General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Unknown
DNA source Unknown; Sample was scanned from the Steam SpecTrix
Body Robotic Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Aspect Discs
Alien Number 16
Namesake Combination of 'Magic' and 'Disk'
First Appearance Nikopol

Magidisk is an alien from Tech 10: Star Spirit.


Magidisk's abilities include:

  • Aspect Disc Creation
    • This ability allows him to 'steal' aspects or abilities from anything he touches by turning the chosen aspect into a disc. Once inserted into the record player on his chest, he can 'play' the discs, gaining whatever aspect or ability he stole.
  • Aspect Transference
    • This ability allows him to forcibly insert the discs he creates into other people or objects, transferring its effects to them.
  • Night Vision


Magidisk is a tall, purple and black humanoid alien with a somewhat robotic appearance. He has thirteen ports lining his body, one of which seems to function as his eye, with a thin line running through the middle of it. His head is similar to a lantern, and appears to float above his body. The StarTrix symbol is on his left shoulder.


Magidisk's discs can be interacted with by anyone, meaning that it's possible for someone to steal them.

Though Magidisk can control when the Aspect Discs he uses on himself are active, inserting them into other objects makes them active 100% of the time until their removal.



Star Spirit

  • In Nikopol, Magidisk was used to fight Xenon's giant robot.
  • In Whom the Bell Tolls, Magidisk was used to remove Theo's senses of hearing and vision at different points.

Alternate Colors


  • Magidisk's appearance was partially inspired by Foo Fighters from JJBA Part 6: Stone Ocean, with additional inspiration drawn from objects such as lanterns and record players.
  • Magidisk's abilities, as his name suggests, are magical in nature, thus being unaffected by things such as Stunde Null's Null Field.

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