General Information
Species Imonian
Home World Acqua Succhaire
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Magnetic telekinesis

Rolling into a ball

First Appearance The Polytrix, Part 1

Magnetosphere is a Imonian from the planet Acqua Succhaire in Simien 10: Polyverse. This is a redone version of the original page Magnetosphere.


Magnetosphere is a red alien made mostly out of magnets. His head is red with a metallic mouth and yellow eyes which floats using magnetism in the middle of his torso. He has four extra arms under his main ones which each are tiny half-magnets. Over his torso he has two other "half-magnet" limbs. He has a tail with a magnet at its tip.

In his ball form, all his limbs huddle together and his back becomes arced and sphere-y. His ball form is basically all his limbs in a ball like form.

Magnetosphere's head can turn 360 degrees to whatever position he wants to look at.


Being magnet like, Magnetosphere can control all metal objects using magnetic telekinesis similar to the one Lodestar and Magneto use. This also allows him to levitate himself due to him being made of metal magnets. He is rather durable due to his skin being made of metal, allowing him to survive lasers and bullets. This magnetic telekinesis can be used by any part in his body.

Magnetosphere has the ability to roll up all his limbs into a ball. While in ball mode, he can roll around and even have a small amount of flight capability by using his magnetic abilities on himself while in a ball. He can magnetise things to him even while in a ball.

Unlike Cannonbolt, Magnetosphere does not become more durable while in a ball, although he is still durable normally. Also unlike Cannonbolt, Magnetosphere cannot put people in himself while he is a ball.

Magnetosphere can combine his magnetic abilities from each limb together to create a incedibly powerful magnetic blast, which can knock back or destroy any metal thing in its way.


Being a magnet, Magnetosphere is more vulnerable to electric currents hitting him. Also, any other powerful magnets can have control of him, although his magnetic abilities can block the magnets strength.

Magnetosphere's limbs can be ripped apart with enough force, although he can magnetise them back to him easily. This also happens with his floating head.



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