General Information
Species Felsil
Home World Mafiltic
DNA source N/A
Body Humanoid Lava/Rock
Alternate Counterparts Magmortar
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Lava Control
First Appearance Into The Pit

Magmator is an alien from Tech 10: Rebooted.


Magmator's abilities include:

  • Lava Control
  • Superheated Body
  • Fire Shooting (From the 'volcanos' on his head and shoulders, respectively.)


Magmator is a humanoid alien covered in magma and solidified rock, and has three volcano-like orifices, one on his head, and one on each shoulder.


Water can solidify him into a chunk of non-moveable rock.

Planet and Species Information

Magmator is a Felsil from the planet Mafiltic. Felsils were born when mana was forcibly fused with lava by extreme geological activity. They are generally social and very friendly to strangers; unfortunately, thanks to their unique creation, there aren't very many of them, and they are often very lonely.

They have been able to mitigate the loneliness somewhat by creating pets similar to dogs in the same fashion they were made. These pets have been affectionately (and somewhat oddly) named 'Schneehunds.'

Mafiltic is a half-formed planet covered in magma and rock, and is caught in constant formation thanks to it's strange connection to mana. This has resulted in multiple scientific studies on the planet, but so far, no one has been able to figure out how so much mana gathered in one area.

It has been proposed that this phenomenon is linked to the situation on Veritum, though considering how little is known about THAT planet, it doesn't really answer any questions.


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