Ben 10: Garbage Force
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 6/2/12
Written by Levin RATH
Directed by Levin RATH
Episode Guide
Man, Does It Stink in Here! is the first episode of Ben 10: Garbage Force


Ben, Gwen, and Kevin were fighting the Forever Knights.

(Forever Knight #1): Give up!

(Forever Knight #2): Yes, we are saying this!

(Forever Knight #1): (to FK2) Shut up!

(Ben): Look, Forever Knights! You is going down!

(Forever Knight #2): We can't trust him, sir! He makes grammatical errors!

Ben transformed into Swampfire. He tried to go Ultimate, but he became a garbagy version of Swampfire!

(Ben, transforming): Garbage Swampfire! What? Must be a glitch. Oh, well. I can still do this.

Garbage Swampfire started shooting garbage out of his hands and onto the two Forever Knights.

(FK2): Ak! The smell!

(FK1): He smells worse than before!

The two Forever Knights pass out from the smell.

Garbage Swampfire: Well, Gwen and Kevin, let's put this garbage in jail!

Garbage Swampfire turns around and sees Gwen and Kevin passed out, also from the smell.

Garbage Swampfire: Oh, come on!



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