Magic Trix is the ninth comic of Young Plumbers.

Young Plumbers Comics
Set 1, Issue 9
Production Code: A08
Release Date: November 24, 2012
Written By: Paper
Artist: Paper
Directed By: Paper
Set 1 List
"The Day the Academy Stood Still"
"Lord of the Rings"


Plumbers' Academy
October 8, 2012, 3:18 PM EDT

[Sci walking down the hallway. He is holding the Nemetrix in his hand.]

[Sci]: What is this thing?

[He looks at it as he continues to walk down the hallway.]

[Sci]: Hopefully the Magisters know what it is...

[He walks down the hallway until he gets to the Magisters room. He enters.]

[Hornbok]: Hey Sci. What are you doing here?

[Sci]: I have to talk to you about what happened to me over the summer...

[Hornbok]: Go ahead...

[Sci]: First of all, I've been having nightmares related to the prophecy and to the Elite...

[Hornbok]: So far this year we haven't heard anything about either of those things, so hopefully they go away...

[Sci]: I was also attacked by Khyber's pet twice. Once when we arrived at Cape Canaveral in August and then again in my home city just a few days before we returned to the Academy. And then he showed up again at Cape Canaveral when we arrived to return...

[Hornbok]: Yes I remember that. Khyber was there, too.

[Sci]: Well on that day I eventually killed Khyber's pet and found this around his neck...


[He takes out the Nemetrix.]

[Sci]: I believe it is called the Nemetrix...

[Hornbok]: Nemetrix? As in the Nemesis Omnitrix, created by Dr. Psychobos?

[Sci]: Yes.

[Hornbok]: This is bad.

[He grabs the Nemetrix and inspects it.]

[Hornbok]: Well you hold onto it for now... We'll take a look at it in a little bit...

[Sci]: Sure thing...

[Sci grabs the Nemetrix. He looks it over and then presses his hand to the button. There is a flash of red energy as the Nemetrix merges with Sci's wrist.]

[Sci]: NO! Get off me!

[Sci uncontrollably falls to the ground and turns into a Buglizard. He roars around and eventually bursts out of the office and down the hallway.]

[Hornbok]: After him!


[Hornbok, Ivada, and Slick run after the Buglizard. Up ahead, Sci as Buglizard is crashing into walls and running all over the place. His movements are sporadic. He crashes into a wall and then gets punched from behind by Slick.]

[Slick]: Sci, listen to us...

[Ivada]: You need to control yourself...

[Ivada blasts Sci with ice but then he bursts through it and rams into Ivada. He crashes into the wall and then Hornbok blasts him with an energy blaster.]

[Hornbok]: It's the Nemetrix! We have to get it off of him.

[He stops the blast and then Slick jumps onto Buglizards back. He grabs the Nemetrix and then presses it, turning the Buglizard into Terroranchula.]

[Hornbok]: Get that thing off before he does any more damage...

[Slick]: What do you think I'm trying to do...

[He jumps off and then slams the Terroranchula into the wall. He grabs the Nemetrix and takes it off, turning Sci back into a human.]

[Slick]: There, now let's take a look at this now...

[The Magisters head back to their room.]


[On the next page, Hornbok is examining the Nemetrix underneath a microscope. He has opened up the Nemetrix and is looking at the inside.]

[Ivada]: Find anything?

[Hornbok]: No, but this reeks of Psychobos all over it.

[Ivada]: How can you tell?

[Hornbok, rolling his eyes]: It was made by Azmuth...

[Ivada]: Is that supposed to be a joke...

[Hornbok]: No... Psychobos has spent his whole life trying to beat Azmuth at something. He hasn't done it yet but if he improves this anymore he'll come close...

[Ivada]: Well, be careful... If it attached to Sci it could attach to you...


[There is a crash in the wall and Psychobos bursts into the room. He grabs the Nemetrix out of Hornbok's hands just as he was putting it back together.]

[Psychobos]: I'll be taking that...

[Ivada]: Oh no you won't!

[He blasts ice at Psychobos, making him fall of a hoverboard. The Nemetrix goes flying in front of him but Psychobos gets up and runs to go get it.]

[Ivada]: You're not getting out of the room with that... It's dangerous...

[Psychobos]: Yes, it is, isn't it? That's why I created it. That's why I need it back...

[Ivada]: If you made it once you can spend the time making it again...

[Hornbok]: You have the Nemetrix in your hands, so why don't you just take your magic device and run?

[Psychobos]: Magic?

[Hornbok]: You see, it's magic because I can't believe you created something like that...

[Psychobos]: Oh I'll show you magic...

[His head opens up and he blasts electricity at the two Magisters. Ivada jumps and punches Psychobos in the face. He gets knocked back but he still holds onto the Nemetrix. Hornbok jumps in and kicks Psychobos three times in the face. He then grabs the Nemetrix and Ivada jumps in and kicks Psychobos against the wall.]


[Psychobos]: I'll be back to take that from you... Eventually...

[He gets on the hover board and flies off.]

[Ivada]: That is one messed up dude...

[Hornbok]: But we still have the Nemetrix and that is all that matters...

[Ivada]: Going to continue looking at it?

[Hornbok]: Yes...

[On the next page, Hornbok is looking at the Nemetrix underneath the microscope once again.]

[Ivada]: Still nothing?

[Hornbok]: There's some really complex circuitry in here but nothing above Level 3 tech.


[He continues to work at the Nemetrix and eventually reaches something inside of it.]

[Hornbok]: Woah, what do we have here?

[Ivada]: What did you find?

[Hornbok]: I found... a red ball...

[A panel shows a pulsating red ball deep within the Nemetrix...

[Ivada]: And what does it do?

[Hornbok touches a tool to the ball. The tool goes into the ball as if it was a liquid. A second later, Hornbok pulls out the tool. He looks at the tip of it underneath a microscope and finds an incredibly small note with coordinates on it.]

[Hornbok]: Why would Psychobos put something like this into the Nemetrix?

[Ivada]: Who knows...

[Hornbok walks over to the computer and types in the coordinates.]

[Hornbok]: Oh no, this is bad!

[Ivada]: What?

[Hornbok presses a button on the computer and closes the program. He presses another button and a screen appears. After a few moments, Azmuth's lab appears on screen. Azmuth stops working and looks into the screen.]


[Azmuth]: Hornbok?

[Hornbok]: Azmuth... we have bad news...

[Ivada]: Dr. Psychobos has created another Omnitrix, the Nemetrix. It contains the predators of the Omnitrix aliens.

[Azmuth]: I see, but it seems you have something more urgent to tell me...

[Hornbok]: Yes, I do... Deep inside the Nemetrix there was an energy ball with a message in it. I have no idea why it was there, but the message was made up of the coordinates of a secret location only a few know about... Primus...

[Azmuth]: So Psychobos has found Primus and is planning to go there?

[Hornbok]: Yes, and we need to stop him...

[Azmuth]: I'll amp up security around the planet.

[Ivada]: Now hold on a second... I thought Primus moves?

[Azmuth]: It used to... I changed security systems a while ago... Now there are just hundreds of fake Primuses everywhere, but yes, that is indeed the location of the real one...

[Hornbok]: Let us know if you find anything else. We'll have to know if we want to stop Psychobos...

[The last panel shows Hornbok staring straight at the ready with a determined look on his face.]

[The End]

The Day the Academy Stood Still

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