General Information
Species Magmosian
Home World Volcanorius
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Lava/Magma Manipulation


First Appearance The Beginning of It All
Magmastretch is the Omnitrix's DNA Sample of a Magmosian from Volcanorius.


Magmastretch is an alien made out of living magma. It retains a humanoid shape at most times due to a core in the center of its body. Pieces of rock float around in its body. It has three fingers on each hand, and its feet are just puddles. The top of its head seems to be shaped similar to a trident. Its eyes are red, just like the Omnitrix on the center of its chest.

Powers and Abilities

Magmastretch has the ability to control magma/lava. It can shoot flaming projectiles from its hands at will, as well as letting out powerful propulsion jets from its feet to jump very far, but can not use it to fly.

Magmastretch also has adept abilities at stretching its body easily, allowing it to morph its shape at will, similar to a Polymorph.


If Magmastretch gets submerged in water, he'll turn completely solid and time out very quickly. He can also easily be timed out if the core in his body is knocked out, causing him to turn into just a puddle. If the area where Magmastretch is battling is too cold, his power will drain away faster than usual and he'll be severely weakened.


Stew 10: Rebooted


  • Magmastretch was the first alien I designed in over a year.
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