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Man-Beast is the Hero Watch's DNA sample of a Mixster from the planet Metrofloris. Man-Beast was created by Alexandre Magno.


Man-Beast has a white rhino-like face with red eyes, blue dots and light blue fur, alongside two horns. His right arm is covered in a light blue fur, while his left arm is 'naked', except for three spikes on the lower arm. Man-Beast has one spike on each shoulder, has two elephant-like feet and wears a black-and-blue jumpsuit, with the Hero Watch symbol in between two golden stripes.


Such as the other members of his species, Man-Beast is very calm and wise.

Powers and Abilities

Man-Beast has sharp claws, enhanced strength and also has the ability to transmute parts of his body, being able to create wings and tails.


Man-Beast is not able to maintain his body in such an altered stat for a long time.




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