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General Information
Species Mutant Galvanic Mechamorph
Home World Galvan B
Residence Galvan B (formerly)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Technokinesis
Technology Absorption
Technological Mimicry
Technological Empowerment
Sharp Claws
Sharp Spikes
Elastic Combat
Pyro Immunity
Optic Beam
Space Survivability
Size Alteration
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Dexterity
Enhanced Intelligence
Galvanic Mechamorph Life-Force Absorption
Equipment Galvan Jetpack
Relatives Azmuth (creator)
Aliases Galvanic Mechamorph Sub-Species
Voice Actor Corey Burton
First Appearance The Monster

Malware is a villain in Ben 10: Missing Pieces. He first appeared in The Monster. He is a mutant Galvanic Mechamorph from the planet Galvan B who planned to destroy Azmuth and the other Galvanic Mechamorphs.


Malware's first and second forms have their Omniverse appearances, but his colors match the color palette of Heroes United.


Malware is an angry, psychotic, obsessed and hate-fuelled being, who always felt that his creator and father Azmuth sees him as nothing more than a failed experiment who would never impress him; thus, Malware is obsessed with destroying him and the other Galvanic Mechamorphs. Vain and conceited, Malware deeply hates the rest of his kind for always being Azmuth's perfect creations. Malware also hates and resents Azmuth, although he still considered the latter his father.

Malware's hatred for Azmuth buries his love and desire for his approval. All of this was eventually corrupted by his twisted mind.


Prior to Missing Pieces

Malware was born a mutated and incomplete Galvanic Mechamorph on the Mechamorph homeworld, Galvan B; his incomplete and corrupted life code was apparently the result of the Helix responsible for creating the Mechamorphs being deactivated midway through Malware's creation. Malware, in his crippled, incomplete state, had immediately proving psychotic and hostile towards others around him from the moment he was born.

Azmuth had promised to design an upgrade to cure his condition, but Malware soon grew impatient, tiring of Azmuth's numerous delays and thinking that his creator secretly saw him as a failed experiment.

Missing Pieces

In The Monster, Malware traveled to the Galvan homeworld Galvan Prime and demanded his cure. When Azmuth refused, Malware kidnapped his assistant, Myaxx, and stole Azmuth's unfinished cure, a secondary Helix. Retreating to Galvan B, Malware forced Myaxx to connect the secondary Helix to the primary Helix, which he used in hopes of curing himself. Myaxx sabotaged the Helix in an attempt to destroy the Mechamorph, but the attempt only enhanced Malware's body, transforming him into an even more ferocious creature.

Malware's next goal was to kill Azmuth, seeing him as someone who treats the universe as his playground without having to face any repercussions, and feeling that the universe would be better off without him. After failing to reason with him, Ben used Diamondhead to imprison him in crystal. One week later, Malware was moved to Primus, to be guarded by Tetrax and Gluto.

Powers and Abilities

Malware has the standard abilities of a Galvanic Mechamorph, including eye beams, elasticity, shapeshifting, size alteration, regeneration, and the ability to merge with technology. The latter ability has a small twist; unlike most Galvanic Mechamorphs, he permanently absorbs the technology he merges with. He can even absorb the abilities of a Chronosapien.

Unlike most of his kind, Malware has sharp claws that he can use in close quarters.

Malware is able to consume the life energy of his own kind to replenish himself which leaves the Mechamorphs in a drained, hardened state.

Combined with his mutant technological abilites and strength, Malware can easily remove any DNA from the Omnitrix by separating the user from their alien form.

Malware is immune to flame attacks, such as that generated by a Pyronite.


After absorbing a Galvan Jetpack and the Skipper, Malware was able to travel between planets unassisted.


Malware suffers from arrogance, having a habit of underestimating his enemies, which led to his downfall.

Malware can be trapped by a Petrosapien's crystals.

Malware is extremely vulnerable to a Conductoid.

Being made of living metal, Malware is vulnerable to electricity and magnets.


Missing Pieces