Mammothomimus sapiens
General Information
Home World Freez XI
Body Blue Woolly Mammoth-esque American mastodon
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Cryokenesis
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
First Appearance And Then, There Were 10

Mammothomimus sapienses are a race of blue, sentient mastodons who resemble woolly mammothes.

Powers and Abilities

Mammothomimuses can breathe ice through their trunks. They also can make icicle weapons with their trunk as well.


Mammothomiuses cannot stay in hot enviornments for too long or they can't use their cryokenesis.

Notable Mammothomimuses


  • Mammothomimus' genus means, "burrowing one mimic".
  • Mammothomimuses have the thick hair due to the cold climate on Freez XI, though scientists and smart sentient species can easily spot the differences.
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