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Magikfest is the third episode of the first season of Back in Action: Alien Universe.


Part I

[We open in Ben's room, in what appears to be the middle of the night by the lack of light coming into the room. Ben lies ever so peaceful in bed, sleeping, in boxer shorts, a green shirt and bare feet unprotected by his thrown-away cover. His door can be heard creaking open, and a shadow is seen creeping over to Ben. Ben is touched by the dark figure in its cloak, his eyes fly open, and he flies off onto the floor with his hand immediately over the now-raised Omnitrix tower. Just then, the cloaked figure shoots a pink ray that holds Ben's hand up right over the tower. Ben stands up, as the pink ray follows his hand.]

Ben: I recognize that ray anywhere. It's nice to see you, Grandma.
Grandma Verdona (human disguise, walking out from the shadows, pulling the pink ray away from Ben): Hello, kiddo. How is everything going with you?
Ben: It was going swell until you woke me up.
Grandma Verdona: Don't raise that tone with me, Ben. Don't you know what today is?
Ben: December the someteenth? Did the new Sumo Slammers movie release early?! Flips around to remove jacket from computer chair. Let me get my jacket!
Grandma Verdona: No, no, Ben, but do get your jacket. It's Magikfest today. I mentioned it at your cousin's party last week. Didn't you hear me, or were Spidermonkey's ears clogged? Ben: I heard you at the party, but I wasn't really sure what it was, and I didn't know you were going to pop into my room on that day to tell me about it.
Grandma Verdona: Tell you about it? It's time for it, Ben.
Ben: By the way, can I ask something?
Grandma Verdona: Well, you just did, but, go ahead.
Ben: What is Magikfest exactly?
Grandma Verdona: What a horrible question. "What is Magikfest exactly?" Reminds me of when I was just 5 years old and my father woke me up bright and early for that year's Magikfest. I don't remember if it was a significant year or not, maybe it was 15th or 20th anniversary. It could've been 100 year anniversary, but I didn't keep track back then and I won't now.
Ben: But...that didn't answer my question.
Grandma Verdona: Oh, yes, what's Magikfest. It's a get-together of all the types of energy beings and aliens of all types who have great understanding, knowledge, and experience with magic as well as Anodite abilities. We normally hold these things as far away from Earth as possible so as to not alert any of the scientists here, but with your reveal to Earth, someone must have paid some big bucks to have Magikfest held here this year.
Ben: Someone? You mean, you don't know who?
Grandma Verdona: I've been working together on every annual Magikfest for 30 years, of course I know. But the people who paid for this year's relocating asked us to stay anonymous when it came to public affairs. We respect their rights, you know, what with their paying us so well.
Ben: Wow, that sounds cool. Jumps in to bed. Tell me all about it when you and Gwen get back.
Grandma Verdona: I said, you're going, Ben. Don't be such a Debbie-downer, you'll have fun. I guarantee it.
Ben: Grandma, just because you had fun doing it from Anodyne like 60 years ago doesn't mean that I'll have fun doing it from here now.
Grandma Verdona: Just try it, will 'ya, Ben?
Ben (sighing): Alright.
Grandma Verdona: Great! It's around 5:30 now, Ben. Stop by your Aunt Natalie's at around 6 to pick your cousin and me up.
Ben: But what about--
Verdona snaps her finger and teleports away leaving a trail of pink dust. Ben: Kevin...Guess I'm driving then. I'll just use alien form for Magikfest, I should blend right in with all the other aliens there. Rushes off to the bathroom, and the scene fades.

[We reopen outside Gwen's house. Gwen, Kevin, and Verdona are standing outside the front door with Mr. Smoothie's. Ben pulls up in his car, and gets out wearing his green shirt, and jeans to replace the shorts, and sneakers.]

Ben (to Verdona as he approaches her from across the street where he parked): Why couldn't Kevin pick me up and we all go there? We probably could've been there already.
Grandma Verdona: What was that?
Ben (yelling now): I said, why couldn't Kevin pick me up? We would have been there by now!
Grandma Verdona: Say again.
Ben runs across the street in the middle of oncoming traffic, runs up to Verdona and repeats what he said directly into her ear.
Grandma Verdona: Oh.
Kevin: She heard you loud and clear, Ben. She was just messing with you.
Ben: Oh, thanks, Grandma. Can we get this over with? (Walking up to Kevin's car) Jimmy's going to update me on the Sumo Slammers movie sequel any second now.
Kevin: Why are you near my car, Tennyson?
Ben: You're driving, aren't you?
Kevin: Why'd you think you brought your car?
Ben: I don't know, she (pointing at Verdona) told me to.
Kevin: Yeah, 'cause you're driving.
Ben: I thought you didn't like riding in the backseat, Kevin.
Gwen: He doesn't, Ben, and you know that. Kevin's not coming.
Ben: How come he doesn't have to go and I do?
Kevin: I've been to one of those before. Not my best experience. Ever since I had a little bit of hate for magic, except for when Gwen does it, of course.
Grandma Verdona: What an articulate sentence, Curtis.
Kevin: Kevin.
Grandma Verdona: Whatever, Kenny. Here's $500, go enjoy yourself while we're at Magikfest.
Ben and Kevin (in unison, different emotions, though): $500?!
Ben: Why does he get $500 for not going?
Grandma Verdona: He's genuinely against it, Ben. Your only reason I can see for not wanting to go would be because you would like some money and to stay home in bed sleeping all day like Kevin.
Ben: So, are you saying I can do that?
Grandma Verdona: No.
Ben: Aww, c'mon!
Gwen: Ben, just drive us there. I guarantee you'll have fun.
Ben: How would you know? You've never been.
Gwen: Yes, I have. When we were 12, I went with Grandpa. We couldn't go with you because you were grounded for something, like you always were.
Ben (crossing his arms): Figures the only time I missed something it would be something I might've wanted to see back then.
Gwen: Well, you have the chance now, Ben. Come with us.
Ben (sighing): Alright, but if it's not fun--
Grandma Verdona: It will be fun.

In the background, Kevin starts his car, lays his money on the front passenger seat, and pulls out, parking near the sidewalk. Everyone approaches his car.

Grandma Verdona: Ben, you're going to need a disguise that gives you some sort of aptitude with magic. She uses a magic arm ray to pull Ben's Omnitrix arm towards her. She manually scrolls through the playlists of aliens, and eventually finds something unfamiliar.
Ben: Hey, what's--
Verdona hits the Omnitrix tower down on her own, and before the three, Ben becomes an Anodite.
Anos: Anos!
Kevin (sitting in his car, slightly raising the volume of the radio in his car): Haha ha!
Anos: What's so funny, Kevin?
Kevin: That alien's name. You should change that.
Anos: Alright, what about...Manodite!
Kevin: Haha! Wait, no, no. Keep with Anos, that way it's funnier.
Anos: Hey!
Gwen: C'mon, Kevin, stop teasing. Putting hand on Anos' shoulder.It's a good name, Ben.
Anos: I know. It's not like Kevin's had to think of great names for these guys.
Kevin: I wouldn't exactly call "Anos" great, Ben.
Anos: Grr...
Gwen: Calm down, Ben. Removes hand from Anos' shoulder. He was just *leaving*.
Kevin: Do I have to?

Gwen's eyes glow bright pink for a moment while looking at Kevin, then fade back to normal.

Kevin: Alright, alright. Bye, Gwen, Verdona, Tennyson.
Anos: Is it so hard to call me "Ben" every time?
Kevin: Yeah, it is. Looks straight ahead, and drives off.
Anos: Wait a second...(puts his fingers on his chin)Grandma, couldn't you have simply teleported us to Magikfest?
Grandma Verdona: Yes, I could have, but that requires work. I'm getting old, you know.
Gwen: But I thought that was only your skin.

Grandma Verdona lightly pinches Gwen's cheek.

Grandma Verdona: Always the smart little girl, aren't you, kiddo?
Anos: Yes, yes. So can you teleport us. Driving's probably going to be difficult using Anos.
Grandma Verdona: Alright then.
Anos reverts to human, not out of free will.
Ben: Whoa.
Grandma Verdona: My doing, Ben. Drive us there, and when we reach Magikfest, I'll make you Anos.
Ben: Or, you know, I could use my Omnitrix on my own to transform.
Grandma Verdona: That, too. Either one works.

The three cross the street. When they reach the car, Ben walks around to his side and enters the drivers' seat, Verdona first into a backseat, and then Gwen for the front passenger seat.

Grandma Verdona: I'm a senior citizen, you know. I deserve to be in the front.
Gwen: Staying in the back's safest. If the car crashes, you'll be totally unharmed.
Grandma Verdona: But what if we get into a crash from the rear?
Ben: There's just as much risk there as there is for a front accident. After adjusting the mirror, he starts the car, and is immediately off on the road.

[The camera pans upwards to a still dark early-morning sky as the three bicker indistinct conversations among each other in the car.]


Part II

[The scene opens with a look at a gloomy-looking circus atop a mountain. It's around 8 in the morning, and Ben, Verdona, and Gwen are approaching the top of the mountain on a zigzagging road in the DX Mark 10.]

Ben (with left elbow relaxing on his beneath-the-window armrest, and right hand on the 2 o'clock position): Grandma, do I have to drive all the way up this thing? Couldn't you have snapped your finger and brought us up there?
Grandma Verdona (relaxing in the backseat with the head of her human disguise torn off, revealing her Anodite head): Of course, Ben. Don't you need the exercise? I haven't heard too much out of you from your physical education classes.
Ben: I run around the world saving the day, what about that for exercise?
Grandma Verdona: Oh, it's too late now, Ben. Unless you want to leave your car in the middle of this pass.
Ben: Couldn't you teleport it up to some kind of parking up at Magikfest?
Grandma Verdona: I could...
Ben: Gwen, can you teleport us up there?
Gwen: I would, Ben, but I want to make it up there and have fun instead of be knocked out in the car the whole time.

Ben's head suddenly pops up as the light bulb in his head finally flickered on. Gwen had looked over to him at that moment.

Gwen: Ben, I know that look.
Ben (looking over to Gwen with a smile): What are you talking about? Ben brings the DX Mark 10 to a stop.
Grandma Verdona: Ben, we haven't reached the top yet.
Ben: I know, but I think I have a better idea.
Gwen: Ben...
Ben: Trust me here, Gwen.

Ben throws his door open, steps out, and shuts it. He runs a few feet away from the car, turns around and checks his distance by closing one eye, and setting his hands up in a straight line. He backs up a bit more, turns around and catches the perfect distance. He starts running towards the car.

Gwen (surprised and afraid): Ben, what are you doing?!

Ben continues running, jumps, and mid-air, Gwen brings out a car-shaped barrier around the DX Mark 10. Ben at the same point becomes Humungousaur, landing just a couple inches from the car. Gwen brings her barrier down.

Gwen: I see you're getting better at Physics, Ben.
Humungousaur: Well, that's what you get when you're a hero.
Gwen: *Of* course you do.
Grandma Verdona: Ben, what are you expecting to do with "Humungousaur"?
Humungousaur: Pick it up, run it up the rest of this pass, and drop it at a parking space.
Gwen: Ben, are you sure that's safe while we're *in* the car?
Humungousaur: Let's (struggling as he picks up his car with Gwen and Verdona inside)' find out. Now has the entire car over his head.
Gwen (looking out her window towards the bottom of the tall mountain): Ben, whatever you do, please don't drop us.
Humungousaur: Don't worr--worr--(sneezes) Worry!

The DX Mark 10 shakes with Gwen and Verdona within. Gwen clenches both of her armrests with her mana hands as powerfully as possible, while Verdona relaxes in the backseat, enjoying the scenery.

Gwen: Ben!
Humungousaur: Sorry. Puts his car down.
Gwen: You're going to drive instead now?
Humungousaur: I've got a better idea. Jumps off the edge of the mountain with his hand over his chest. Gwen watches the faint green glow drop to the bottom of the mountain.
Gwen: He couldn't be going for Jetray...could he?
Grandma Verdona: The Aerophibian I fought you two and Kyle with those couple of years ago?
Gwen: Yes, and, it's "Kevin," Grandma, "Kevin."
Grandma Verdona: Whatever.

Deep within the forest, a green cloud grows larger and larger, taller and taller, eventually taking the shape of--

Way Big: Way Big!

Way Big picks up the DX Mark 10 simply between his index finger and thumb, and puts it down at the edge at the top of the mountain, just outside the circus. He then smacks his Omnitrix symbol, becoming Jetray. Ben as Jetray flies over to the DX Mark 10, lands atop the car folding up his wings, and reverts to human. At that point, Gwen and Verdona exit the DX Mark 10.

Gwen: Grandma, are you sure we have the right circus?
Grandma Verdona: Gwendolyn, are you familiar with Los Soledad?
Gwen: Of course. We fought the Highbreed there to end the war.
Ben: You mean, I ended the war.
Grandma Verdona: Always the modest one, Ben.
Gwen: Wait, so, why is Los Soledad impor--

Verdona turns around to face the circus, levitates, and lets her human disguise skin fall on the floor. Without even looking at it, she opens both the DX Mark 10 passenger door and moves her perfectly-folded skin into the backseat, then closes the door.

Ben (jumping off the car): If you could have done that before, why couldn't you have just teleported us here?!
Grandma Verdona (Anodite form, head turned behind her to face Ben and Gwen): We have a big and bright day ahead of us, kids. Flips her head to face the circus, walks a few feet, and disappears.
Gwen: Oh, I get it now. It's a cloaking field like the ones Cooper made at Los Soledad.

Ben and Gwen walk up to the field, but just a few inches away, Gwen puts her hand out to stop Ben.

Ben: What?
Gwen: Anodite alien, remember?
Ben: Oh, yeah! The Omnitrix dial pops up, and Ben immediately smacks it down before seeing the hologram.
Anos: Alright, let's get in there!

Gwen and Anos enter the cloaking field, and within, they're greeted by what was probably on the list of most colorful locations on Earth.

Anos: Now, *this* is what I'm talking about.
Familiar Male Voice (from behind the duo): Well, if it isn't Ben Tennyson.
Anos: Huh? Flips around to see a tall blonde man in a black turtleneck, black dress pants, and black dress shoes. Oh, it's you!
Gwen: Ben, who's that?
Anos (levitating over to the man and turning to face Gwen for introductions): You may not recognize him, Gwen, but this is former Special Alien Containment Team leader--Lieutenant Steel.
Lt. Steel: Hello, Gwendolyn.


Part III

''[Within the cloaking field, a large dome can be seen around the circus, being used as a screen to display the time as well as important messages in alien languages. Just at the main entrance to the cloaking field, Ben as Anos and Gwen are with Lt. Steel. Gwen's hands begin to glow, and she enters a fighting stance.]

Gwen: I'll take him for you if you're not going to, Ben.
Anos: No, Gwen, he's not a threat anymore. It's *nice* to see him.
Lt. Steel: Yes, calm down, Ms. Tennyson.
Anos: You're acting like Kevin right now.
Gwen: What are you talking about, Ben? You still have an old score to settle with him.
Anos: We settled that awhile ago.
Gwen (her hands revert to no glow, and she stands up straight): You? Settled a score? Without me?
Anos: What can I say, I'm good at negotiating.
Gwen: You? Good at negotiating?
Anos (sarcastically): Haha.
Anos: Yes, and you know that. Why are you acting so much like Kevin right now? From what I can tell with these powers, you have Gwen's signature. ID Masks fail to mask signatures...
Gwen: It's me, Ben. It's just, you normally need me for things like that. When'd you even settle it with Steel?
Lt. Steel: Uh, that's *Lieutenant* Steel.
Gwen: Whatever.
Anos: Well, it was when I was 14, right after a soccer game. I picked him out in a whole parting crowd of people, and ran up to him expecting to fight. He was armed, though.
Lt. Steel: I sure was. Every necessary type of weaponry I needed.
Anos: Or so I thought. His pockets were full of candy he'd stolen for his kids. He'd been recently fired his leading role in the SACT, which closed down--
Gwen: Sometime last year. That, I know.
Anos: So anyway, I asked him if he wanted to fight, mano y mano.
Lt. Steel: But when it came down to it, my confidence wasn't at its peak. Tennyson here beat me without much effort. But as for me, Ben won the candy and took it for himself.
Gwen: Ben! How could you?
Anos: I was 14! I didn't have any way of getting money and my parents wouldn't give me anything. Oh yeah, and, Lieutenant, how did you recognize me?
Lt. Steel: What other way is there? Puts his hand directly in front of the Omnitrix symbol with his index finger extended. Your Omnitrix symbol has got to be the easiest give away at this event.
Anos: But Plumbers wear the emblem, too.
Lt. Steel (lowering his arm back to his side): Plumbers are prohibited from attending these events.
Gwen: But...we're Plumbers.
Lt. Steel: Maybe I have to be a bit more specific. Plumbers are prohibited from attending on duty. As long as you two keep away from fighting anybody here, you won't be kicked out.
Gwen: So, there's no law enforcement here? What if something goes wrong or a criminal ends up in here?
Lt. Steel: Magikfest, depending on the planet and location it occupies each year, uses locals as law enforcement. Surpisingly, the heads of the Magikfest Location Decision and Enforcement Committee chose the SACT for that job for this year's event. They upgraded the SACT armor using, what were they...Albanic Mechmorphs?
Gwen: Galvanic Mechamorphs.
Lt. Steel: Yeah, that's it. I'm telling you, my age is doing quite the number on my memory thanks to my extended absence from a government intelligence division.
Gwen: Well, we'll make sure the Plumbers hear about you, Lieutenant.
Lt. Steel: Much obliged, Ms. Tennyson.
Anos: So, wait...if you noticed me, doesn't that mean everybody here knows I'm Ben 10?
Lt. Steel: Well judging by the gathering of ladies giggling and pointing at you from a few feet away, (points his hand directly over Anos' shoulder) I'd have to say yes.

Anos smacks his Omnitrix symbol, and as Ben, he walks up to his adoring fans.

Ben: Hey, girls.
The ladies continue to giggle. One of them, donning a cyan blue tank top, ripped jeans, sneakers, and wearing her blonde hair in a bun, approaches Ben.
Blonde Lady: Umm...are you Ben 10? My name's Chelsey.
Ben: Yes, I am. Would you like an autograph?
Chelsey (giggling): I might. It depends.
Ben: On what?
Chelsey (giggling): Do you have a girlfriend?
Ben: Yeah. She's always on the news with me. Everyone should know her.
Chelsey: Umm, alright. Thanks. I don't want the autograph.

Chelsey returns to her crowd of girls who start talking and giggling, some occasionally popping their heads out to point and stare at Ben, who eventually turns back and returns to Lt. Steel and Gwen.

Gwen: Hero couldn't give any autographs?
Ben: Um, only because I didn't want to give any.
Gwen: Of course you did. Because that's what you get with a "hero".
Ben: Alright, I get it.
Lt. Steel: You guys ought to get started. Go talk to Mr. Jobb over there (points to a giant popcorn bag-esque booth with a glass barrier protecting whoever's inside from whomever's out just 10 feet away)about purchasing tickets.

Ben and Gwen turn around and start walking towards Mr. Jobb's booth. Nearing the 5-foot distance from Lt. Steel, Steel yells something to the two.

Lt. Steel (yelling): And he doesn't take Plumbers badges!
Ben (yelling back, not facing Steel): Got it!

Ben and Gwen reach Mr. Jobb's ticket booth. They first see an empty booth, but then a rather large, stout man rises out from the floor with a white apron reading "Magikfest Staff" with a purple star in the center. Mr. Jobb approaches the glass, presses a button from within the booth, and a hole in the glass appears for placing money.

Mr. Jobb: Are you the remainder of the Tennyson party?
Ben: The Tennyson party? I don't think--
Gwen (covering Ben's mouth): Of course we are. Verdona Tennyson is our grandmother. I'm Gwen and this is Ben.
Mr. Jobb: Oh, I know this boy. He saved the universe during the Highbreed Wars.
Gwen: Oh, why'd you bring that up. Pulls hand away from Ben's mouth, and analyzes it. Did you spit on my hand?
Ben: Of course not, that's so immature.
Gwen: That does not fill me with enough confidence to confirm you didn't.
Ben: I know.
Mr. Jobb: So how many tickets, you two? Your grandmother set me up with enough cash to supply as many as you want.
Gwen: Did she give you a gold expense cube?
Mr. Jobb: Why, yes, she did, little lady.
Gwen: She's always throwing her money around.
Mr. Jobb: I can see that.
Ben: I'll take 1,000 tickets.
Gwen: Ben!
Ben: What? He said as many as we want. And I want 1,000.
Gwen: I'll take 200 tickets, sir.
Mr. Jobb: That'll be 1200 tickets, one 1,000, one 1,200.
Automated Ticket Dispenser (inside booth): Thank you for this transaction. Come again.

Mr. Jobb hands Ben and Gwen two gold strips of paper with nothing on them.

Gwen (analyzing the strip): This is blank, Mr. Jobb.
Mr. Jobb: Of course they are. Makes it easier for the machines here. Believe me, there's more than meets than eye in terms of those little golden strips of paper.
Ben: Isn't that line from that movie--
Mr. Jobb: Well, I'm off to my break then. Removes his apron and leaves it on a hanger which protrudes from the wall just as he lifts his arm to put it on it. Out from the ground comes another Mr. Jobb, as the other comes out from the back of the shop.
Ben (pocketing his ticket strip and pointing his two hands at the two Jobbs): Wait, how are you in two places at once?
Mr. Jobb (one on break): It's called a duplicate, Mr. Tennyson. I've got to work two shifts this year. None of us expected the number of Anodites and magicians to be so abundant here on Earth.
Gwen (excited): You mean, there are more, from Earth?
Mr. Jobb (reaching for something on his back): Well, of course. Not as many Anodites as there are full-Human magicians, but you get the gist of things just walking around here.
Gwen (slightly disappointed): Oh.
Ben: You need some help there, Mr. Jobb?
Mr. Jobb (still struggling for something on his back): Yeah, will you get this zipper for me?
Ben (walking over to Mr. Jobb and putting his hand on his back): Is this for you shirt or something?
Mr. Jobb: No, it's for this blasted disguise.
Ben (pulling the zipper down): Disguise?
Mr. Jobb: Yes. And thank you. Lets the zipper fall the remainder of the way, and the true Mr. Jobb emerges from his human disguise. Instead of a human or Anodite, though, he was a--
Gwen: Mr. Jobb, you're a Sonorosian?

The Echo Echo-like Jobb delicately folded up his skin, brought it into the ticket booth, and gave them to his duplicate to hold. He emerged with his hands on his hips.

Mr. Jobb (Sonorosian form): Time to enjoy the rides.
Gwen: Wait, so you know magic, Mr. Jobb?
Mr. Jobb (Sonorosian form): Please, call me Clif. And of course. Unless you intend to learn magic at Magikfest, you're better off staying at home than coming without an ounce of magical knowledge.
Ben: So then I have a good reason to leave?
Gwen: No, Ben. C'mon, give this a chance. It'll be a day without having to deal with your enemies.
Ben: Alright.

Ben turns around to see the long road that extends from the entrance into the cloaking field for Magikfest to the exit that drops anyone who leaves out that end into a fiery pit--as part of one of the games at Magikfest. Entering from one end of the cloaking field is Zombozo on a hoverbike holding some type of magical wooden staff with a large blue orb atop it. Ben points to it, causing Gwen to flip around as well. Zombozo knocks Lt. Steel onto his back, and while riding through the road, SACT enforcement on their own similar hoverbikes are firing at Zombozo from behind.

Ben (prepping the Omnitrix by lifting his arm and letting the tower pop itself up): And they said they didn't need a hero. A hologram appears over the Assault Omnitrix.
Clif: Wait, Ben, don't!
Ben: I promise I'll clean up any mess I make. Smacks down on the Omnitrix.


Part IV

[As the SACT agents trail behind Zombozo on their hoverbikes, one more SACT agent enters the cloaking field with a weapon in-hand that looked more powerful than the ones the agents chasing Zombozo were carrying. He approaches Rath.]

SACT Agent: Are you Ben Tennyson?
Rath: Yeah, what's it to ya, SACT Agent--
SACT Agent: Do not partake in our chasing Zombozo. We have it under control. If you interfere, we will be forced to remove you from this event.
SACT Agent: Yes, and you'd be wise to heed my warnings.
Rath: NO ONE CAN TELL ME WHAT TO DO. Leaps around thiry feet into the air and lands right in front of Zombozo on his hoverbike, causing Zombozo to come to an unsteady halt.
Zombozo: Ben Tennyson...
Rath: Did your voice change, Zombozo? You sound like a--

One of the two SACT agents on hoverbikes fires something at Rath which puts him into a bubble. Rath is then tossed aside by the motion of the SACT agent's gun. The bubble is closed, and Rath comes sliding on his back between Clif and Gwen. After coming to a painful stop, he reverts to human. Ben gets up stretching.

Ben: Oow. (Scratching his lower back)
Gwen: Mr. Jobb, why are these guys not letting Ben fight Zombozo? There's no way they'd let Zombozo get away simply because of a law preventing Plumbers to help.
Mr. Jobb (pointing to the ongoing chase of Zombozo): Look.

The SACT agents on hoverbikes begin firing red lasers at Zombozo, which he narrowly dodges by shifting from left to right in his seat. Eventually, an agent gets a perfect hit on Zombozo, which causes a ton of confetti to explode in his place. When the confetti has all landed on the floor, a human head has replaced Zombozo's. Zombozo and the agents dismount from their hoverbikes, which all come to a stop immediately at the end of the one road. The SACT agents handcuff Zombozo, who's laughing at the time. The agents remove their helmets, revealing themselves to simply be teenagers in costume. The trio wave to the crowd of people that gathers near the road to see the chase's conclusion up-close.

Gwen: They were actors.
Mr. Jobb: Yes.
Ben: Why couldn't you have just told me that before?
Mr. Jobb: I tried, Mr. 10, but you swore you had it under control.
Ben: Well that's because I thought Rath could handle Zombozo without having the SACT fire at him--err, me.
Mr. Jobb: Oh, simply admit it. You did not have it under control. Try not to do it again, Ben. Chances are, they're looking to remove you from the event as we speak.
Ben: Then I have an idea. Ben jumps behind a nearby trash can.
Gwen: Ben, what are you doing? You can't possibly think they won't find you behind a trash can.
Ben: No way. That kind of plan just isn't hero-y enough.

Although the alien selection isn't seen by Gwen or Mr. Jobb, the green glow of an alien being selected and transformed is emitted from the trash can. Gwen walks around the trash can to check on Ben, but he's not there.

Gwen: Ben?
Big Chill: Peek-a-boo. (Comes hovering out from the ground)
Gwen (fingers inches away from the Omnitrix): That's not the best disguise, Ben. They can still see the Omnitrix.
Big Chill: You're forgetting, Gwen. Folds his wings and "antennae" into a blue robe with hoodie. When I get cold, I need my winter sweater.
Gwen: Nice. Hopefully they don't have anything that can track you through your "sweater."
Mr. Jobb: "Hopefully," of course. With upgrades coming from Galvanic Mechamorphs, you can't be too sure they didn't throw something in to detect something like the Omnitrix even if it's not in plain sight. Mechamorphs are Galvanic, meaning they know their tech.
Big Chill: You're right, Mr. Jobb. But for now, we--

The dome-shaped cloaking field turns red. A large white exclamation mark appears, and a screen shows live video of Vulkanus' pickaxe aliens.

Cloaking Field Female Voice: Be on the lookout for these aliens. Last sighting indicates they're looking for this rare crystal. On another screen, a looping slideshow of taydenite at different angles appears.
Big Chill: Well, I guess this means Vulkanus was that secret buyer. Mr. Jobb, is this one another fake?
Mr. Jobb (shrugging): I wasn't told about those aliens appearing. We were also told the emergency display would only be accessed, well, in the case of emergency.
Big Chill: Alright then. Opens his wings and antennae.

The Zombozo Actor and the two SACT Agent actors are led to a changing room near the ticket booth by actual agents, who notice Ben's Omnitrix and point, yelling something.

SACT Agent: Hey! Ben Tennyson, halt!
Big Chill: No time to stick around guys. Blows ice at their feet, freezing their boots to the ground. Sorry. I'll make up for it by taking out Vulkanus' goons.

Big Chill boosts himself into the air until he reaches the top of the cloaking field, where he looks over the inhabitans of the event. Near some of the less-populated booths at the event, the Pickaxe aliens are attacking booth owners with their pickaxes. Big Chill darts for the ground. His landing catches the attention of all the Pickaxe aliens, intensifying their teeth prattling.

Big Chill: I hope you guys aren't try to beat down on these booth owners for money. Doesn't your boss pay you guys in the taydenite you mine every day?
One of the Pickaxe Aliens comes running after Big Chill, swinging wildly. Big Chill dodges the hit when the alien comes close enough, causing the alien to fall over.
Big Chill: You guys sure are off your game today. Vulkanus stop feeding you?
Suddenly, Big Chill is knocked forward, sliding on the ground on his chin towards the Pickaxe aliens.
Big Chill: Oow. That's worse than when Rath did it. Stands up. What hit me? Turns around to face the direction he was hit from, seeing--
Vulkanus: Hello, Tennyson. Are you ready for your beatdown?
Big Chill: Sure. Is it time for me to bask in the glory of the ice gun you brought to fight me?
Vulkanus: Now why would I bring an ice gun, when I have so much more I can do with my money. Pulls out a large weapon similar to the SACT Agent that warned Ben to stay away from Zombozo earlier.
Big Chill: Hey, that's that agent's gun.
Vulkanus: Yes, it is. It was truly entertaining watching him die at my hands. At least he knows he died trying to defend Ben 10, whose rank in the universe, might I add, slowly decreases each time a petty alien like Scarogus defeats you.
Big Chill: Hey! He caught me off my A-game! The Omnitrix was acting up.
Vulkanus: Sure, it was. Starts to come closer to Big Chill, aiming his gun at Ben.
Big Chill: You wouldn't fire that at me, Vulkanus. What about all the good times we shared?
Vulkanus: What about the time you and the Galactic Enforcers took Element X from me?
Big Chill: You were going to obliterate the galaxy with it!
Vulkanus: Only the Solar System.
Big Chill: Like that's any better.
Vulkanus: Well it is, by about 100,000 light years. Why does it matter? Comes closer to Big Chill, who tries to back away, only to be stopped by Pickaxe Aliens making a lie behind him, tripping onto his back on the ground.
Big Chill: Stand back, Vulkanus! Smacks the Omnitrix, becoming Ultimate Big Chill. Ultimate Big Chill: I'm warning you!
The Pickaxe Aliens and Vulkanus synchronously maniacally laugh.
Ultimate Big Chill: Please, no! Cover his faces with his hands. Looking through a space left between his hands, he sees powerful mana blasts launching Vulkanus and the Pickaxe Aliens through booths and outside the cloaking field, with Vulkanus's gun left lying on the floor. He lowers his hands.
Ultimate Big Chill: Gwen?

Coming into view from behind one of the booths, a hovering female Anodite is taking out the Pickaxe Aliens one-by-one.

Ultimate Big Chill: Grandma?
Female Anodite: No. Floats in front of one last Pickaxe Alien, which is so scared by the Anodite that it need not be blasted to go running out of the cloaking field, which immediately throws one off the mountain. The Anodite reverts to human.
Ultimate Big Chill: Chelsey?!
Chelsey: Well, who else?
Ultimate Big Chill: Well, maybe my grandmother, my cousin Gwen or even Sunny.
Chelsey: No need to thank me for saving you. Picks up Vulkanus's gun off the floor. Whoa, is this a Ulam K83? This kind of tech isn't even available on Earth.
Ultimate Big Chill: Might be. I'm not too particular about my guns, what with me using the Omnitrix as my weapon.
Chelsey: Then I guess I better hold this.

The gun, the Ulam K83, glows pink, and slowly shrinks into a cube. When in cube form, it turns to an Anodite purple, and Chelsey pockets it. Meanwhile, Ultimate Big Chill reverts to human as Mr. Jobb and Gwen come into the alley of booths.

Gwen: Finally found you.
Ben: Hopefully, it wasn't too difficult. You have your magic, don't you?
Gwen: Yeah, but Mr. Jobb wasn't the fastest runner.
Mr. Jobb (panting, bent over holding his knees): Well, sorry, I'm not the running type. Ben: Doesn't matter. Points to the exit of the cloaking field behind him where Vulkanus and the Pickaxe Aliens were forced to escape from. Vulkanus and his miners were just here. Chelsey and I held them off, though.
Chelsey: You mean, Chelsey held them off while you cowered in fear.
Gwen laughs at this comment.
Ben: Something like that.
Gwen: Ben, would it be possible for me to enjoy the rest of today without you fighting aliens?
Ben: Alright, alright. Here, take my tickets. Hands Gwen his 1,000-point gold ticket. I'll patrol with Lt. Steel. Ben goes running back down where Gwen came, heading towards the Magikfest entrance.
Chelsey: I think I should go with him, in case anything happens.
Gwen: Can we trust you not to flirt with him?
Chelsey: He has a girlfriend. She's lucky to have him, and I won't stand in the way of that.
Gwen: Alright.

Chelsey goes running in Ben's direction.


Part V

[Big Chill, Chelsey, and Lt. Steel are patrolling the area near the Magikfest main entrance. It's later in the day, and the sunset can be seen off the edge of the mountain. Suddenly the previously invisible cloaking field becomes a visible green dome. A clock appears starting at 30:00:00.]

Cloaking Field Female Voice: This year's Magikfest event will be coming to a close in a half hour. Feel free to continue your amusement and amazement by this event until the booths begin to close up in 30 minutes. For assistance on following the Common Intervals, visit Booth 19 in Quadrant C.
Lt. Steel: Well, that's my cue.
Chelsey: For what?
Lt. Steel: The staff informed me and the ex-SACT that we could leave as soon as the Overhead gave that message.
Big Chill: So you're leaving?
Lt. Steel: Yeah. What, you don't think you can handle yourselves?
Big Chill: Well...
Chelsey: We can handle ourselves, Lieutenant. Take your leave. It's only a half-hour.
Lt. Steel: Alright, then. Steps out of the cloaking field.

Three beeps sound from nearby.

Big Chill: What was that?
Chelsey (digging in her pockets): My phone. She pulls out her phone, a smartphone with a red display. After tapping a few buttons, she turns her phone over to Ben, immediately grabbing his attention.
Big Chill: What?
Chelsey: Read it.
Big Chill: Hmm...whoever this unknown caller is has Gwen, and knows you're with me. I can handle this, you stay here.

Just as Big Chill attempts to dash off towards Gwen, Chelsey grabs Big Chill's arm, holding him back.

Big Chill: What are you doing, Chelsey? They have her!
Chelsey: Let me come with you.
Big Chill: Then who'll be watching the entrance.
Chelsey: I doubt anything worse can happen than Vulkanus arriving trying to kill you. These events are always safe.
Big Chill: You sure about this?
Chelsey: Of course. I've gone to them every year.
Big Chill: Alright...Race 'ya! Darts towards the Abandoned Booths, Quaadrant C, the location the unknown caller said they were holding Gwen at.

[Big Chill and Chelsey, now in full Anodite form, arrive simultaneously at the abandoned booths, which is near the edge of the mountain.]

Big Chill: Come out, come out wherever you are, Vulkanus. We know it was you who paid for this move to Earth.
Out from the shadows, Charmcaster comes with Gwen in a mana bubble behind her. Charmcaster: While that baby in a man suit is rich, he's nowhere near brilliant enough to set up a plan like ours. It truly was a pain getting him to come and work for me. He would only take Taydenite, so we offered him some off these aliens acquiring a bunch of 'em each week.
Big Chill: The alien protection racket?
Charmcaster: Maybe.
Big Chill: Not letting you get away with that, Charmcaster?
Chelsey: Let me handle this, Ben.

The compressed form of the Ulam K83 releases from Chelsey. It returns to its natural gun form, and Chelsey puts it in hand and fires at Charmcaster. It's a direct hit. Charmcaster disappears upon impact, and Gwen's mana bubble falls apart, dropping her to the ground. Big Chill approaches her and helps her up. When standing, she does a backflip-kick, knocking him back a few feet. Gwen then snaps her fingers, and turns into Charmcaster.

Big Chill (scratching his head and refocusing on Charmcaster): Charmcaster! Then where's Gwen?
Charmcaster: Safe and sound, and running around somewhere at this accursed event. You're going to need her help defeating me, though.

Charmcaster points to behind Big Chill, creating a growing pink mana bubble. It eventually becomes the size and shape of Gwen. She is holding some cotton candy, one blue, one pink. The pink of the mana bubble wears off, and she and her clothes become their regular color.

Big Chill: Gwen? Actual Gwen?
Gwen (dropping her cotton candy on the floor, making her way in front of Big Chill and Chelsey): Charmcaster. Where are we? Why are we here?
Charmcaster: Why else? It has to be a fair 2-on-2, right?
Gwen turns around to count the people around her.
Gwen: But, there's 3 over here, and 1 over there. I think your Math's off, Charmcaster.
Her hands begin to glow.
Charmcaster: Not for long. Right, Chelsey?
Chelsey (dropping her head, reverting to human form): I'm sorry, guys. She lifts her head and walks over to Charmcaster's side.
Big Chill: Chelsey, what are you doing?!
Charmcaster: Don't you get it? She tricked you. She never liked the two of you. Chelsey here was just in on it for the money.
Chelsey: I swear, it's to help support my family, Ben.
Big Chill: My grandmother paid the guy at the ticket booth with a gold cube, Chelsey.
Gwen: Why didn't you tell us, Chelsey?
Chelsey: I'm sorry. Charmcaster and I already made plans.

Stone Creatures pop out of the ground.

Big Chill: Whoa, that's a lot of Creatures. If I'm going to trick them, I'm going to need some help from XLR8! Smacks the Omnitrix, becoming--
Fasttrack: Fasttrack! Alright, should be good enough anyway.
Charmcaster: Sic 'em, boys.
The Stone Creatures begin to march towards Ben, as Fasttrack dashes for the first in one of five even lines created by Charmcaster. As he approaches the Stone Creature, he tries to slow down to ready for his attack, but continues to slide towards the Creature. Fasttrack (sliding towards the Stone Creatures): Ahh, watch out! After a couple seconds of uncontrollable sliding, he crashes face-first into a Stone Creature's stomach. As Fasttrack struggles to get up, a Stone Creature picks him up by the neck.
Fasttrack (choking): This (coughs) hurts! This guy's (coughs) definitely *not* a strength alien. Slowly moves his hand towards the Omnitrix.
Stinkfly (outside of the clutches of the Stone Creature's hands, flying): Stinkfly! Omnitrix, I would've at least taken Eatle instead of Upchuck, but Stinkfly? A Stone Creature swings at Stinkfly as he flies, but misses with no effort on Stinkfly's part. Whoa, try the laser salad, might fix your aim. Focuses all four of his "eyes" at the Stone Creature that swung at him. He fires a laser at him, breaking the Stone Creature into pieces. Whoa, powerful. Stinkfly begins firing lasers back-and-forth at the Stone Creatures, quickly defeating half of them, with no aid from Gwen due to the Creatures' invulnerability to mana blasts as weak as Gwen's. What was the point of bringing Gwen here? Your rock monsters can't take her attacks anyway.
Charmcaster: It was supposed to be a test of her strength, but she's too weak to even want to attempt to knock one down.
Gwen (eyes glowing): Take that back, Charmcaster.
Charmcaster: Or what, you'll blast me with one of your weak attacks?
Gwen (hands starting to glow as well): Charmcaster!
Stinkfly: I wouldn't (knocks away one more Stone Creature) tick her off anymore, Charmcaster. There's nothing else left to glow but her body.
Charmcaster: Chelsey, level the playing field while I play with Gwennie.
Chelsey: Yes, Hope.
Charmcaster: "Charmcaster," Chelsey. Chelsey: Yes, Charmcaster. Vita!

Chelsey starts twisting her hands and making odd gestures with them, until they glow. As Stinkfly continues to blast at the Stone Creatures, the remains of broken ones begin to reshape into new Stone Creatures.

Stinkfly: Chelsey! You can at least give us her rock dogs!
Chelsey: Sorry, Ben.

The Stone Creatures begin to weaken Stinkfly, to the point where he's too weak to fly. One holds Stinkfly over his head. After being tossed around like a ball, he eventually regains enough strength to jump out of the Stone Creatures' hands, onto the floor, and transform into Echo Echo. In the background, Charmcaster and Gwen can be seen facing off, with Gwen running up stairs she places as she goes, while Charmcaster levitates and blasts multi-colored balls and beams at Gwen as she goes.

Echo Echo: Wall, (duplicates into 9 Echo Echo's) of, Sound! Several sonic waves fly towards the Stone Creatures, destroying each row, one-by-one. Each Echo Echo then smiles at their achievement. Can't stop the Echo!
Charmcaster (battling Gwen): Guess we're going to have to use harsher methods. Disappears, causing Gwen to destroy the platform she was walking on and fall on her feet to the ground.
Gwen: Where'd you go, Charmcaster? Charging her mana hands.
Chelsey screams as she is pulled into the shadows where Charmcaster entered from.
Echo Echo and Gwen (in unison): Chelsey!
Echo Echo: Alright, time to settle this, Charmcaster. Smacks the Omnitrix, going Ultimate.
Ultimate Echo Echo: Ultimate Echo Echo!
Gwen: Wait, Ben, this is probably just part of their plan.
Chelsey emerges from the shadows. An arm is around her neck. Slowly the person holding her emerges.
Ultimate Echo Echo: Hex. Or are you just Charmcaster in another disguise?

Charmcaster emerges from the shadows behind Hex, coming around to Hex's side.

Charmcaster: Don't think so, Tennyson.
Hex pulls out the Ulam K83 and points it Chelsey's head.
Hex: Now, Gwendolyn, discharge yourself. His staff begins to float next to him, targeted at the general area containing Gwen and Ben. Or my staff will stand in the way of your injuring my niece.
Ultimate Echo Echo: Gwen, don't do it. He's bluffing. He wouldn't kill another magic user, not after what happened to his brother.
Gwen (holding her temples): He's not lying, Ben. Removes her hands from her temples, and puts her hands up in the air signifying her surrender. He's going to kill her, Ben.
Ultimate Echo Echo: No. He wouldn't hurt a fly these days. Hex is just too old. He's lost too much.
Hex: And as for you, Tennyson, take off your Omnitrix. Give it to me. Now.
Ultimate Echo Echo: What makes you think I'll just give it to you?
Hex: The fact that I'll kill her if you do.
Ultimate Echo Echo: Gwen's lying. You're in her head, you won't hurt her!
Hex (charging the Ulam K83 for fire): I wouldn't think that with a loaded K83 at her head.
Ultimate Echo Echo: Why are you doing this?!
Charmcaster: That's none of your business, Tennyson.
Hex: So will you be removing the Omnitrix willingly or by force? Respond wisely. I won't take one of your quips as an answer.

Ultimate Echo Echo leaves himself thinking for a moment on a response.

Hex: You're taking too long! The staff fires a white blast at the Omnitrix. Initially nothing happens, but then.
Omnitrix: Battery not detected. Reserves unavailable. Offworld Power Generation unavailable. Mandatory shutdown commencing.

Ultimate Echo Echo reverts to Human, skipping Echo Echo entirely. In human form, Ben raises his hand.

Hex: By force, then.
Ben: Hex, don't do this. The Omnitrix isn't for you.
Hex: The Omnitrix is just as intended for me as it is for you.
Ben: No, it's not. You have no relation to my grandfather. You aren't a hero.
Hex: You're not a hero either without that watch on your wrist 24/7.
Cloaking Field Female Voice: 5 minutes remain until the event is over. Please begin to exit through the main entrance, now labeled with an Exit sign.
Hex: Now for that Omnitrix. Just as easily as I was able to disable most of the features on the watch, I will decouple it.
Ben: Noooo!

Hex's staff fires one last time. At about the halfway point to the Omnitrix, a blinding white light appears. After the light fades away, a frail old man takes its place. Donning a burgundy cloak similar to Big Chill's that covers everything but his face, this man slouches over a staff identical to Hex's. Hex immediately notices his own staff had disappeared. Hex accidentally releases Chelsey and drops his gun, astonished by the man's appearance.

Ben (turned around, covering himself with his hands): Huh? Slowly fixates himself on the frail old man. Who are you?
Frail Old Man: Sorry to disturb you, Mr. Tennyson.
Hex: It'
Frail Old Man: Indeed it is, Hex. We have a few things to discuss regarding your ethics. Ben: Wait. Who are you?
Gwen: He's...James Magik.
Ben: And...who is that?
Charmcaster (surprised): He's my grandfather. He's...he's...
James Magik: Supposed to be dead?
Charmcaster: Yeah.
Ben: Can someone tell me what's going on?
James Magik: Your cousin seems knowledgeable when it comes to my history. Ask her anything you must. Meanwhile, my son, my granddaughter, we must be gone. The three are teleported away by James.
Ben: Gwen?
Gwen: James Magik, the alias for the man who started the Magikfest event over a hundred years ago. He's supposed to be deceased. He went missing after the tenth anniversary of Magikest.
Chelsey: James Magik never died.
Gwen: And how do you know?
Chelsey: I've known Charmcaster for years, Gwendolyn, just as long as I've known about you and Ben.
Ben: But my secret only got out last year?
Chelsey: But your grandfather told me all about him.
Ben: Why would he tell a stranger...?
Chelsey: I'm not a stranger, Ben. I'm a Tennyson, your second-cousin, Max Tennyson's cousin's granddaughter.
Ben: What?!
Chelsey: Chelsey Jae Tennyson.
Gwen: How come we've never met?
Chelsey: Your grandmother never wanted us to. She said she knew about a future incident where fate would bring us together. Today must have been what she was talking about.
Ben: Speaking of Verdona, where is she? Ben begins to mess with the Omnitrix, trying to recharge it, until finally it turns back on. Exceedingly gleeful about the fact, he smacks down the Omnitrix becoming Big Chill. He immediately hits the Omnitrix once more, causing him to go Ultimate.
Gwen: Well, I was with her a few minutes before Charmcaster brought me here.
Chelsey: Talk to her about all this. She'll prove everything.
Gwen: Well that still doesn't settle what you did.
Ultimate Big Chill: Yeah, you helped Charmcaster and Hex do...whatever it was they were trying to do.
Chelsey (putting out her arms): Go ahead, lock me up for it. I deserve it.
Gwen: Yes, you do.
Ultimate Big Chill: But we're not putting you away.
Gwen (crossing her arms): Exactly, Be--wait, what?
Ultimate Big Chill: Why put her away? If she was really just trying to support her family, then her family wouldn't mind trying to let her help herself.
Gwen: What are you getting at, Ben?
Ultimate Big Chill: Having her join the team. For each mission you do with us, we'll give you $200.
Gwen: Ben!
Ultimate Big Chill: Verdona has gold cubes. Currency exchange should be do-able someplace on Earth. Maybe Grandpa knows where.
Gwen: That's not what I'm complaining about, and you know it.
Ultimate Big Chill: We're not putting family on the streets, Gwen. That's not how heroes work. Maybe how Kevin works, but--
Gwen: BEN!
Ultimate Big Chill: Alright, alright, but she's joining.
Chelsey: Are you sure? I mean, I don't want to interfere with Gwen. She doesn't really seem to want me to join.
Gwen: It's not that, Chelsey, it's just--
Chelsey: Save it, Gwen. I know when you're lying, and my mother's taught me enough about my hidden telekinetic abilities.
Gwen: (Sighs) Alright. Today's your lucky day, then. I'm not 100% proud about it, but...welcome to the team.

Chelsey hugs Gwen.

Chelsey: Thank you, thank you, thank you, Gwendolyn! I won't let you down. Releases Gwen.
Gwen: Alright, don't get too happy. Kevin and I are going to keep a close eye on you.
Ultimate Big Chill: Oh yeah, Kevin! I asked him and Julie to meet us outside the cloaking field at 9, when the event ends.
Gwen: Well, what time is it now?
Cloaking Field Female Voice: Magikfest is officially closed. Exit through the Main EE, between Quadrants C and D. All booth owners must pack up and go now. The cloaking field will be disabled in 5 minutes. Meet with Mr. and Mr. Jobb at the ticket booth for exchanging tickets to your appropriate currency.
Ultimate Big Chill: I'm going to say, 9. We better leave, Gwen!
Chelsey: Race 'ya! Transforms into full Anodite and what appears to be mana particles trail behind her as she is boosted away towards the exit.
Ultimate Big Chill: Hey! Ultimate Big Chill darts away after her.
Gwen: Now they didn't make any rules about teleporting did they. Spectrus! A large pink mana bubble encompasses her, then shrinks and disappears, taking Gwen with it.

[At the parking lot right outside the cloaking field, Kevin, Julie, and Gwen are sipping Mr. Smoothie's. Chelsey and Ultimate Big Chill can be seen coming out of the cloaking field, bumping each other in the air trying to knock the other off the mountain. Ultimate Big Chill's Omnitrix eventually cycles to the red color. Ultimate Big Chill's face becomes straight as he prepares to slide on his chin towards his friends. Ultimate Big Chill times out, and Ben goes flying. He lands his chin onto his hood.]

Ben: That one's going to hurt much longer than with Rath and Big Chill. Removes himself from his car and stands up behind Gwen, Kevin, and Julie. Chelsey arrives in last place. As she drops onto her feet, she reverts to human. Wait, Gwen, how'd you get here before Chelsey and me?
Gwen: How else? A teleportation spell?
Chelsey (hitting her face): Idiot. Why didn't I do that?
Ben: Kevin, what's with the green "11" jersey?
Kevin turns around to Ben, and Kevin can be seen wearing a green and white jersey. A white "11" is dead center, above it reading "Levin".
Kevin: What else? I went to see a Brawlers game on Vigma G.
Ben: Vigma G? As in the ship Slix Vigma abducted us onto to fight on 7 years ago?
Kevin: Yeah. Don't sweat it, Tennyson. It's an optional thing now-a-days. Ever since Slix Vigma was taken care of by a certain transforming 10-year old, Vigma G's been like a moving space stadium.
Ben: Then, next time, take me with you.
Kevin: Not with $500. I could barely get decent seats with what your grandma provided me with.
Grandma Verdona: Speaking of grandmother. Verdona flashes into view in front of the 5. Why, hello, Chelsey. Looks like today was the day you met your cousins.
Kevin: Wait, this girl's the Tennysons' cousin?
Grandma Verdona: Why of course, Curtis.
Chelsey: Hi, Verdona.
Gwen: So...that's it, all of what Chelsey said was true?
Grandma Verdona: 100%. Her parents truly are in need. Providing her with some cash is truly a good deed, Ben.
Ben: Why didn't you ever help her out?
Grandma Verdona: Well...erm...Have to go! Flashes out.
Chelsey: She does the same thing to me every time I ask.
Ben: You'd be surprised with how often she's done it to the rest of us.
Chelsey: Probably not. As far as she's told me, you've only known her for two years. I've known her for most of my life.
Julie: Well, Ben, I missed you. Maybe you can tell me all about what happened on the ride home.
Ben: Of course. So...Chelsey, who are you riding with? Kevin and Gwen or Julie and I?
Chelsey: Well, you're both couples, and I hate to stand in the way of your affairs, but I wish to come with you, Ben. After all, you're the reason I'll be able to make some money to help my family.
Ben: Alright.

Ben's car doors open, and Chelsey enters through the passenger seat into the back, followed by Julie who sits in the front. Ben takes his one seat in the driver's. Kevin and Gwen also their appropriate places in Kevin's car (Kevin driving, Gwen as a passenger).

Ben (out his window to Kevin, who can only communicate through Gwen's open window): So, race 'ya home?
Kevin: Why even try it? With my car, you might as well try racing--
Gwen: No analogies, Kevin. Those are not your forte.
Kevin: Alright. Kevin's car slides to the left and right, as he boosts himself off the mountain, deploying the wings on his cars. Ben immediately follows with his car.

[Later that night, at the area of the mountain where Magikfest was held, a Necrofriggian in custodian garbs is sweeping an area, when a man in an overcoat approaches him.]

Necrofriggian Custodian: Who's there?
Overcoat Man: No one important.
Necrofriggian Custodian: Who are you? If you're here for Magikfest, it was over an hour ago.
Overcoat Man: Oh, no, no. I'm here for you. Tell me about yourself.
Necrofriggian Custodian: Really? Okay. My name's Chili. Would definitely fit as an ironic name if I was a Pyronite like my three older brothers, like my parents were expecting. But, unfortunately, I wasn't. Now I'm living in their shadows and my parents practically hate me.
Overcoat Man: Fascinating. Pulls out a gun, a Ulam K83.
Chili: Hey, you ought to be careful with that, sir. I left that lying around somewhere near Booths 27-30. It's a dangerous weapon. The Plumbers are supposed to come pick anything over Level 3 found in the vicinity. You know the Earthly limitations.
Overcoat Man: I sure do.
Chili: Well, if that's your gun and you left it here, you can leave. I'll just tell the Plumbers to cross one of many Ulams found in the area of their list of items to confiscate.
Overcoat Man: You can do that, and you can also add a Necrofriggian body to that list.
Chili: What are you barking at?

The Overcoat Man fires at Chili. Chili falls over onto his back, with his mouth open. The Overcoat Man reaches his hand into Chili's mouth, and pulls out a Cyogen crystal.

Overcoat Man: Typical old Necro. Not a single good hiding place left on your body.

The Overcoat Man disappears, and what's onscreen cycles to the innards of a ship. An alien is sitting in a throne, and when the Overcoat Man is beamed into the ship, he bows.

Alien in the Throne: Have you brought what we need, Scarogus?
Overcoat Man: Of course. Glows blue, as an ID Mask falls on the floor. He is Scarogus. The janitor held only one crystal, as opposed to Tennyson.
Alien in the Throne: Well, there are more crystals according to my leads. After we've taken care of the rest, we seek the Polar Manzardills, then Tennyson in the end.
Scarogus: Commander. I have a lead that may speed up the countdown towards the beginning of the end.
Thep Khufan Commander: Go on...
Scarogus: Look closely at this crystal. Scarogus' third arm flies the Cyogen crystal over to the Commander's hands.
Thep Khufan Commander: Intriguing. So this is where we're heading, then, Scarogus.
Scarogus: I will alert the pilots.
Thep Khufan Commander: Before you go, you must know. In the case that I am unable to lead the armada in the war, you're in command.
Scarogus: Of course, my liege.
Thep Khufan Commander: Now, be gone. The mission must continue on schedule.
Scarogus (standing, bowing his head): The Commander, Be My Leader in the End.
He lifts his head and exits the room.

As the episode comes to an end, the screen pans over to the crystal. It shows a map that resembles a game of connect-the-dots. On the center, Earth is most notable by the large "E", and the distinct oceans and land.



The annual alien magic-based event Magikfest has moved to Earth this year, but the consequences of this aren't much to be applauded

Major Events

  • Ben attends his first Magikfest.
  • Lt. Steel appears for the first time since the original series.
  • Chelsey Tennyson is introduced.

Assault Omnitrix Alien Debuts



  • Hex
  • Charmcaster
  • Zombozo Actor (Part III/IV)
  • Vulkanus
  • Pickaxe Aliens
  • Scarogus (Endgame only)
  • Thep Khufan Commander Tersce Tenebrosi (Endgame only)

Aliens Used (by Ben)

  • Anos (x2) (first re-appearance) (first time: selected by Verdona)
  • Humungousaur
  • Way Big (first re-appearance)
  • Jetray
  • Rath
  • Big Chill (x3)
  • Ultimate Big Chill (x2) (first re-appearance)
  • Fasttrack (first re-appearance) (accidental transformation; selected was XLR8)
  • Echo Echo (first re-appearance)
  • Ultimate Echo Echo (first re-appearance)
  • Stinkfly (first re-appearance) (accidental transformation, selected was Upchuck)


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  • This is technically the first time Ben has used Anos, as the only other was the non-fanon Ben 10: Alien Queen.
  • Fasttrack was confirmed to appear for Magikfest before the episode was released.
  • Grandma Verdona mentioned going to Magikfest during the episode taking place a week prior, Limited.
  • Magikfest unintentionally followed the 6-day premiere cycle again (as Limited also followed) due to Stripes becoming sick during the weekend it should've premiered as well as having to tend to several things in reality. (See Stripes' blog on the topic).
  • Zombozo and Vulkanus were easy choices for Charmcaster to know were Ben's enemies since she worked with them before.
  • This marked the first episode with an Endgame.
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