Magister Pupe is a character in the series Plumbers. He is the D42 and D43 magister teacher. Everyone laughs about his name that sounds like poop. Decibel hates him.


Magister Pupe is a very strict teacher, wanting perfection from all his students, but not to crazy limits. He hates when people laugh about his name or pronounce it wrong (it is pronounced pyoop).


Pupe never uses his powers except some cases.

  • Creating Earthquakes
  • Super Strength
  • Drilling underground
  • Camo Ability (??? what does this mean)


  • He is big and bulky

Species and Planet

Species: Drillsaura

Planet: None. (they dig through all of them)



  • Peixes: I wonder who will our teacher be
  • Magister Pupe: (enters the room) Listen up, maggots! My name is Magister Pupe and you will be great Plumbers! If you do not accept this, quit this base!
  • Peixes: (gulps) Wait, what is your name again?
  • Pupe: Magister Pupe! (everybody giggles) What's so funny about that?
  • Decibel: Your name sounds like poop.
  • Pupe: (Strangles Decibel) Got a problem with it, son? And you aren't pronouncing it right! It's pyoop, not poop! With a U and a E!
  • Decibel: (Pupe lets go of him) Shouldn't it be eupoop? Cause then it sounds like ewwww poop.
  • Pupe: U instead of the oo and e at the end!
  • Decibel: Oh... I got it. What is your first name then?
  • Pupe: I'd rather not tell.


Magister Pupe looks like a better image of Vibration.


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