So has red tape gotten worse these past few millennia, or has this always been a heaping pile of bull sh-

–Magister Red expressing his displeasure with the Archives of Oberon's security system, Absolute Knowledge

Magister Red



General Information
Species Synthetic
Home World N/A
Alias Red (for short)
Part In Team Technician
Friends Magister Blue
Magister Yellow
Age 10,000+
Status Active
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
POS Missiles
Equipment Ancient Plumber's Badge
First Appearance Absolute Knowledge

Magister Red is a side character in Tech 10: Rebooted.



Created over 10,000 years ago by the first Plumber Magistrate, Magister Red, along with Magisters Blue and Yellow, were made to help keep peace in the galaxy.

After a few hundred years of service, the three synthetic Magisters were caught in a war between the Galvans and the newly-evolved Humans. Though most of the details of the war were lost to history, it is known that the Magisters sided with the humans, but were eventually defeated and placed in stasis.

During Series

Having received word about Dethrouge's attack, Azmuth decided that the Plumbers would need more forces to combat this seemingly immortal enemy. Growing desperate enough to turn to ancient legend, he found several myths of immensely powerful synthetic warriors created to protect the universe.

Following a trail of clues to the long-lost bunker where the Magisters had been placed in stasis, Azmuth was able to find and reactivate them; however, the Magisters had doubts about working with Galvan again. After quite a bit of arguing, Magister Blue eventually agreed to speak with Azmuth concerning their new roles. Magisters Red and Yellow waited for him to return.


Magister Red is a red/purple humanoid synthetic lifeform, with a body created from symmetrical solid energy.

His body is split into various parts, held together by a plasma-like state of the afore-mentioned energy.

His head has two regular eyes and one 'drone' eye that can detach from his head and float around separately. His head has a mass of triangular purple energy on it similar to hair, and he has magenta stripes lining his body. His Data Crystal is on a belt-like marking on his abdomen.

He wears an ancient Plumber's Badge as his uniform.


Being a synthetic lifeform, Magister Red can:

  • Create POS Missiles.
  • Slightly shapeshift.
  • Exert enough force to shatter a large boulder.
  • React much faster than organic lifeforms.
  • Resist severe blows.
  • Regenerate from his Data Crystal.
  • Combine with Magisters Blue and Yellow to create a giant synthetic named Omega.

His POS, or Probability Override System Missiles, are able to exit the timeline upon launch, allowing them to re-emerge anywhere in time and space; combined with their tracking system, this makes POS Missiles impossible to dodge.


Magister Red has a very cold, calculating personality, allowing him to better serve his role as strategist. He's always willing to try out-of-the-box thinking, and will do anything it takes to protect those around him.

Despite this, he has an impressive temper at times, and can occasionally come off as very rude and uncaring.


  • Magister Red was the second synthetic Magister created, and was designed to take full advantage of his mechanical form.
  • Though technically genderless, Magister Red was modeled as male.

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