A Super Mutant With Various Alien DNA Dr. Animo Created  for Lord Nosidda

Super Mutant 4 Malignus


He is the most Psychotic Villain Ben Tennyson has ever fought. Malignus' believes as long as he does what he does. that in ensures his twisted brand of horror and misery will live on for Years to come. He frequently tries to relieve his boredom in the most cruel and horrible ways possible.

and Abilities

He is as strong as Ultimate Humungousaur . He can spontaneously regenerate at a sub-molecular Level, Teleport within a 4 mile radius, is able to stretch his Arms to incredible distances. Due to his relatively long and muscular hind legs, is able to jump long distances and he has laser vision


Malignus can be tied with His own arms in combat, rendering him incapacitated. When he teleports he needs to see or know where he is going.



  • Heis always paired with Ferocitus
  • His name means unkind, ill-natured, spiteful
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