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Note: This episode is the old version of the new, re-written episode of Z-Force

Mall Terror
Season 1, Episode #2
Air date August 20, 2011 Saturday
Written by User:FusionFall123
Directed by User:FusionFall123
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The Day I Found a Device
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Eric won 10,000$ and left it to Jake, Sam, and Vincent. Suddenly, three robot aliens go on a hunt for Jake's device.


United States, Boston, Boston Mall[]

Eric : Hey, guys, guess what!

Jake : What?

Eric : I won 10,000$!!!

Vincent : Say what?!

Eric : I'm giving it to ALL of you, so, share! This means you, Jake.

Jake : What? Excuse me.... But that action figure was worth it!

Sam : Sure....

Eric : Okay, i'm going to leave you guys. I'll be back in an hour, okay.

Jake, Sam, Vincent : Yeah, okay.....

Jake, Sam, and Vincent bought many things. Jason bought ten "Sumo Slammers: Ultimate" cards, Sam bought clothes, and Vincent bought a science set.

Sam : Oh, man.... That was a fun day...

Vincent : Yeah, but it was just for a minute...

Jake : What shall we do now? Eric won't be here for two hours!

Suddenly, a stink bomb was throw into the mall.

Vincent : What the?!

Jake : It's time to transform into... Uh.... *Transforms into a Galvan* Say what?! This guy is small... I think 'll call you... Smarty Pants.... Nah... I'll think of something...

Sam : Okay, we have to help those people get out of the mall and we beat up the guys. got it?

Vincent : Got it! Hey Jake got i--?! Jake?! Where are you?

Jake as a Galvan, heading towards the villains : Got it!!

Banana Republic[]

Robot Alien : Where are you?! My readings are off the charts...

Jake as a Galvan : Over here!!! *Gets on the neck of the robot* Just pull this.... And then this... And got it!

Robot Alien : Why you little--!!! Hey, I can't move!

Jake as a Galvan : I locked your "Movement Option". And... I got to do this *Points a gun towards Robot Alien*

Robot Alien : You wouldn't!!!

Jake as a Galvan : Your right, I wouldn't... *Presses the trigger* Oops... I'm clumsy!

The Alien Robot got shot by Jake.

Jake as a Galvan : One down... Two to go!

Mr. Smoothy[]

Vincent : Okay... Robot... Yes... You must pull the wire from the back of the neck...

Sam : Got it... *Gets a nail* *Throws it into the Robots neck*

Vincent : Hehe... Sharp shooter...

Sam : Thanks...

Robot Alien 2 : You little kids! You thought you got me, huh?!

Vincent : Nope... *Kicks the head of the Alien Robot*

Sam : Nice kick

Vincent : Thanks...

Jake : Hey, guys... Where do you think is the third robot alien?!

Vincent : I don't know...

Sam : Um... Guys... Is the third one gray, tall, and has a giant gun on his arm?

Jake : I don't know... Mabe... Wait... He's at my back right now... Isn't he?

Vincent : Um... Lie or truth?

Jake : Ruuuuun!!! *Run*

Alien Robot 3 : *Reloads weapon* Asta Lavista, baby! *Shoots*

Jake, running: Oh snap! Lazer!

Sam, running : Transform into something!!!

Jake, running : It's re-charging!

Vincent, running : Oh man! Gotta-- *Makes electricity out of hands* Wow...

Sam, running : Did you know you could do that?!

Vincent, running : No... Let me try something *Shoots electricity at the Robot*

Robot Alien 3 : Why you little brat!

Sam : Bring it on! *Touches floor* *Absorbs* Oh yeah! *Jumps* *Punches robot*

Jake : How did you know you had powers?

Sam : I didn't I just wanted to sit down!

Jake : Yes! The watch finished re-charging! *Transforms* I'll call you.... Freeze!

Jake, Vincent, and Samantha fought the third alien robot and defeated it by punching off it's head.

Jake : Woohoo! Glad that was done!

Sam : Oh yeah!

Vincent : High five, guys!

Unknown Space ship[]

Broken up Alien robot : My lord, we have failed...

Unknown Villain : You have failed me for the last time *Blasts the Alien Robot*



  • Robot Alien 1
  • Robot Alien 2
  • Robot Alien 3
  • Unknown Main Villain

Aliens Used[]


  • The main villain has been revealed.
  • Jason finally named an alien.
  • Eric won 10,000$
  • This robot aliens ressemble to Kraab and SixSix.