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Magesticians are a magic-using alien species. They live on the planet Magestic.


Ghost-like in their appearance with a mystic and whimsical feel about them. No two are exactly alike to one another, with markings that vary along with a wide but small array of colors.


They are ethereal in nature but they are not a ghost in any way just ghost-like.

Powers and Abilities

They can use an array of magic by speaking a certain way with specific incantations. Other times, they may use certain things to concoct something like a potion or tonic of sorts.


From living in such isolation, they have developed a weakness for foreign environments, especially ones that are not magically rich as their homeworld.


An ancient magic user of the Anur system long forgotten to the universe, they live peaceful lives and focus on ever-advancing in the world of magic, which over time has altered their original form to be what it is now, not that anybody remembers what they looked like before anyways.

They have no need for genders within their society and it depends completely on what the individual wants or prefers. Even in the past, gender was a strange concept to them.

Notable Magesticians

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Notable Evolved Magesticians

  • "It's time to go Ultimate"

Notable Magesticians Hybrids

  • "Boo!.... Did I scare you"

Notable Magesticians Fusions

  • "sorry ran out of witty remarks"


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