll have to be loyal to me. I know of his personality. Tales have been passed down of his work. I will do whatever it takes to free him and have him aid in our efforts.
Scarogus: I have the utmost faith in your ability to see this through and make your plan work, Commander.
Thep Khufan Commander: Thank you, Scarogus. At least someone around here knows how to be positive about a little bit of risk being put into our lives.
Albedo: Alright, I have my faith in you too, Commander, but how are you going to get him here?
Thep Khufan Commander: Simple: I speak the spell that brings the mirror here.
Albedo: The mirror?
Thep Khufan Commander: He is not referred to as Man in the Stone Mirror for no reason. Now, I'm going to show you the revered man. The spell is (his eyes begin to glow pink) Tenebrosi Ens Lapidis Speculum. His eyes revert to their normal cyan glow as he completes the spell.
Albedo: Where is the mirror?
Thep Khufan Commander: It--It should have appeared on that very wall. Maybe you've got to give it some time...

On the holographic display behind the Commander, the Man in the Stone Mirror appears. Rather than being in his mirror, the execution of the spell has led to his fusion with the computers across the whole ship.

Man in the Stone Mirror (holo-display): Turn around, please. The Commander flips around in his chair to find the Man in the Stone Mirror sitting before him. You, Commander of the Thep Khufan Armada, whose name is wished not to be spoken, has hailed me. For what purpose have you done so?
Thep Khufan Commander: I wish to free you for the purpose of the Armada.
Man in the Stone Mirror: I accept your proposal. I welcome myself to the Armada.
Thep Khufan Commander: Through what spell should we remove you from your enchanted fusion to this display?
Man in the Stone Mirror: Why would I tell you that?
Thep Khufan Commander: So that you may aid us in the war effort?
Man in the Stone Mirror: I'm sorry, but I feel I'll be of greater assistance through the general navigation of your ship. You'll save a lot of lives if you just have me as the one controlling it.
Thep Khufan Commander: My offer must not have been worded properly. Let me restate it. If you do not aid us through a physical appearance in the war effort, you will be sent back to the dimension from whence you were summoned.
Man in the Stone Mirror: I must decline that offer, seeing as you do not have the magical potential to do such a thing. Summoning me alone is a simple task, but the fact that you must know how to be able to send me back in case of emergency has been the source of deaths for millennia.
Thep Khufan Commander: Are you saying...
Man in the Stone Mirror: Yes. The spell Tenebrosi Ens Lapidis Speculum is irreversible. You can't remove me from the ship's controller because I've been fused with it. Thep Khufan Commander: My display isn't connected in anyway to the central power system, neither is the rest of my room. To shut down every area of this ship doesn't involve shutting my room down. He smacks down on a button on his left armrest, resulting in the entrance/exit door into the room to be protected by a steel layer. On another half of the ship, all power now originates from an external power source rather than an internal one, preventing the Man in the Stone Mirror from escaping to another power source.Now you are incapable of escape. You and me are the only ones on a power source in this ship, and you obviously can't survive in the space outside the ship. Man in the Stone Mirror: You will not free Tenebrosi. It's only a matter of time before you cycle back to an internal power source. Then I attack this whole ship for what you're doing right now. You could just cycle back now, though. I'll let your ship free so long as I get to help the effort through my control of the entire vessel.
Thep Khufan Commander: Tenebrosi, was it? That's not going to happen. The external source has an unlimited source of fuel, thanks to one of my associates. I'm paying heftily, but I now see that a case in which paying him can be seen as necessary can finally occur.
Tenebrosi: You cannot free me, though, and so you and your servants will be forced to sit here until you die, or when your incompetent Thep Khufans cycle to the primary internal power source after you refuse to respond to them.
Thep Khufan Commander: Grr...Sii!
Sii: Yes, Commander?
Thep Khufan Commander: You're heading to Earth. I'm going to need a powerful Anodite from Earth. Do you know where to get one?
Sii (devilishly grinning): Fortunately, yes, Commander.
Thep Khufan Commander: Good...get me him or her.
Albedo: But sir, why not let me use my abilities to free this Man in the Stone Mirror?
Thep Khufan Commander: You are an Anodite?
Albedo: No, but Tennyson's playlist includes one. He transforms into Negative Anos.
Negative Anos: He is just like any other Anodite.
Thep Khufan Commander: never mentioned this form before...Alright, break him free.

Negative Anos hovers up over the altar and in front of the display. From this angle, Negative Anos is able to analyze Tenebrosi's appearance. He appears to greatly resemble a Celestialsapien, minus the stars and any hints of a white glow. He does retain three horns similarly to a Celestialsapien which exit the top of his head, each cocked at slightly different angles. Negative Anos halts his levitation, and while keeping a firm stance on the floor, he points his hands at the Tenebrosi. His hands and eyes glow red with the mana surging through him. As he attempts to break through to Tenebrosi's barrier, he slides backwards despite his firm stance. The attempts of removing him from the mirror quickly becomes too much for him. He stops glowing and stands upright for a moment.

Thep Khufan Commander: Albedo?

Negative Anos reverts to human and drops on the floor.

Sii: Should I go to Earth, Commander?
Thep Khufan Commander: Yes. Hurry up and make up for the lost time Albedo's created.

Sii transforms into a Necrofriggian, albeit its form is modified in the sense that it has a white and blue glow due to her inability to create full-fledged form duplicates. Using the intangibility that comes with Necrofriggians, she flies out of the window immediately behind the holographic display Tenebrosi is locked inside of. She heads out into the depths of space in search of Earth. From inside his throne room, the Commander watches Sii fly over the nearby planet Terradino, then immediately transform into an Aerophibian, make a complete 180°, and head in the direction of Earth, which is in the direction the Armada is flying from.

Thep Khufan Commander: And Scarogus.
Scarogus: Yes?
Thep Khufan Commander: Pick this idiotic Galvan up and wake him up.

[As Scarogus picks Albedo up, we pan away from the ship and watch Sii as she flies off in the direction of Earth at mach speeds.]


Part II

[We open on a mini-golf course where Ben, Gwen, Kevin, and Chelsey are playing. Chelsey completes her 17th straight hole-in-one, leaving one more hole.]

Kevin: Why do we even keep playing with her? We can't beat that even if we tried.
Chelsey: Well, you guys try and figure that out. I've got to go take a little bathroom break. She walks over to a nearby set of bathrooms. As she walks away, Gwen receives a call on her Plumber's badge and picks up. She distances herself from Kevin and Ben while she talks to whoever's on the line.
Kevin: Ben, shouldn't you be studying with your girlfriend?
Ben: No amount of studying can beat being trained by Brainstorm. And besides, she's in an advanced class; I don't even have a test tomorrow.

After a moment of speaking, Gwen gets off her Plumber's badge. She walks back over to Ben and Kevin.

Kevin: What was that about?
Gwen: We have a bit of a problem.
Kevin: And that would be?
Ben (yelling to Gwen and Kevin): WATCH OUT! Gwen and Kevin frantically look around. To their side, Ben transforms into Chromastone and tackles them onto the ground. Standing in their place, Chromastone absorbs a green ray of energy being fired from the air. A rainbow glow appears over his chest, spreading through his arms and into his hands. He immediately reflects the energy he had absorbed into the sky in the direction it had come. Something explodes in the distance which can be sighted falling right out of the sky.
Gwen: That was probably the--Kevin rushes over to his car and starts it up.
Chromastone prepares to fly but just as he makes it an inch in the air, Gwen creates a bubble around him.
What about Chelsey?! Chromastone reverts to human, and Ben removes his keys from his pocket.
Ben: Here, give them to Chelsey when she comes back out.
Kevin: C'mon, Gwen, get in!
Gwen: Not until Chelsey--

Chelsey rushes out behind Gwen. Gwen turns around to see her, immediately releasing Ben. Ben throws her keys into Chelsey's hand then reverts to Chromastone.

Chromastone: You drive.
Chelsey: Where? Home?
Chromastone: No. He peeks his head into the open passenger window of his car. He transforms into Upgrade, and while powering the car with one hand, he controls the dashboard GPS system with another. He reverts to Chromastone. Alright, I set the destination in there.
Chelsey: You're flying?
Chromastone: Yes.
Chelsey: Why don't I join you? She half-transforms into her Anodite form but Chromastone stops her midway through yelling.
Chromastone: NO! Just drive the car, Chelsey.
Chelsey: Alright, alright. Wish I knew why you're so hyped to go wherever.
Chromastone: I wish I knew as well. Now just follow the GPS. He boosts off into the air in the direction of the object he'd knocked out of the sky, barely getting to spot Chelsey driving off with Kevin and Gwen behind her.

After a very brief journey, lasting less than a minute, Chromastone lands at a site where a crater in the middle of a desert area is the center of attention for a crowd of police officers. He lands in front of every officer, standing right before the crater. Every officer focuses their attention on Chromastone.

Chromastone: Whoa, guys, I'm on your side. I'm just here to investigate--
Police Officer #1: Get out of here.
Chromastone: Not gonna happen. I'm here to investigate. The same officer fires at Chromastone. He absorbs the blast and his hands glow with a faint rainbow for a moment. You're not going to hurt me that way.
Police Officer #1: OPEN FIRE!
Chromastone (arms crossed, absorbing every last shot callously): I guess you guys aren't from around from this galaxy. Now, I didn't want to have to do this, but you forced my hand. Transforms into Lodestar.
Lodestar: LODESTAR!

As opposed to Chromastone, he doesn't properly absorb the blasts from the officers, instead being pushed back a few inches with every barrage of ammunition that touches him. He throws his hands into the air, and his magnets pull the guns towards him. He immediately reverses the direction of the magnet, projecting the weapons back at every officer. They manage to sustain the return of their weapons, so they continue firing at him. Lodestar transforms into Diamondhead and protects himself from the bombardment using his arms. As he begins to take in the fire, his arms are cut through. He realizes this, grunts at the officers, and creates a diamond barrier around himself. He turns around and slides his way into the crater as the barrier takes in the continued damage coming from the cops. Diamondhead finds a humanoid shaking in fetal position at the base of the crater.

Diamondhead: Whoever you are, I'm here to help. He reverts to human.
Ben: Look, I'm Ben Tennyson. The humanoid remains in fetal position. Ben reaches for the being, but inches away from it, it stops shaking. Huh? The Omnitrix tower pops up.
Omnitrix: Uncatalogued DNA detected. The hourglass and green patterns across the Omnitrix tower turn yellow, and a ray points to the being. After a short moment, the tower shuts once more and reverts to its green color. It flashes red once before the Omintrix speaks. Error: Fusion of cataloged DNA detected.

The being unwraps himself. He stands up on his two feet.

Ben: You're a Kraaho...

The Kraaho's feet transform into that of an Ectonurite's ghostly tail. It floats to the ceiling of the barrier but doesn't escape. It begins to laugh maniacally, but by fate, the barrier is broken through by a sole bullet from one of the officers. It directly hits the Kraaho-Ectonurite combo. Like a vampire in the sun, it evaporates before Ben.

[Our view pans away to the abandoned carnival where the most recent Magikfest had taken place. We enter a dark circus tent, torn at several areas. There is not a single light inside and the darkness of the night outside doesn't aid in sight either. Sii, though, is noticeable. In her human transformation, she is pacing back and forth. A voice speaks to her.]

Voice: The deed is done, my little lady.
Sii: Are you sure?
Voice: As sure as I am a clown.
Sii: So Ben and Gwen Tennyson are separated?
Voice: Of course. You should stop with the questions, pay up, and go deal with her before she and her boyfriend reach Ben.
Sii (entering her Aerophibian transformation): Thank you, Zombozo. Your aid to the Armada is greatly appreciated.
Zombozo/Voice: Anything for a little cash on the side.
Sii (Aerophibian): We will contact you again should we need you. She flies over to Zombozo and hands him a silver cube. Don't spend that all in one place.
Zombozo: No promises. He abruptly laughs as Sii flies away out of the circus tent.

[Our view is brought to the desert area once more, but a way's off from Ben and his surrounding police officers. Kevin and Gwen are in Kevin's car, following behind Chelsey in the DX Mark 10, Ben's car. Just after Chelsey passes a yellow light, the traffic light at their intersection turns red, and Kevin and Gwen are stopped behind Chelsey who continues to race to Ben.]

Gwen (passenger seat, to Kevin): You decide to follow the rules of the road now?
Kevin: Hey, I've already gotten caught once breaking the law.
Gwen: I think they'll excuse us for this.
Kevin: I'm not taking any risks at losing more points. If you want to take the wheel, be my guest. Kevin releases the wheel, putting his arms behind his head. The wheel begins to turn on its own, and as Kevin also removes his feet from the brake pedal, the car races away. Hey, what's going on?! Gwen, when I said take the wheel, I didn't mean using your magic!
Gwen: I'm not doing anything!

Kevin's seat belt unbuckles itself.

Kevin (attempting to re-buckle his seat belt): What's going--The driver door is thrown open, and the car drifts to a stop, launching Kevin out of the open door frame. He rolls on the road for a bit before absorbing it and standing up with two large hands. The car door shuts, and as Gwen attempts to exit the car, the doors all lock, and Kevin's seat belt stretches over Gwen's mouth, and ties her to the chair, preventing her from using any spells. Kevin rushes after the car and starts back up. He throws himself on the ground in an attempt to grab the car by its rear bumper, but narrowly misses. The car races off in the distance. Left alone, he checks his pockets for his Plumber's badge, realizing at this point that he had left it mounted to his dashboard.

[At least a mile away from where Kevin was left alone, all the car doors unlock, Gwen's additional and actual seat belts are removed, and the car drifts to a final stop as the passenger door opens, tossing Gwen out of the car just as it had done to Kevin. Lying on her back, she looks to her left, realizing a slithering alien exiting from underneath Kevin's car with the appearance of a Galvanic Mechamorph. Its patterns are missing, and it simply glows blue and white. Gwen's eyes widen as she realizes who is behind the transformation--Sii. She screams as Sii merges with her. The merged Gwen and Sii, who has a pink outer glow and a white inner glow in place of skin and clothing, becomes thinner as she is beamed far into the sky. Fifteen minutes later, Kevin arrives at the scene with his lower legs reverting from wheels to a standard lower leg area. Kevin walks around the car to find the passenger door wide open and his seat belts torn up. He searches his car and finds underneath it, a small white glowing ball. He crushes it with anger, shuts the passenger door, enters through his own driver's door, and drives off into the distance, shutting the door only as he races in Chelsey's direction.]


Part III

[We open within the throne room of the Commander's ship once again. The white and pink glow of Gwenii, the combination of Gwen and Sii, appears in the room. Her eyes, which originally cannot be seen, suddenly appear as they do in Gwen's own human form as Gwen uses her powers to blast Sii off of her. In a human transformation that mirrors Gwen's shape, but is now glowing blue and white, Sii steps away.]

Gwen: After you fused with Chelsey, we practiced spells to keep in control of our bodies.
Sii: See, Commander, she has great potential. She reprises her kneeling position beside Albedo and Scarogus at the foot of the altar.
Gwen: Where am I?

The Commander swings around in his chair to face Gwen.

Thep Khufan Commander: You're Tennyson's cousin, correct? Gwen nods. Oh, good. Gwen Tennyson, you'll be a serious adversary in the battle to come.

Gwen enters a fighting stance as her eyes and hands begin to glow pink with mana. The Commander laughs and with a press of a button, a mechanical hand emerges from the floor, grabbing Gwen and locking her inside. It quickly neutralizes her powers, after which point the Commander begins to control the hand, maneuvering over in front of the display the Man in the Stone Mirror is.

Thep Khufan Commander: Tennyson, meet Tenebrosi Ens Lapidis Speculum, better known as--
Gwen: Being of the Dark Stone Mirror?
Thep Khufan Commander: You are an intelligent human. I commend your ability to nearly translate that name. It's actually the Man in the Stone Mirror.

Despite Gwen's struggling to make her escape from the Commander's mechanical hand, she begins to scream as her powers are absorbed out of her. Mana, in the form of mist, irradiates from Gwen's body and drifts towards the Man in the Stone Mirror as she is forced to execute spells. Looking into her eyes, her pupils rapidly change their shapes to that of the alien symbols she is speaking. A final scream exits her lips as her eyes cease to glow pink and a ball of mana escapes to Tenebrosi. Tenebrosi gives off a hearty laugh as the Commander angrily throws his joystick in a way that releases Gwen, launching her across the room and into a wall.

Thep Khufan Commander (facing Tenebrosi's display, slamming his hand onto a button-free section of his armrest): What went wrong?!
Tenebrosi: This caster isn't powerful enough for this. A true master of the magical arts can get by this draining pain-free, or at least with some energy left in them.
Thep Khufan Commander: Such a useless way of trapping you, placing you in whatever container can possibly be used.
Tenebrosi: Useless? It's keeping me away from you so I think whomever set this up did a pretty OK job.
Thep Khufan Commander: Sii, do you know of any other a more powerful specimen, possibly an Anodite, than this one?
Sii: I do, Commander. She is a possible relative of both Ben and Gwen Tennyson. Her name is Chelsey Tennyson, and from what I can remember from when I merged with her, she is significantly more powerful than Gwen. I was hoping Gwen would be enough, but she was far from.
Thep Khufan Commander: I don't care. Go retrieve the other Ms. Tennyson.

Sii nods and transforms back into her Necrofriggian form. She flies through an area of the ship and can be heard flying off with her Aerophibian transformation.

[In the night the DX Mark 10 pulls up at Julie's house. The headlights shut off and exiting from the driver's seat is Chelsey. She shuts the driver's door with keys jingling in hand. As she prepares to open the front door to the house using Ben's set of keys, she is surprised by the sound of footsteps behind her. She flips around in her Anodite form with her eyes and hands glowing to find Chromastone landing in front of his car from a flight.]

Chromastone: My keys?
Chelsey (reverting back to her human form): You scared me. She picks up the keys she'd dropped on the floor and tosses them into Chromastone's hand. Through popping the Omnitrix symbol outward and holding the keys in front of his Omnitrix, the keys are absorbed. He slowly closes the dial in a way that doesn't revert him to human. Meanwhile, Chelsey unlocks the front door.
Chromastone: Alright, after you.

Chelsey and Chromastone walk into Julie's house. Julie's parents are in the living room.

Chromastone (awkwardly waving): Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Yamamoto.
Mrs. Yamamoto (knitting on one couch): Hello....
Chromastone: Ben; it's Ben.
Mrs. Yamamoto: Oh, is that one new?
Mr. Yamamoto (reading a newspaper on another couch): Don't be so enthusiastic; he'll want to become one of his fire monsters in the house.
Mrs. Yamamoto: Oh, stop, honey. Ben, Chelsey, Julie's in her room studying. I don't think she'll mind you bothering her.
Chromastone: Thanks.
Mrs. Yamamoto: And Ben, would you mind just walking as your regular self? Someone's not too big a fan of yours.
Chromastone: It's no problem. He reverts to human.
Ben: It's your home, I'll follow your rules.
Mr. Yamamoto (passively): Mhm...

Chelsey and Ben walk over to Julie's room. She has one of the smaller rooms in the one-floor house existing beyond the living room. In Julie's room, Chelsey and Ben find Julie avidly studying. She doesn't even realize her friends entering the room.

Ben: Julie?

Julie, seated at her well-lit desk, turns to her side to see Ben. She jumps and gives him a hug, which he returns seconds after it begins. The two release each other after only a short moment.

Chelsey: Julie, you've been studying all night?
Julie: Well, I'm sorry, I just really want to pull my grade up.
Ben: Julie, you can't pull your letter grade any higher up.
Julie: But my number grade can be and I just really want to--Ben puts a hand on her shoulder.
Ben: Calm down, Julie. You'll do fine.
Julie: Maybe...but maybe if I get more studying in, I can increase my chances.
Ben: No, Julie. You're going to relax now. Chelsey?

Chelsey uses her powers to shut the books on Julie's desk, locking them with a spell that causes them to glow for the duration of the incantation.

Julie: Hey, I need those!
Chelsey: They'll unlock in the morning as soon as you wake me up.
Julie: B-b--
Ben (both arms over her shoulders): Julie, relax.

Julie shows how quickly she can relax, easing her eyes shut. She drops her head onto Ben's neck, edging in for a hug.

Julie: Thanks, Ben.
Ben: No problem.

Ben's ringtone, the original series Sumo Smash Brothers theme song, goes off.

Ben: Uhh...
Julie: Go ahead.

Julie, missing her pink sweater and instead just revealing a black t-shirt, removes herself from Ben and jumps on her back onto the bed. Meanwhile, Ben picks up his phone, with Kevin on the other line. Noticeable audible in the background is the sound of Kevin's car's engine running with screeching coming from a car drifting every few seconds.

Ben: Kevin, what's up? What happened to you, Gwen?
Kevin (over the phone): Me? I'm fine, but Gwen went missing.
Ben: WHAT?!

Ben's yelling arouses the attention of Julie, Chelsey, and Mr. Yamamoto who peeks into the door from down the hall. Chelsey smiles awkwardly as she shuts the door.

Chelsey: Ben, what's wrong?

Ben raises his finger, denoting "1 second."

Ben: What happened to her?
Kevin (over the phone): No idea. My car started driving itself, following Chelsey through that desert. When I found my car, it was empty. I found this thing under the car.
Ben: What thing?
Kevin (over the phone): There aren't too many things I don't know too much about, and this is one of them.
Ben: What's it looks like?
Kevin (over the phone): It's like some glowing white square.
Ben: Alright, then whatever happened, we can track Gwen down with some things from her house. Head to her's, we'll meet you there.
Kevin (over the phone): Alright.

The two hang up, and Ben pockets his phone.

Julie: Ben...
Ben: Julie...
Julie: What was that call about?
Ben: It wasn't about Gwen going missing and us having to go meet up with Kevin at her house to track her using her stuff.
Julie: Ben! You just told me to relax!
Chelsey: Well, maybe you don't have to relax. Instead, just take your mind away from studying and do something, anything, else. And that's what we're going to do. We're going to go find Gwen.
Ben: Alright, come outside. We gotta go.

Ben, Chelsey, and Julie rush out of the room. Julie takes her pink sweater off a coat rack near the door on the way outside. As the door is opened, Mr. Yamamoto question the three's leaving.

Mr. Yamamoto: And where are you three going?
Mrs. Yamamoto: It's a school night, you three.
Julie: We're going to help Ben's cousin; she's hurt.
Mrs. Yamamoto: Oh. Then be back by 11.
Mr. Yamamoto: No. Be back by 10.
Mrs. Yamamoto: Just make sure your cousin gets better, Ben. You three make sure you don't get into any trouble.
Chelsey: We won't, Mr. and Mrs. Yamamoto. Bye!

The three wave to Julie's parents as Ben, Julie, and Chelsey--in that order--out the door. They run to Ben's car. Overhead, Ben spots an alien speeding through the air at super speeds. Ben passes Julie the keys to the car.

Chelsey: Why can't I drive?
Ben: You already had your chance today. Transforms into XLR8.
XLR8: I would've taken Jetray, but whatever. I'll meet you back at--
Julie: Ben, maybe we should all just take the car. You're already supposed to be meeting Kevin here; we don't need a whole set of people needing to meet each other.
XLR8: Hmm...Reverts to human.
Ben: You still want to drive, though?
Julie: Not everyday you get a chance to drive a sports car.
Ben: When your boyfriend's a superhero, that could become your everyday. Ben pulls the driver's seat forward so he can jump into the backseat. So that's what these feel like...

Julie and Chelsey enter the driver and passenger seats, respectively. Julie starts the car up, closing all the doors and locking them. She does a U-turn in the middle of the street and heads off in the direction of Gwen's house which she's memorized by heart, even despite the fact that it's not too far away. Ben relaxes in the backseat on the short few-second drive. The DX Mark 10 is quick to come to a stop.

Ben: Aww, man, wasn't hoping for it to come to an end that quickly.
Chelsey: You know it's not that far away, not to mention the speed on this car.
Ben: Whatever, c'mon, we need to go inside.
Chelsey: It looks like no one's home.
Ben: That'll safe us some time.
Chelsey: How so? You think greeting Gwen's parents'll take so much time?
Ben: Yes, now c'mon! Transforms into Streak. He phases through the side of the car and creates a portal just outside of the car.
Streak: This'll take us straight into Gwen's room.

Julie, stopping the car, and Chelsey exit the DX Mark 10. After locking the car, Julie passes the keys to Streak. He reverts to human and pockets it, then reverts to Streak. He jumps through the portal, which closes after him.

[Minutes later in Gwen's room, Ben, Chelsey, and Julie are pulling clothes and various objects out of drawers around the room. Ben finally finds something he believes is perfect to use to trace.]

Ben: This should be perfect to trace her with. She hasn't worn this in a while, but she wore this everyday in the summer where I got the Omnitrix. Ben reveals a small blue hairclip to Chelsey.
Chelsey: Have you been looking for *this* this whole time?
Ben: Well, yeah. It's the one thing that really came to mind as useful.
Chelsey: Alright. Ben puts it in her hand. Chelsey's hands and eyes begin to glow pink.

Simultaneously, Kevin's car arrives outside. He parks in front of the DX Mark 10. He watches as a glowing version of Jetray smashes in through the window upstairs. Kevin observes the glowing object he'd retrieved earlier.

Chelsey is grabbed by the glowing Jetray lookalike. It merges with Chelsey, creating an external purple glow with an internal white glow, forming Chelsii.

Julie: Is that--
Ben: Sii?! He jumps for Chelsii's body, but she teleports away. After missing, he gets up. No!
Julie: Wait, Ben. Look. She points at the area where Chelsii had teleported away from.
Ben: Hey, you're right, what is that? He bends over the purple particles which are appearing in the place where Chelsii had left. Wait...if these were left behind by Sii... Julie: Then you can use Anos to track her down!
Ben: Yep! He pulls the Omnitrix out in front of him, popping the tower up to reveal Anos's hologram. He immediately smacks down on him. Without error, he is given Anos, whom Ben uses to trace Chelsey by touching some particles. He stands up after tracing them properly.
Julie: You've got them?
Anos: Yep.
Julie: Am I coming with you?
Anos: But--Julie engages her Galvanic Mechamorph armor.
Julie: Did you forget who managed to put out the fire for Obsorber and Kevin?
Anos: Well, I guess. Alright, you can come. He creates a mana bubble around them as his eyes begin to glow pink. That's a trip for two, destination being wherever Sii went.

[As Kevin barges into Gwen's room to realize everyone had gone missing, we pan away to the interior of the Thep Khufan Commander's throne room once more. Chelsii appears.]

Thep Khufan Commander: This is the other choice?
Sii: Yes, and she is a fiesty one. This merge can give way at any time.
Thep Khufan Commander: No matter. Simply give me the time necessary to activate the arm...With the press of the same button he had used to move Gwen before, the Commander summons the mechanical arm once more, which surrounds Chelsey just after Sii escapes the parasitic bond she had just shared with her. Just before the Commander edges his joystick over to the same location as before just in front of Tenebrosi, Sii speaks out.
Sii: Commander?
Thep Khufan Commander: Yes?
Sii: I would like you to just give me one moment to show you someth--

Julie and Anos appear behind Sii.

Sii: Never mind, they appear to have crashed the party early.

With the press of another button, the Commander slides out a rectangular device in Julie and Anos's direction. The object creates a mana bubble around Anos and Julie. The two immediately unwillingly revert to their human forms.

Ben (banging on the mana bubble): HEY! Let us out, Commander!
Julie: Ben, these are the people you were talking about?
Ben: Yes, Julie. That glowing one is--
Julie: Sii, I know that. What about everybody else?
Ben: The Mummy-looking guy at the top, I think that's the Commander. The other Mummy, the one bowing, is his subject, Scarogus. The one that looks like I did with my old jacket, except, red, is Albedo.
Ben: Alright, alright. Let's try and get out of this thing. Ben tranfsorms into Grey Matter, who walks around the base of the bubble for a moment attempting to analyze the build of the bubble's projector, but he reverts to human once more. Hey, what's the big idea?
Thep Khufan Commander: The big idea is that you and your colleagues are not able to escape. I'm doing a pretty good job of that so far. Sii, a warning before bringing Tennyson and crew would've been much appreciated.
Sii: Apologies, Commander. I will take that into account. She returns to her spot at the foot of the altar, bowing like her own colleagues.
Thep Khufan Commander: Now, Ben Tennyson, (in the background, Ben transforms into Rath, who receives only a few seconds to bash the interior of the bubble and call it names before reverting to human) I'd like to welcome you to my ship, the Tertiary Wing. In the background, Ben continues with his efforts to escape the bubble through the use of Four Arms, but ultimately fails as he is reverted to human. After the destruction of my last ship when you boarded it--
Ben: Hey, that wasn't my fault. It wasn't my bright idea to set the self-destruct as I cruised away in my escape pod.
Thep Khufan Commander: Yes, and it wasn't my bright idea to bring you here, but here we are, with me just seconds away from having a brilliant new team player.
Ben: What are you about to--
Thep Khufan Commander: Let's do this, Tenebrosi.

With the press of yet another button, the mystified mana of Chelsey escapes her from her head. As opposed to Gwen, she does not scream as the power is drained from her. Tenebrosi's eyes, at the sight of this, widen, seemingly afraid of the fact that he is being freed. In the background, Ben expresses his view on Chelsey's power being drained as he transforms into Forge.

Forge (attempting to drill through the mana bubble): No, STOP! He reverts to human once more, falling to his knees as he watches his cousin's power be drained.

Chelsey's powers aren't fully drained before enough mist comes Tenebrosi's way. He reaches his hands outside of his display.

Thep Khufan Commander: At long last.

The Celestialsapien-like being steps out of the display in a physical form. The Commander unintentionally launches Chelsey into the one-way mana bubble with Julie and Ben.

Tenebrosi: I am delighted, Commander, with what you've done for me.
Thep Khufan Commander: You're welcome.
Tenebrosi: No, no, thank you, for giving me a new role in life. Thanks for swapping roles.
Thep Khufan Commander: It was a pleasure helping--Excuse me?
Tenebrosi: What?
Thep Khufan Commander: Thank you for swapping roles? What's that about? Tenebrosi: Oh, it's about this. His eyes begin to glow pink. Pessimum In Loco Tenebrosi!
Thep Khufan Commander: What are you--His body begins to become a digital mess, beginning to appear much like intangible, somewhat apparent code. He is sucked into the display that Tenebrosi had recently exited from. What have you done to me?
Tenebrosi: I gave you a new home, Commander. I'd call you by your actual name, but I'm going to guess even a villain as evil as myself wouldn't spoil that for the aloof.
Ben: Why did you do that? All he wanted to do was free you.
Tenebrosi: Like you're in the place to talk, Tennyson. You have to realize that my mirror needs to be occupied at all times or you will run the risk of the implosion of the universe.
Ben: What?!
Tenebrosi: My mirror is special. It's why all these years I've stayed inside when I've had all the chances to escape. The one willing enough to free me would be the one to take my place in the mirror, and I gladly swap roles with the Commander.
Thep Khufan Commander: could escape?
Tenebrosi: I could escape? Far more than that, Commander. I created the mirror, and imprisoned myself all those years ago.

[Everyone in the room averts their attention to Tenebrosi following his astonishing statement, leaving the Commander flabbergasted in his new state within Tenebrosi's mirror (currently merged with the Commander's holographic display).]


Part IV

[Ben, Julie, and Chelsey are still within the mana bubble. The Man in the Stone Mirror stands before them.]

Julie: I just wish my powers could work remotely, like Cooper's. I could shut off this thing's projector that way.
Chelsey: You made (coughs) the wrong decision putting me in here. CORPUS! Having already been unstable in standing in the bubble, she drops as a mystified form of her mana is drained, hovering over to the Tenebrosi. He simply holds a devilish grin on his face, even going as far as to give off a fake yawn at the power. When the remainder of Chelsey's power is drained, she utters a few last words. H-how are you still standing?
Tenebrosi: Pop fiction may portray me as a being of human descent--that part's true--but the Corpus spell doesn't affect me anymore. I abandoned my humanity--that includes my human skeleton--a long, long time ago. Hah, time. I used to have all manner of control of time. It's too bad that all good things must come to an end eventually. He pauses. Have any of you deciphered my past life yet? Ben and Julie shake their heads, while Chelsey remains with her eyes barely open and attention barely focused on Tenebrosi in her greatly weakened state. You imbociles. I guess none of you are truly on the bright side, excluding that Gwen Tennyson I now have in custody. It's too bad she's taking a heavy sleeper.
Julie: Are you going to tell us who you are or just keep talking?
Tenebrosi: You're a feisty child, aren't you? Such a fighting tone in you. I haven't heard that in years, Ms. Yamamoto. I was kind of hoping Mr. Tennyson would utter that phrase, but no matter. Tell you what, rather than have myself tell you I am, I'll let *him* do it. Just before either Julie or Ben has a chance to ask who "him" refers to, Professor Paradox joins the scene just beside Tenebrosi.
Professor Paradox: Hello, Tenebrosi. The two exchange handshakes.
Tenebrosi: Hello, Professor. How have you been?
Professor Paradox: I've had better days. This isn't exactly a shining moment I'd been looking forward to, you know.
Tenebrosi: Oh, I most certainly do. Well, enough of this, explain to these kids who I am.
Professor Paradox (starting with a sigh): Well, I don't know how else to say this, but Tenebrosi Ens Lapidis Speculum, colloquially known as the "Man in the Stone Mirror"--a poor translation from Latin, might I add--
Tenebrosi: Get on with it, Paradox.
Professor Paradox: Err, yes. This Celestialsapien knockoff is an alternate version of myself that had gone rogue. Ben, Julie, and even Chelsey find themselves instinctively gasp after the revelation. Yes, but all heroes have their flip side personality, and Tenebrosi is, unfortunately, my own.
Tenebrosi: Ahh, the day that this news finally comes out. It's quite intriguing how all of the best twists occur in this Tennyson's time stream.
Professor Paradox: Tenebrosi, I held up my end of this. Now it's time you do yours.
Tenebrosi: As the honorable man I once was, I shall, Paradox. I nearly forgot, mind you. I'm a bit rusty on this all. Now, as you three know, I imprisoned myself in that adapting mirror, after I'd taken my own course of action in the continuum. I was once the Paradox Timekeeper belonging to the main timeline--Ben 10's, that is. But when I began to abuse my powers, changing time to fit a world suited to magic, just as I like it, the Timekeepers demoted me. I realized what was so wrong with what I'd done at that time. I took yet another course of action, the first in a long time, that imprisoned me in that. I set the spell myself, and made it irreversable. I assumed no one but the Timekeepers would be able to free me, and the point at which they'd do so would be when I was ready to join them again. Mind you, I don't care for my position anymore. I don't have natural control over time anymore. I made sure to take it away when I locked myself in my mirror, to prevent myself from reversing my own imprisonment. In the meantime, this Paradox took my place in the main timeline, mainly fixing all the wrongs I'd done to Ben 10's past, present, and future.
Professor Paradox: Yes, I must applaud your ability to unintentionally pile your work on other people.
Tenebrosi: Thank you, Paradox. Your sarcasm is much appreciated. Pulls back a black sleeve on his black arm that reveals a wristwatch. Well, look at the time, Paradox.
Professor Paradox: Yes, I know...
Tenebrosi: The battle to come has begun, now hasn't it?
Professor Paradox: Of course...
Tenebrosi: You're far from upbeat about all this. You might as well just leave now.
Professor Paradox: Yes, I just might do so. Ben, I wish you good luck against myself. Forget that he is an alternate of myself and remember that he still possesses some magical abilities.
Ben: I-I'll try, Paradox. Thanks. Professor Paradox flashes away.
Tenebrosi: Wasn't that a rather intriguing revelation? It's one of the few pieces of the puzzle that I never got to see in my time as a Timekeeper. Nonetheless, the following events are categorized as such as well. I cannot guarantee a winner in this battle, but the Commander most certainly will not be a loser.

Tenebrosi just barely turns his head to watch Scarogus nod to the Commander onscreen, then rush for a button on the Commander's chair. He smacks down on it, and the steel reinforcement over the Commander's door is removed. Tenebrosi simply watches as both the mana bubble Ben, Chelsey, and Julie are trapped in opens, and the entrance to the room is unlocked. Through the door, groups of Thep Khufans in red armor file in.

Thep Khufan Commander: Half of you, change to team Alpha and take on Ben Tennyson. We have him here already and don't need to have to him leave. Half of the Thep Khufans guards change their red armor to blue, denoting the involvement in Team Alpha. They pull out anything from staves to a range of small to large guns and rush after Ben and co. The rest of you, engage Team Beta and distract the one resembling a Celestialsapien. Be wary of his mana-related abilities. The rest of the Thep Khufans change their colors to purple, conversely denoting involvement in Team Beta. They rush after Tenebrosi, some of them quickly losing their lives to point-blank range mana attacks, while the rest rush in and bombard Tenebrosi.
Scarogus: Commander, what about you?
Thep Khufan Commander: The change of scenery to within the technology in this ship is insignificant. It shall not be a major distraction from the plan yet.

Now released with guards headed for him, Ben attempts to engage the Omnitrix, but it takes an alternate course. Its hourglass turns pink, and like Chelsey's mana being drained, its power is drained and sent to Chelsey. She unknowingly absorbs the power of the Omnitrix. In moments, she is standing back up in a fighting stance. She engages her Anodite form, as Julie simultaneously puts on her Galvanic Mechamorph suit with visor.

Julie: I don't think this'll last too long. Removes her visor. Plus, I'm feeling a little on the risky side. Ben, change into Humungousaur.
Ben (repeatedly smacking down on the Omnitrix, which has powered down on the mana pink hourglass): Having a little trouble here!
Julie: What?! Replaces her visor. Going to need a bit of protection then.

We watch as separate battles occur in the same room. Albedo and Gwen remain unconscious in their own places. Scarogus seats himself in the Commander's chair, discussing plans with him. Tenebrosi attempts to hold off the aliens around him, for some reason deciding to simply using small blasts of mana as means of offensive maneuvering, rather than unleashing his full power. Chelsey holds back her section of blue Thep Khufans while Julie does the same using a variety of upgraded weapons. Ben, though, continues to fiddle with the Assault Omnitrix. The Omnitrix's hourglass glows once more.

Ben: Yes!
Julie: Yes what?
Ben: Omnitrix is back in business! Ben attempts to pop the tower up, but it simply sits still. The hourglass turns yellow. No, no, no!
Julie (worried): What do you mean, no?
Ben: Stupid thing is busted.
Chelsey (barely able to turn around to see Ben): Ben, watch out! A guard sneaks up on Ben. Julie is able to kick a few guards down as she holds down the guard about to grab Ben.
Ben: Thanks, Julie.
Julie: No probl--The set of guards that Julie had knocked down only as means of distracting them to save Ben rise and capture Julie.
Team Alpha Guard: What are you going to do about this, Ben Tennyson?
Ben: Grr...I'll show you! Facing the Omnitrix. I don't want Scan Mode! I want to transform.
Omnitrix: This function is currently unavailable. Cataloging in progress.
Ben: Override Mode 3, Code 10!
Omnitrix: Override unavailable. Cycling to provisions...Override permissions available. Code accepted. The hourglass turns green, and the tower pops up. At this time, a set of guards also bring Chelsey into captivity. The hologram that appears over the Omnitrix is scrambled and unrecognizable. Unpredictable override has caused errors in holographic overhead display. Error report sent.
Ben (fruitlessly attempting to cycle to another alien): Guess whoever this guy is will have to do, then. Please be Humungousaur!

Ben smacks down on the tower as guards begin to swarm. They watch Ben transform before their eyes. His skin turns pink, green triangular marks appear across his face, his hair extends to his upper back. His old sweater appears over him as he grows in size. The sweater transforms, taking up most of his body. Fur grows on the sweater in the same color as his eyebrows, which begin sharp and extend now beyond his head. His Omnitrix slips over to his chest, and the opening that reveals his black shirt underneath his clothing is closed tight. The "10" on the upper right of his chest moves to his chest, with the "1" to Ben's right of the Omnitrix, and the "0" to Ben's left of it, creating an emblem that appears as 1, the Omnitrix symbol, and 0. A black belt line is applied to his sweater, which below the belt extends to his knees. His pants turn green, and winter boots are put in place of his converse shoes. His pupils are removed and the remainder is the green of his eye. The new alien pronounces his name.

New Alien: Plastikitee! Wow, this guy's a Kraaho. Must have gotten it from that thing in the crater earlier.
Julie: HELP US!
Plastikitee: Oh, yeah. Streching limbs, go! He stands facing the swam around him, kicking them down, while his arms stretch and punch the Team Alpha members holding Julie and Chelsey. As Chelsey and Julie are freed, they knock down their opponents.
Chelsey (still fighting): Julie, I've got an idea!
Julie (still fighting): What's that?
Chelsey: Trust me?
Julie: Of course!
Chelsey: Alright, get behind me!

Plastikitee moves out of the way, entering the center of a swarm of the Team Alpha members yet still proving to be a worthy adversary. Chelsey and Julie slowly line their backs up as they battle through the crowd of guards around them. When they've finally met, Chelsey repeats her statement.

Chelsey: Trust me?
Julie: Yes, Chelsey. Go on already.
Chelsey: Alright. Her eyes begin to glow pink. Techus Incidet Quo Crustulum! Julie's body shakes. She scatters into many small Mechamorph-patterned balls. They float over to Chelsey's hand and body, covering her in Mechamorph skin. Julie's face appears on a screen built on the Mechamorph stomach.
Julie: I could've done this on my own.
Chelsey (beginning to fight with her fists): You could've merged with me, but not like this. Now, watch this! Techus! Her eyes and hands begin to glow pink, but they transition to green. The glow surrounds the merged Chelsey and Julie's body. The guards, even the ones battling Plastikitee, stand still, all distracted by the glow. After a few seconds of knocking down distracted guards, Plastikitee averts his own attention to Chelsey and Julie. The merged friends float to the ceiling of the room, where a green bubble begins to surround Plastikitee as well. Chelsey's eyes cease to glow green. She closes them, and a massive explosion destroys each and every guard in the room, while also tearing a hole into space in one of the Commander's windows. Tenebrosi admires the raw power before his eyes. Plastikitee's bubble, which had protected himself from being destroyed himself, is destroyed as Chelsey and Julie are lowered to the floor. Their merge ceases to be, with Julie jumping out of Chelsey's body. Chelsey is on her knees after lowering to the ground, but she quickly stands back up, still managing to be strong in her stance. Her Anodite form is reversed to her human one. She, Julie, and Plastikitee face Tenebrosi.
Plastikitee: Hey, Mirror Man, think fast. He stretches his hands around Tenebrosi and pulls a struggling Tenebrosi towards him. Tenebrosi's eyes continue to flash from pink to normal as he attempts to use his powers, but he is simply incapable. As Tenebrosi reaches spitting distance, the Omnitrix begins to glow.
Omnitrix: Errors wirelessly repaired. Active mode engaged.
Plastikitee: Omnitrix, reset the Man in the Stone Mirror's DNA to normal--that is, the regular human he says he once was.
Omnitrix: Unscrambling detected DNA anomaly. The Omnitrix fires a green ray that cracks through Tenebrosi's pitch black body.
Tenebrosi: NOOOO! My power!

Tenebrosi's head pops off, revealing underneath it, Professor Paradox. The rest of Tenebrosi's artificial Celestialsapien-esque body is broken off. Tenebrosi steps away from Plastikitee, rubbing his head.

Plastikitee: But wait, that's not all! He smacks his Omnitrix with the side of his fist. He transforms into Articguana, who blasts Tenebrosi as he attempts to escape the room, freezing his entire body in an ice capsule. Articguana reverts to Plastikitee without touching the Omnitrix. Looks like his time's now at a standstill.

Chelsey and Julie walk over to Plastikitee's side.

Chelsey: But if he can control time, can't he easily get out?
Plastikitee : You gotta remember, Chelsey, that's he's still human. He's got his limitations. At that very moment, the ice surrounding Tenebrosi is broken, flying all over the room. Chelsey protects herself, Julie, and Plastikitee from the attack using a mana shield. How did you--?!
Tenebrosi: I'm a time traveler. I've getting out of all forms of traps, Ben Tennyson. When imprisoning myself in that mirror, I made sure I decided on something inescapable even by my own standards.
Chelsey: That's impossible!
Tenebrosi: Why? Because that little spell of yours weakened me entirely? I drained myself on my own when I gave those "Alpha" guards fighting you three some extra power, but you put the icing on the cake. Fortunately, Tennyson was stupid enough to give me my primary abilities back.
Plastikitee: I'll just put you in your mirror again then!
Tenebrosi: And free the Commander? You know he's got a huge master plan for you, right? Or would you rather get rid of me anyway? You know what, you actually should--if you get the chance.
Plastikitee: What's that supposed to mean? Are you going to just leave?
Tenebrosi: Me? No, I'm far too powerful to just decide to flee this battle. I simply meant that right now, I'm going to age you three to oblivion.
Chelsey: WHAT?! NO! Chelsey blasts a ray of mana, but it stops midway, floating in the air. Chelsey, Plastikitee, and Julie are frozen in time. Tenebrosi laughs maniacally.
Tenebrosi: This is the last time I and any other villain will have to deal with Super Ben. Goodb--AAAAAAAAAAARGH! His body is electrocuted from a source behind him. He turns around to find Negative AmpFibian floating there. Albedo! I'll deal with--
Negative AmpFibian: No, you won't be dealing with anybody, especially Ben Tennyson anymore. He transforms into Negative Clockwork, aims his green beam at Tenebrosi, and blasts him. Tenebrosi very incrementally ages, showing signs of aging up one year every few seconds. In a matter of minutes of continuous blasting, Tenebrosi is aged to ashes. In his state, he fades into the air around everyone. He reverts to human, where his exhaustion immediately leads him to drop on the floor once more. Professor Paradox appears only a brief moment later.
Professor Paradox: Hello a--Oh, my, I nearly forgot about you three. With the snap of his finger, Plastikitee, Julie, and Chelsey--as well as her blast--are sent back into a normal speed of motion. As Chelsey's blast flies through the air, Sii engages her Aerophibian transformation and blasts it, creating a fairly small explosion mid-air that does no damage to the area.
Chelsey (to Professor Paradox): Tenebrosi! How'd you dodge that?
Professor Paradox: Fear not, Chelsey, Tenebrosi is no longer a threat.
Chelsey: Trying to trick us? That won't work when I check your memory!

Gwen appears at Chelsey's side and puts her hand on Chelsey's shoulder.

Gwen: It's okay, Chelsey. This Paradox is the real deal.
Chelsey: How do you know?
Gwen: I watched.
Chelsey: Watched? Watched what?
Gwen: Just now, Tenebrosi froze you, Ben, and Julie in place. He was this close to getting rid of you. Then...then, Albedo saved you. She points to Albedo, sleeping on the floor.
Chelsey: How did he save us? And why would he do that?
Gwen: He aged the him to oblivion, Chelsey. His ashes flew through the air, and they still are flying about now. Chelsey squints, managing to spot the molecular ash in the air.
Chelsey: He did this?
Professor Paradox: Yes, he did. It appears he really wants everything to go according to plan.
Chelsey: What do you mean?
Professor Paradox: He wants himself, the Commander, Scarogus, Elena, and Sii to be the ones to execute the Commander's big plot.
Plastikitee: The big plot? Tenebrosi was talking about that, too. What did he mean?
Professor Paradox: I can't say exactly. That is the one point in time I'm going to visit with the 10 Squad live on.
Chelsey: You mean, you haven't actually had a chance to see what the plan is yet?
Professor Paradox: Nope. I want to wish you good luck. He snaps his fingers, and the group is returned to the front yard of Gwen's house, yet again in the middle of the night. Ben's and Kevin's cars lie out front, both somewhat on the curb.
Gwen: Why'd you bring us back? Everyone was ready to be defeated then and there.
Professor Paradox: That would be taking a shortcut, now wouldn't it? Sure would make things a lot easier, correct?
Gwen: Yeah...hence my question.
Professor Paradox: All things that are done are done for a perfectly good reason, sometimes multiple reasons. As a matter of fact, bringing you all here was for two reasons; one long-term, and one short-term. I'll speak with you all again about this when the long-term result comes around. Just know that the Timekeepers, myself included, express a sigh of relief for the good you've all done tonight. Good night, all. He teleports away.
Gwen: But then what's the short-term--

Kevin comes rushing out of the front door of Gwen's house. He comes up to her and lifts off her feet with a hug.

Gwen: Kevin, put me down.
Kevin: Uhh, right. He hastily puts her down and releases her from his hug, wiping the back of his head. Blushing. Err, good to have you back, Gwen.
Gwen (blushing): I missed you, too.
Plastikitee: Well, looks like that's the short-term result. Reverts to human.
Ben: Now we just gotta wonder what the long-term is.
Julie ('removing her Mechamorph armor, yawning): But that's for another day, guys. I'm getting kinda tired. She pecks Ben on the cheek. I'm gonna to go to bed.
Ben: I'll drop you. When you're that tired, I don't think you should be walking through the dark.

Minutes later, Ben, Julie, and Chelsey are packed into the DX Mark 10, with Ben driving, Chelsey in the front passenger seat, and Julie already sleeping in the backseat. Gwen and Kevin, with his arms around Gwen, wave to Ben and co. as he makes a U-turn and heads off in the direction of the Yamamoto residence.

[We are returned to the Commander's throne room. Sii remains bowing at the Commander's altar, the Commander remains within his display, Albedo remains sleeping on the floor, and Scarogus remains seated in the Commander's chair. Some guards have begun patching the hole in one of the window.]

Scarogus: So shall I take your place, Commander?
Thep Khufan Commander: No, but if in any case I am required to be available in person, you will take my place.
Scarogus: Understood, Commander.
Thep Khufan Commander: Dismissed.

Scarogus walks over to the foot of the altar adjacent to Sii. The two stand and bow to the Commander. They turn around and leave the room through the wide-open door. The Commander ceases to display himself on the door. A projector on his chair creates a holographic version of himself in the chair. He analyzes his hands.

Thep Khufan Commander (hologram): If this is what I must live with for the time being, then so be it. I just hope this will not be detrimental to the plan. His hologram disappears and he begins to surge throughout the Tertiary Wing. He takes his place at one of many TVs in an exercise room. He looks from his place at an adjacent TV which is set to an Earth news channel.
Anchorwoman: This is Anchorwoman Whitney Brist, and I'm at the scene of a Tennessee home where 16-year old Mercedes Barnes went missing last night after unpackaging something she supposedly "found in her backyard," which also dealt extreme damages to half of the Barnes residence. We have her older brother Maverick Barnes right now. She approaches Maverick Barnes, a tall black-haired man in a black sleeveless shirt and black jeans. Maverick, how have you been able to cope with your loss?
Maverick: I don't know I just...

The Commander ceases to listen to the news playing in the background. He begins to think about Mercedes and mumbles to himself.

Thep Khufan Commander (to himself): Mercedes...Mistress...Separated from her family and no one knows where she is. What an opportunity...

The Commander relieves himself from control of the TV.




Aliens Used

(by Ben)

  • Chromastone (first re-appearance; second time: offscreen transformation) (x2)
  • Upgrade
  • Lodestar
  • Diamondhead
  • XLR8 (brief; accidenal transformation, selected was Jetray)
  • Streak (x2)
  • Anos
  • Rath
  • Four Arms
  • Forge
  • Plastikitee (x2) (first appearance; accidental transformation)
  • Articguana

(by Albedo)

  • Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey
  • Negative Spidermonkey (brief)
  • Negative Anos
  • Negative AmpFibian
  • Negative Clockwork

(by Sii)

  • Human (x3)
  • Amperii
  • Necrofriggian (x2)
  • Aerophibian (x3)
  • Galvanic Mechamorph
  • Gwenii (merged with Gwen)
  • Chelsii

Spells Used

(by Chelsey)

  • Corpus
  • Technus Incidet Quo Crustulum
  • Techus


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  • This is the first episode named after a character debuting, or simply appearing, in the episode.
  • This is the first episode in which Ben didn't appear at all in the first part (not to be confused with the first part of New Girl, in which Ben didn't have a speaking role).
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