General Information
Species 1/2 Mammothomimus, 1/2 Galilearilla
Body Blue and Dark Red Mammoth-Gorilla Hybrid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Cryokenesis
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Gravity Manipulation
Superhuman Intelligence
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Jumping
First Appearance Dr. Animal and the Mutant Ray

Mammosquatch is the combination of Mammonster and Gravisquatch.


He's basically Gravisquatch with blue splotches and Mammonster's tusks.

Powers and Abilities

Same as Mammonster and Gravisquatch.


Ben 10 the Hedgehog

Season 2

  • Mammosquatch debuted in Dr. Animal and the Mutant Ray, when he took on the Pheonix.


  • Mammosquatch's name is a portmanteau of the words "mammoth" and "sasquatch"
  • Mammosquatch, Zwormceratops, and Dragokrahs are the least used aliens in Season 2 - only once.
    • The hybrids, Yin, and Yang are also the least used aliens in the series, only once.
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