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Madame Regle is the twenty-ninth episode of Back in Action: Alien Universe.


Part I

[We open in the Mother System, a planetary system with a single planet orbiting a small star, while several still-standing rocks in the area are home to thriving businesses and sometimes filled-to-the-brim personal dwellings. We pan over to one special rock, encased in a holographic shield, holding a large factory complex. The complex's true point-of-interest, however, is the tall, gray corporate building dead-center. We enter through the front glass doors to a lobby much like one found in a five-star hotel, even fitted with two elevators in the background. It is occupied solely by two blonde-haired teenage humans, one manning a computer at the round, wooden front desk, and the other sweeping the floors with a broom.]

Blonde-Haired Male #1 (seated at the front desk): Teddy, you can't possibly think she'll give you a promotion for sweeping the lobby. You're just taking the janitor's job.
Teddy/Blonde-Haired Male #2 (sweeping): Oh, you'll see, Mendler.
Mendler/Blonde-Haired Male #1: Of course...

Teddy continues to sweep the floors until he reaches one of two parallel golden lion statues sitting in majestic positions. He stops in front of one.

Teddy: Hey, Mendler, you know why Regle has these lions?
Mendler: I don't know. Maybe she likes lions or something. Does it matter?
Teddy: Well, it was my question. I thought you'd know.
Mendler: Well, I don't. No reason to anyway.
Teddy: She still doesn't tell you anything? How are you suppose to manage the place if you don't know anything?
Mendler: It's been going swell so far, Teddy. Just keep sweeping.
Teddy: Oh, no, no, no. I've got to find out what's so special about these lions. There's some special behind everything in this place she has. Maybe there's some kind of button or something underneath? He drops his broom on the floor and begins to push the lion slowly from the side. Slowly...

Mendler only just now looks to find what Teddy is doing.

Mendler: Hey, Teddy, stop what you're doing! He rushes from the back of his desk to around front and attempts to run after Teddy, but Teddy manages to finally push the lion to the point where it falls off of its stand and flips over on its side. The loud cracking noise that follows echoes throughout the room. Only moments later, the lion falls farther on its side as the affected corner of the lion crumbles to bits. Mendler grabs the top of his own head. Oh, man, Regle's gonna kill me for this! Why can't you listening, you idiot!

Teddy jumps up onto his feet.

Teddy: Dude, I'm sorry. Maybe we can just replace this before she--
Elderly Woman's Voice (coming from the area of Mendler's desk): Pickett, what was that?

Mendler slaps himself in the face then drags his hand slowly down his face, leaving an expression of sadness on it.'

Mendler: Whatever she does to me, I'm going to make sure happens to you ten-fold, got that?
Teddy: Ahh, c'mon, man, it's just a lion! She can replace it.
Elderly Woman's Voice (intercom): MENDLER! GET OVER HERE BEFORE I FIRE YOU!

Mendler drops his head before running over to his desk, jumping over the front, and slipping into his rolling computer chair. He presses a button on his desk and begins to speak. Teddy approaches the desk and listens.

Mendler: Umm, yes, Ms. Regle?
Ms. Regle/Elderly Woman's Voice (intercom): You heard me: WHAT WAS THAT SOUND?!
Mendler: Oh, it was nothing, ma'am.
Ms. Regle (intercom): That's Madame to you, secretary.
Mendler: Secretary? I thought I was a manager, Madame Regle.
Madame Regle/Ms. Regle (intercom): You can grab the new title as soon as you TELL ME WHAT JUST HAPPENED!

Mendler looks up to Teddy, who is fervently shaking his head.

Mendler: It--umm--it was nothing, I swear, Madame Regle.
Madame Regle: If I have to turn on the camerots, I will, Mendler. With your job on the line, I suggest you tell me what just happened.

Teddy drops his head. He gestures Mendler to go ahead and speak. Mendler sighs just before speaking.

Mendler: Teddy Ryan, err, knocked over one of your golden lion statues. I swear, it was an accident.
Madame Regle: Your reluctance to answer and hesitance in actually doing so lead me to believe you are to fault. Where is Mr. Ryan?
Mendler: Right here, ma'am.

A hologram appears of just the silhouette of Madame Regle's body. It faces Teddy Ryan, who looks up to the woman with a frightened expression, lightly sweating from his forehead as he does so. The silhouette hologram and Teddy Ryan exchange looks at each other for a minute, the amount of sweat dropping from Teddy's face increasing over time until his mouth finally cracks open with expedited speech.

Teddy Ryan (rushing words out): I swear, Madame Regle it was an accident! I'll clean it up, I'll buy you a new one, an even pricier one, I swear! He drops onto his knees and begins to plead her with his begging joined hands. Madame Regle's dark hologram rotates to see him. Just, please, don't take my job!
Madame Regle: Oh, you think of me so harshly, Mr. Ryan. Join me in my office. If I can simply have a lucid explanation, then maybe we can work something out.
Teddy Ryan: Oh, thank you, ma'am, thank you! I'll be right up.
Madame Regle: Let me beam you. No reason in wasting valuable work time taking the stairs or elevator, either of which could break and kill you on the way up.
Teddy Ryan: Oh, um, I guess I didn't think of it that way. But couldn't I get blown up or something during--

Teddy fades away out of the room. Madame Regle's hologram turns to Mendler.

Mendler: It's great of you to do this for Teddy, boss. He's really clumsy and-- Madame Regle: Find someone to take the empty position he's about to leave. Her hologram disappears, leaving Mendler with his mouth gaping.

[We cut to where Teddy Ryan appears next, in a dark room with the silhouette of a desk with Madame Regle behind it seated right before a window shedding light on the darkness of space beyond. A spotlight appears over Teddy as he fades into view on the other side of the room.]

Teddy Ryan: Teleportation...He looks to Madame Regle's silhouette. Is that you, ma'am?
Madame Regle: Please, call me Madame Regle.
Teddy Ryan: Oh, of course, Madame Regle. I just want to thank you again for this! I've never called you someone mean in the past, but some people have. You definitely aren't, though!
Madame Regle: Of course. Now tell me what happened with my golden lion statue?
Teddy Ryan: Oh, well, that's a funny story. So I was just sweeping the lobby floors, you know, to help out, maybe to get your attention since I've never spoken to you before. Some guy did my interview, I think, but maybe you read over it.
Madame Regle: Uh-huh, now get on with the "funny story."
Teddy Ryan: Oh, yeah, so I'm sweeping the lobby floor, and I come across your really awesome, realistic-looking golden lion statues. And so I'm wondering, "why would she have one of these?" And Mendler says 'cause you're fierce, but then I say that you wouldn't just have these here for no reason. I'm thinking you'd at least put 'em outside. So I just wanted to check (beginning to hesitate as he speaks): if there was something kinda hidden underneath one of them, like a button. So I put down my broom and, well, pushed the lion of its stand...and it...broke. I guess I shouldn't have done that.
Madame Regle: Oh, it's fine, Mr. Ryan, these things happen. You weren't told that it was an offense to push over those lions, but it's no matter, I can just purchase a replacement with my own money.
Teddy Ryan: Yeah! Oh, thanks, Madame Regle, you're--
Madame Regle (in a serious tone): No.
Teddy Ryan: Wha--?
Madame Regle: Everything I just said was incorrect. You didn't try at all to correct me. First off, my secretary told you in advance not to touch those lions. You then proceeded to do so anyway with your stubborn belief that there was something hidden.
Teddy Ryan: Whoa, secretary? I thought Mendler was a--
Madame Regle: Mr. Mendler's position in this company is no longer of your concern. Now, second, if something was hidden beneath it, why would you go to check? Do you not think I would hide something for a reason? THIRD, but of course not finally, it was an *extreme* offense to have knocked over one of my golden lion statues. They are irreplaceable with any money, as they are prizes from war. I killed those and froze them, then encompassed them in gold to show my ferocity. FINALLY, *you* are going to find a way to recompense me for your actions. And I have just the way to do so.

Albeit hard to make out in the shadows, Madame Regle turns her head just barely and nods.

Teddy Ryan (beginning to step back slowly): Heh, what are you doing? I, I actually think I need to go.

We see sparks fly on the ceiling as the spotlight shuts off. We hear Teddy begin to run, but then he falls. We hear slow movement coming from one side of the room approaching Teddy's side. We hear something ruffling in the darkness. The spotlight turns back on, and we see an alien enter underneath it, Teddy slumped over his shoulder.

Madame Regle: Oh, no, a work-related, fatal, *accident*. It looks like he'll just have to join the rest. Good job, (we focus on the face of the alien, one bearing complete resemblance to Frisbit's) Ben.


Part II

[We reopen on Earth at the Tennyson residence, home of Carl, Sandra, and Ben Tennyson. Visible in the home's driveway are the two Tennyson parents' cars. Absent from the front of the house, however, is the DX Mark 10, with Kevin's car occupying its parking space. We pan past the car's front window to find the vehicle empty. We zoom over to the front door and phase inside to find Kevin and Gwen seated at the center of the widest, three-seater couch in the living room watching TV.]

Kevin: It's almost 7, and Ben's still not here. If I wanted to watch TV with you, I'd stay at your place.
Gwen: He's coming; plus, he might've forgotten. He never texted me back when I asked if we were having it tonight.
Kevin: I thought you said Ben never forgets things like that.
Gwen: Well...this is different. Maybe something important came up.
Kevin: You can't just call him?
Gwen: Can't you?
Kevin: Well, I mean, it's not that important, plus I'm more of the guy being called than the guy calling.
Gwen: Who calls you other than me?
Kevin (nervously): Nobody, Gwen, I swear. Just some buyers.
Gwen: Well, time to turn that around. Call Ben, maybe you calling him will be surprising enough to make him pick up.
Kevin: If he wouldn't pick up for you, why would he pick up for me? You said he could be busy, let's just wait.
Gwen: Now that you have to do something, he's busy, eh? She shrugs and puts on a smile. Alright. Gwen: 1, Kevin: 0.
Kevin: Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, you did not just--
Gwen: I did. Me: 1, you: 0. Catch up, will ya'?
Kevin: Ugh. Not today, Gwen. That drive took almost the whole day.
Gwen: I offered to teleport us and your car here.
Kevin: And let you get sick again? No way.
Gwen: It's not getting sick. It's just a mild headache, plus, I've been getting better with the effects.
Kevin: Well, I'm not gonna let you do that. What if we came here and Vilgax was attacking or something?
Gwen: Vilgax is on Incarcecon, Kevin.
Kevin: Well, you know what I mean.
Gwen: I do. And because of that, I'll give you a point. Let's at least tie it today, alright?
Kevin: I'm fine with that.

We pan over to the kitchen where Carl and Sandra are standing and overhearing the conversation between Gwen and Kevin. Sandra stands with Carl's arm over her watching.

Carl (to Sandra): Always knew Frank would do well as a dad. Two kids, and they turned out pretty well.
Sandra (to Carl): Well, Gwen's not the only one in that conversation. Kevin's quite the romantic even when he doesn't look like he's trying.
Carl: Hey, I can be romantic, too.
Sandra: You can be, just like when we were their age.
Carl: Ahh, those were the days.
Sandra: They're a lot like we were, Carl. I know this isn't our place, but we ought to talk to Kevin's parents and congratulate on her own good parenting.
Carl: I'll pass it onto Frank; anyone can do with a compliment, but I think it may come off as a bit awkward from us. I mean, we're not the ones whose daughter is being dated by Mrs. Levin's son.
Sandra: You may be right.
Carl: Hmm...speaking of children...(raising his voice to a tone where Kevin and Gwen can hear him) where's Ben? Aren't you supposed to be in his room? He walks out into the living room behind the couch Kevin and Gwen are seated on, with Sandra following him. Or has he holed himself in there again?
Gwen: We don't know. Did he tell you where he was going when he left, Uncle Carl?

Carl looks to Sandra, who shakes her head.

Carl: Oh, we're terrible parents. I don't even remember seeing him leave.
Gwen: So you don't at least know what time he left?
Carl: I wish I did. Beginning to walk toward Ben's room as he speaks, Sandra staying at his side: Are you sure he's not in his room?
Gwen: We knocked and he never answered, and each time I called, it rang long enough for us to have heard his phone if it was in there.
Carl: The door's locked, though?
Kevin: Yeah. What, do you guys have a spare key or something?

Carl and Sandra rush down the narrow hallway containing the bathroom, their bedroom, and at the end of the hall, Ben's bedroom. Having not answered his question, Kevin looks to Gwen and shrugs. The two leap off of the couch and follow Carl and Sandra. When they reach Ben's parents, found are the two adults standing at the bathroom door, just steps away from Ben's. Carl and Sandra look to Kevin and Gwen with arms crossed.

Kevin: What?
Carl: You're going to need to turn around.
Kevin: Why? Is there some--(Gwen uses her mana to spin Kevin around 180 degrees) Aaah!
Gwen: Sorry, Uncle Carl, go ahead.
Carl: You, too, Gwen.
Gwen: Oh, you know I can keep a secret.

Sandra lowers her head just barely and stares Gwen in the eye with her brows up. Gwen drops her head and turns 180 as well. We hear Carl and Sandra scavenging for something, beginning to rub their hands against something fuzzy then against something even fuzzier. Kevin peeks over his shoulder and spots them grabbing a key out from underneath the mat in front of the bathroom door. Kevin hurriedly turns his head back as the two stand up.

Sandra: I saw that.
Carl: You might as well turn around since you know.

Kevin and Gwen turn back around, with Gwen angrily looking up to Kevin with her arms crossed.

Kevin: I swear, I didn't do anything!
Gwen: Sure you didn't.
Carl: You're not to tell Ben you know about this.
Sandra: And you're not to use this if he doesn't open his door.
Kevin: Alright, alright. As Carl and Sandra approach Ben's door, Kevin looks down to Gwen with a grin. She turns away angrily then lowers his head to her shoulder to whisper something. Whispering: Kevin: 2, Gwen: 1. Told you that key was for some door in this house.
Carl: You aren't the best with whispering, are you?
Kevin (innocently): What, me? I wasn't whispering.
Sandra (whispering, to Carl): Not a good liar, either.
Kevin: Wait, what? Gwen giggles. Whoa, whoa, c'mon, what did she say?
Carl (pseudo-innocently, fiddling with the key to open Ben's door): What, Sandra? Oh, she didn't say anything.

Kevin: Oh, ha ha. Gwen begins to walk ahead to the door as Carl opens it. Kevin follows. You know what, I don't even care. You still have to pay for Mr. Smoothies after we leave, and I think I want two for myself.

The quartet enters Ben's dark room, finding it void of Ben. Sandra raises her hand to her mouth as she mouths "Oh my god..." expecting the words to escape her thoughts.

Kevin (in a serious tone): Gwen, I think it's time to try and track Ben.
Gwen: Just what I was thinking. If nobody minds, can we do this in the living room instead? It's kinda cramped in here.

Sandra and Carl look and nod to each other. They look back to Gwen.

Sandra: Okay.
Gwen: Oh, before we go, I need something of Ben's so I can key in on him.

Sandra from her spot at the door pans the room. She spots something on the floor, rushes over to it, bends over, and picks it up. She stands back up straight and hands it to Gwen, who holds it by an edge with her thumb and index fingers.

Kevin: Is that one of Ben's socks?
Gwen: Umm, Aunt Sandra, could I get something else, like, a shirt, maybe? Sandra looks to her with a straight face. Gwen drops the sock and pans the room herself. She spots a Mr. Smoothy on Ben's desk, rushes over to take it, and begins to head out Ben's bedroom door. Everyone else follows as Gwen situates herself in the middle of the living room between the three different couches. Gwen holds the Mr. Smoothy in both hands as her eyes begin to glow magenta. Kevin, Carl, and Sandra surround her watching the event. Space, please? Carl, Sandra, and Kevin step back to behind the couches, Gwen taking over the center of the room as the Mr. Smoothy in her hand hovers to in front of her. She lowers her left hand to her side with her right facing palm-out to the Mr. Smoothy. After a moment of silence, a contained gust blows Gwen's hair up, and she begins to lower her right hand to her side as well. Her hair begins to sway continuously as if a fan was fixated in a powerful state on her head alone. A glow begins to emit itself from the Mr. Smoothy in the same shade of purple as Gwen's eyes, but the entire act is cut short as the front door swings open. Gwen's eyes return to normal, and she jumps, startled. The Mr. Smoothy falls to the floor, losing its effulgence in a second. The teenage girl outside enters the door, a familiar face. Gwen's hands regain their glow as she creates fists. Who are you?
Sandra: Calm down, Gwen. Sandra walks over to the familiar being at the door. This is Ben's friend, Mercedes Barnes.

Kevin and Gwen gasp.

Kevin: Mercedes Barnes, as in, the Mercedes Barnes that went missing back in January?
Mercedes: I...I guess so. I know something happened, I was kidnapped, I think, but really, I don't remember much of what happened.
Sandra: Oh, my, I hadn't paid that much attention. Are you in need of a home, Mercedes? Maybe, a job; I'm sure I can help you get a job somewhere in--
Mercedes: I'm, I'm fine, honestly.

Gwen's eyes flash magenta then she begins to squint at Mercedes. She approaches Mercedes.

Gwen: So, Mercedes, what are you doing *here*?
Mercedes: Ben invited me over for movie night. That's not a problem for you two, is it? Because I can go, and--
Gwen: It's not our choice; it's Ben's house.
Carl (walking over to Sandra's side): Well, it's technically our house. So, you're Ben's new girlfriend; (to Sandra:) he's doing quite the job with these high school relationships, Sandra.
Sandra (shoving Carl with her elbow): Carl!
Carl: What?

We pan back over to Gwen, Mercedes, and Kevin, who joins the former two.

Gwen: So Ben invited you here?
Mercedes: Yeah. He said since we're pretty good friends already...
Gwen: So you're the one Ben chose last Tuesday?
Mercedes: What do you mean?
Gwen: Last Tuesday, when Ben was at Uncle Bob's, when he was looking for girls, did he pick you?
Mercedes: He was at Uncle Bob's...looking for girls? What kind of creep--alright, forget it. Tell Ben just not to call me again; he--

As she begins to walk off, Gwen grabs her by the arm. Mercedes immediately throws Gwen's off of hers.

Gwen: Wait, so you weren't one of the girls there that he was interviewing?
Mercedes: No, I wasn't. Guess the rest of them were.

Gwen sighs. As Mercedes begins to walk off again, she throws a line of mana catching Mercedes by her wrist again. Mercedes attempts to shake the mana off, but when she fails, she simply rears her head over her shoulder to look at Gwen with an angered expression.

Gwen: It was my idea. Even when he agreed to do it, he still only wanted to find a good friend, not even a girlfriend. He's...just getting out of a good relationship, one that ended like no other should. You's been over three months, and he's still thinking about her...and how she died.

Still looking at Gwen, Mercedes' face untenses. Spotting the effect on Mercedes' expression, Gwen releases her mana grip. Mercedes makes a full turn to look at Gwen and Kevin straight on.

Mercedes: He did? Gwen nods. He never told me...
Sandra: So, I think we'll be right in the kitchen then.

Sandra and Carl step slowly over to the kitchen with no attention being made to them as they go.

Mercedes: I'm sorry...

Gwen steps over to Mercedes and holds her hand on her shoulder.

Gwen: Don't be. Whispering to Mercedes: Unless it's your fault.
Mercedes' eyes gape. Tell Ben soon if it's not, or I will.

Mercedes nods as Gwen steps over to Kevin. Gwen and Kevin head back to the center of the room, Mercedes following them over.

Mercedes: So, where's Ben?
Kevin: That's what we're trying to find out.
Gwen: Ben's parents haven't seen him since yesterday, and neither have we. Movie night's still not for an hour, but...he wouldn't just disappear, especially not in the middle of the night. Ben's not reckless like that.
Kevin: He isn't?
Gwen: Not when he doesn't have to be.
Mercedes: So how are you going to find him?
Gwen: My powers; they let me track him using any trace of his essence left recently on an object. In this case, (she bends over and stands back up with Ben's Mr. Smoothy now in view) I'm using a Mr. Smoothy.
Mercedes: I see. Oh, wait, when I came in, did I interrupt you already doing it? Gwen nods. Err, sorry, then.
Kevin: By the way, how did you get in? Nobody answered the door.
Mercedes: Ben said he'd leave the front door unlocked after 7, and it was unlocked, so...
Gwen: How was it unlocked if Ben was never here to leave it like that?
Sandra: That may be my fault. I don't remember locking the door after you two came in earlier. She begins to walk over to the door. Better do it now.
Gwen: Alright. Can I get some space again?

Mercedes looks to Kevin as he moves back to behind the right side of the couches. She follows suit and stands behind the left side, as Gwen recommences the tracking process, starting with the appearance of Gwen's magenta-glowing eyes. The Mr. Smoothy quickly returns to its spot levitating just in front of Gwen with her two arms facing palm-out at the object. She lowers her right, then after a moment and another gust that throws her hair up, the left as well. Now with her hair being constantly pushed again, the Mr. Smoothy slowly gains its light purple radiance. From just behind the Mr. Smoothy, a small rift appears. The black-filled, purple-outlined opening slowly picks up breadth until it becomes the size of the Mr. Smoothy. Another large flurry, and the portal becomes as tall as Kevin. We hear a loud burst in the room, and Gwen loses both her concentration and her progress. The Mr. Smoothy drops and the portal shuts. She grabs the Mr. Smoothy with remote levitation before it hits the floor again, her eyes still glowing magenta. She slowly hovers it back up to its place, then looks to her right, where at a table against the wall, a familiar Galvan in a green uniform has appeared.

Sandra: Ben?!
Galvan: Apologies for the misunderstanding. I come, too, in search of Benjamin.
Carl: So who are you?
Galvan: I am Azmuth of the Galvan, smartest being in 23 galaxies.
Gwen: And he made the Omnitrix.
Carl: You mean that watch of Ben's?
Azmuth/Galvan: Correct.
Gwen: Wait, you don't know where Ben is either?
Azmuth: Unfortunately, no. My computers are not interacting with the Omnitrix at all. I am continuously being sent encrypted bug reports that, even when decrypted, come out as garbled jibber-jabber. I come wondering if you are tracking him now, which fortunately you are. Continue on.
Gwen (levitating the Mr. Smoothy up in front of her): I will, as soon as I make sure no one else is gonna barge in. Aunt Sandra, the door's locked?
Sandra: Yes.
Gwen: Azmuth, you don't have any friends who're coming with you? Like Paradox?
Azmuth: Not that I am aware of, no. I fear for the formation of any relationships in these troubling times.
Gwen: What troubling times?
Azmuth: Ahh, yes, you are not a part. I am still putting together the pieces of the puzzle, though, I am almost done. I will divulge more in time.

Gwen, with a brow raised, looks to Kevin, who shrugs. She returns her attention to the Mr. Smoothy. She quickly manages to drop her right hand again and give the magenta glow back to the outside of the Mr. Smoothy cup. Azmuth jumps onto the floor and begins to observe the spell as it occurs from every angle, stroking his chin as he does so. He teleports to his headquarters and back periodically, until finally, he arrives back on the table against the wall with a remote in hand, as Gwen's portal reaches its maximum size once more.

Gwen: Alright, now that I have this open, (she begins to lower the Mr. Smoothy to the floor just beneath the portal) all I have to do is--

There is a bright blue burst of energy as a voice speaks.

Professor Paradox's Voice: Hello all! An elderly white-bearded male in Paradox's lab coat with a face like Paradox's embodies the flash in an instant, pocket watch in-hand and opened. Gwen manages not to lose her concentration with his arrival, brushing it off and paying him no mind at all, while everyone else gasps. Ahh, wonderful,--What is everyone looking at? Paradox looks down and scans himself. He quickly teleports away then returns. Apologies.
Kevin: You were just, old.
Professor Paradox: A periodic effect of spacetime attempting to age me appropriately, it's never done any true damage. Nothing to worry about. Now, where was I? Ah, yes. Wonderful job, Gwendolyn. Show concentration only to your work. You're on a good path, a good path, indeed.
Mercedes: Uhh, who's he?

Professor Paradox approaches Mercedes.

Professor Paradox: Have we not met already? Wait a moment. Paradox turns and looks left and right around the room, then back to Mercedes. No, we haven't. He holds his hand out to Mercedes expecting a handshake. I am Professor Paradox, one of many time travelers in existence.

Mercedes raises a brow then shakes Paradox's hand.

Mercedes: Mercedes B--
Professor Paradox: Time traveler, remember. I've been all over time; I know precisely who you are, Mercedes, including your whereabouts in past months. Mercedes' eyes widen. When you are ready, feel free to tell your new friends. Paradox turns around and marches over to Azmuth. Azmuth, you will join me?
Azmuth: Where?
Professor Paradox: Through this rift of Gwendolyn's creation?
Gwen: It's not stable; I can't even get a fix on where it's going to lead.
Professor Paradox: That will be for us to figure out.
Azmuth: No; we can assure its safety with this.

Azmuth removes a battery from the back of his remote and tosses it into the rift. Gwen is thrown back onto the couch with a new gust of wind, but the portal stays open, now showing Frisbit walking around. Azmuth walks around to the front of the rift.

Gwen: He's alive!
Azmuth: Then it was a success. You performed well in procuring this.
Professor Paradox: You'll figure out the whole process on your own, in time.

Paradox bends over and takes Azmuth onto his hand. He lays Azmuth on his shoulder.

Gwen (holding her forehead): You can't go in there; it's not safe.
Professor Paradox: For finding Ben, there is no better bet than this.
Gwen: But can't you just teleport to him?
Professor Paradox: Hmm...well, goodbye! Paradox walks into the portal. Gwen begins to feel a headache coming on, with the disappearance of the portal following. Even the Mr. Smoothy feels the effects of Gwen's discomfort as it falls over onto its side.

[We appear in a fairly well lit underground parking garage. We see Frisbit walking through an empty path, but he is stopped with the opening of Gwen's portal which leaves Paradox, with Azmuth atop his shoulder, in its place.]

Azmuth: Ben! Frisbit turns and looks to Azmuth with seemingly cold, dead eyes. Paradox lets Azmuth off onto the floor. Frisbit removes his frisbee from his back and holds it in his hand. Benjamin Kirby Tennyson, replace your frisbee now and stand down. Your Omnitrix is defective.
Professor Paradox: In the wake of the moment, I'd forgotten that I needed to be off.
Azmuth: Why have you come, just to stay for a short period?

Paradox replies simply with pointing to Frisbit. We watch as Frisbit's frisbee raises a rocket launcher out of its center which is pointed at Azmuth. Frisbit remotely fires the rocket then replaces the frisbee on his back, remote-controlling the rocket now as it goes. Azmuth attempts to run out of the way, but Frisbit forces the rocket to turn toward Azmuth.

Professor Paradox: This is why.

With the rocket inches away from Azmuth, Paradox jumps in the way with his lab coat out attracting the rocket like a Matador's red cape to a bull. The rocket arrives at Paradox, Frisbit unable to turn it away in time. Paradox wraps the rocket in his lab coat and teleports away, leaving Azmuth alone in the carpark with Frisbit.

[In these closing moments, we focus on Azmuth's eyes, gaping at the thought of what became of Paradox.]


Part III

[We reopen in the underground carpark. Azmuth looks ahead to Frisbit, looking down to Frisbit with the blank eye tube that wraps around his head.]

Azmuth: Ben, calm yourself for a moment. Frisbit throws his frisbee at Azmuth, who quickly runs out of the way and manages to grab onto the edge of it. As Frisbit begins to maneuver his frisbee back to him, he turns the frisbee on its side so as to throw Azmuth off, but he holds on tight by one of the many holes in the frisbee. Frisbit finally flips the frisbee upside down, somehow leaving Azmuth with less of a chance of falling off. Frisbit begins to whirl the frisbee in circles, quickly dazing Azmuth into letting go of the frisbee and being launched toward the wall. He slides down on his back onto the floor, landing on his feet kneeling with his fist touching the ground. He stands back up and looks to Frisbit, who dons an evil grin. I understand it now. Azmuth stands back up on his feet and wipes his shirt. Frisbit stands there with a portion of his eye bent akin to a brow being raised. Yes. The Omnitrix has malfunctioned. It would be the first in a line of them, but it was bound to happen eventually. The Assault Omnimatrix Mark III has become victim to faulty wiring, which has led your personality to be saved but not applied to your transformations. In simpler terms, you're suffering from personality warp, and if you do not allow me to deactivate and further reactivate the Omnitrix after careful reprogramming or rebuilding before recharge mode is entered, you will lose your personality completely. Frisbit's eye straightens out once more. He slowly removes his frisbee from his back and kneels, leaving the Omnitrix side of the frisbee facing Azmuth. If you're able to hear me, then deactivate your Omnitrix of your own accord. I do not trust with your abilities and recent history that you won't simply attack once I am in close enough proximity where there is no chance of error. Frisbit smiles, a rocket launcher emerging from his frisbee once more. The launcher sends two rockets, flying side-by-side, Azmuth's way. Dodging the remote-controlled missiles, Azmuth begins to run toward Frisbit. Upon attaching himself to Frisbit's body, Frisbit quickly maneuvers the rockets into the floor, only barely creating a hole in it. Frisbit quickly rips Azmuth off of him and holds him tightly in his hand as he replaces his frisbee on his back. I'd love to chat, but I've got an invention to repair. He makes a remote visible in his hand, upon which he presses a blue button that leads to a sound of beeping playing similar to what would be heard in the case of an error on the Omnitrix. What--? Frisbit begins to squeeze Azmuth's body. His eye flashes for a moment, the dark green spots within appearing and disappearing in an instant, as Frisbit releases his grip and lets Azmuth go, dropping him to the floor. Azmuth, down on his knees gasping for air, continues his speech. Hmm...your Omnitrix is causing interference with my teleportation device, which means I can only assume I cannot remotely transform you. He makes his remote visible once more and twists a dial resembling the Omnitrix's. He presses down on its hourglass symbol, with nothing occurring afterward. How unfortunate. After a moment of pausing, Frisbit looks down to Azmuth, the dark green spots indeed having left again leaving a plain green eye. Frisbit throws his hand down in an attempt to catch Azmuth again, but he leaps out of the way. Azmuth runs towards the back wall of the room, where Frisbit walks over to and stands before. Frisbit removes his frisbee from behind him and swiftly swipes at Azmuth from the side, puncturing and destroying something. A small explosion ensues. We see Frisbit fly out of the space of the explosion and stand away, watching as the small smoke cloud pans out on its own. He looks into it to simply find Azmuth's teleporter remote, torn through by the center with its pieces having been separated by at least a foot by Frisbit's slice and its own destruction. Frisbit begins to scan the area around him from atop his hovering disc. He finally finds an area of the empty carpark that is pitch black from lack of proper lightning. He hovers close to the space and leaps off of his frisbee, remotely maneuvering the device across the darkness to shed light on it. In the very center of the darkness, we find Azmuth, still panting from his brief time span without a breath. But he is standing, in a strong pose as well. He looks up to Frisbit. Your intelligence isn't up to par, Benjamin. With two of my devices having failed--your Omnitrix and my teleporter--I can confirm that this is no longer a coincidence. A higher power is interfering, and is likely to blame for your personality issues. With my Omnitrix out of my control, I must do one thing I hoped I never would have to do...but my hand has been forced. Frisbit mimics raising a brow once more. Azmuth grins as he steps back into what remains of the shadows, then quickly back out, his appearance having quickly changed. In place of his green robes is a full-body black suit, covering everything but his head and hands. His robes having compacted themselves into a backpack. Azmuth looks to Frisbit and teases him, opening and closing his hand in an attempt to get him to come his way. Frisbit falls for it and removes his frisbee from his back once more, launching it Azmuth's way yet again. Azmuth tugs on the straps of his backpack and takes off immediately into the air. He jumps onto the frisbee and pulls a cord out of his pack that he plugs into the side of the Omnitrix symbol. Frisbit attempts to maneuver the frisbee remotely but fails. To my knowledge, your species isn't capable of doing much with their bodies while putting their utmost focus on their disc. Now, activate dev console. The Omnitrix beeps, but nothing changes afterward. The voice commands are still down...

Azmuth taps a section of his back and the wire pulses the Omnitrix. The frisbee begins to dip, losing altitude until it finds its way lodged into a wall. Frisbit regains control of his body and run towards the frisbee, but Azmuth smacks down on the hourglass. Frisbit's eye flows with dark green patches one more, then flashes green. The frisbee disappears from the wall, Azmuth falling off. He reactivates his jet pack and keeps himself hovering in place, watching as Frisbee transforms into something else.

Brawnoceros: BRAWNOCEROS!
Azmuth: Not what I was going for, but if it worked...Ben, can you hear me? Brawnoceros stands still for a moment. Azmuth sighs. I have only made him more powerful. Omnitrix--
Brawnoceros: Haha, Brawn get Azmuth! It's me, Ben!
Azmuth: Ahh, then a success it truly was.
Brawnoceros: What happen?
Azmuth: I am uncertain; I was hoping you would have the answers as the Omnitrix's logs have been down long enough to have no pertinent information.
Brawnoceros: I sorry, Azmuth; I no know.
Azmuth: Unfortunate, but hopefully the Omnitrix was still functioning while it was down.
Omnitrix (fuzzy recording): Bug report failed to send.

Azmuth raises a brow then looks Brawnoceros dead in the eye, who puts on a devilish grin before smacking both fists down on the ground, creating a ripple effect that manages to bounce a part of the floor into hitting Azmuth out of the air. He quickly regains control of his jet pack before touching down but with much closer proximity to Brawnoceros. Making another attack, Brawnoceros fires his horn at Azmuth, who flies upwards as the horn continues straight ahead into the wall.

Azmuth: You are at a greater disadvantage with that transformation as you are no longer able to maneuver your projectiles after they have left your true body.

Brawnoceros regrows his horn.

Brawnoceros: SIT STILL LITTLE FROG. Azmuth: Whoever is in control of your intelligence is conveying your lack thereof quite well. Why don't you just show yourself, Albedo?

Brawnoceros laughs.

Brawnoceros: Albedo? Albedo DEAD! I killed him!
Azmuth: And that confirms it; you are being controlled. Show yourself, now.
Omnitrix (Madame Regle's voice): No, thank you.
Azmuth: That seems like a familiar--Azmuth's eyes gape. Madame Regle. We're in the Mother System, are we not? Brawnoceros fires another horn at Azmuth, who swiftly dodges it yet again. Your attempts at attacking me will continue to be fruitless and futile. Allow me to repair the Omnitrix, now.
Brawnoceros: No, froggy!
Azmuth: Why am I asking? Azmuth dashes in the direction of Brawnoceros' Omnitrix, as Brawnoceros regrows and fires yet another horn, which Azmuth easily flies around. Unfortunately for you, I am fairly skilled with maneuvering utilizing this jet-propelled pack.
Azmuth: You cannot, but if you truly wish to, simply use your Omnitrix.
Brawnoceros: Really? How?
Omnitrix (Madame Regle's voice): You idiot, no!
Azmuth: Simply use the Feermodnum transformation. He is the next in your playlist.
Brawnoceros: What he do?
Azmuth: Why don't you transform and find out?
Brawnoceros: OK!

Brawnoceros begins to reach for the Omnitrix.

Omnitrix (Madame Regle's voice): NO!

Brawnoceros turns the Omnitrix dial and smacks down on it. Soon after, in Brawnoceros' place, we find a being at least 12-feet tall in his place. He appears to be a mix of a demonic creature's upper body with the legs and lower body of a spider, all together in a centaur-esque alien. His black scaly skin makes it a nightmare to touch, and his face makes him a sight to create soar eyes.

Spider Centaur Alien: Dreadsense!

Azmuth continues to blast off toward Dreadsense's body, until he finally reaches it and stands atop the Omnitrix symbol on his shoulder.

Azmuth: A brilliant success, Ben. This alien should bypass whatever is mind controlling you, possibly even allowing you to track back to that person. It should also re-enable the Omnitrix's lost functions and connection to my systems.

Dreadsense stands completely still for a moment, finally looking down to Azmuth with white glowing eyes. Azmuth looks up and stands still for a moment as well, soon donning the same glowing white eyes. His eyes lose their glow and return to their green color as he drops from atop the Omnitrix onto the floor on his side. Dreadsense, eyes returning back to their green color, lifts up Azmuth's body and holds him in his open hand.

Dreadsense: I am coming back up; we have a Galvan to..."interview."


Part IV

[We reopen where it began: in the lobby of Madame Regle's corporate building. With a view from the entrance, we are able to spot Pickett Mendler manning the front desk, at which he is typing away on his computer. For a moment, this is all we see, but we hear a ping sound as one of the elevators arrives at this floor. Mendler stops and turns to see a red light above the right elevator switch to green. It opens, revealing pitch black spider-alien Dreadsense. While first gasping, Mendler spots the Omnitrix symbol on his shoulder and straightens out his face.]

Mendler: Super Ben? You scared the crap out of me.

Dreadsense slowly steps out of the elevator and stares down into Mendler's eyes. Uhh...Super B--? Mendler's eyes pop wide open. His irises and pupils transition to a pure white hue before the eyes themselves proceed to glow brightly. We view the room from a new angle, with Dreadsense standing on the far right before the elevator observing Mendler and Mendler sitting on the far left at his desk looking up to Dreadsense from his chair. From our side view, we see Dreadsense's eyes, which bear the same appearance as Mendler's. Mendler turns around in his chair and faces back to his computer. With both still sporting glowing eyes, Dreadsense steps into the other elevator. He pushes a button inside and the elevator doors close as normal. We focus on Mendler. Abruptly, his eyes lose their glow and return to normal, as he also drops his head on his desk.

[We find ourselves at the top floor of the Madame Regle building. It is a straight hallway with an assortment of similar doors, none with any form of decoration or number. The elevator at one end of the corridor pings, with Dreadsense appearing once more. He walks down the hall, turning his head left and right as he passes the line of doors. When he reaches the door at the very other end of the hallway, he raises his left hand to knock, but is immediately teleported inside. We are now in a small, dark room. At the other end, we see the familiar window and desk, with a barely visible silhouette of a woman seated just in front of said window at her desk.]

Madame Regle's Voice: I see your transformation managed not to unbind us. Excellent. Is the body planted? Dreadsense nods. And you've brought our specimen? Dreadsense nods yet again. He opens his mouth wide and allows his gray tongue to elongate, making visible Azmuth wrapped in the endless reel. Perrrfect, Tennyson. What a find you turned out to be. Keep him held out, I'd like to ask a few questions. Wait, is he..."out?" Dreadsense nods yet again. Wake him. Dreadsense rapidly extends his tongue, pushing it towards the floor until he knocks Azmuth down to the ground. He continues to shorten and extend the tongue until Azmuth awakens, even continuing after signs of such. He's awake, and likely weakened. Hold him up. Dreadsense shortens his tongue once more and holds out Azmuth in it. We hear Azmuth groaning as he shakes sense back into himself. We see Madame Regle's silhouette move, standing up and revealing her figure in a dress that widens extremely at the hips. She walks over to just in front of Dreadsense, still invisible thanks to the lack of light in the room. Azmuth. Azmuth stops shaking himself. Sarcastically: Good that I have your attention. Azmuth: And whose attention am I giving exactly?
Madame Regle's Voice: If you are truly unaware then you will stay as such.
Azmuth: I am no imbecile; I was just hoping to gather confirmation, Madame Regle.
Madame Regle's Voice: Oh, so you do know of me, then?
Azmuth: Too greatly, in fact. You're a tyrannical being by nature, not even putting much work into hiding it either. Only the idiot young ones who've done no research on you actually find employment in your company.
Madame Regle's Voice: But that's all I need. The young ones are always the hardest working; they're may be some goofing off every now and then, but they'll work for good pay. It's only so unfortunate that certain slip-ups aren't permitted. It's a working system, really.
Azmuth: Eliminate those whose company you don't enjoy, not even allowing them to get the word out about your business. Azmuth sighs. Madame Regle, you were once one of the greatest idols in the galaxy, with absolutely no competition in the area of the Mother System. Your anonymity and charitable nature were praised the galaxy-over; I even recall spotting a few fans of yours on my excursion to Andromeda. The only thing you still hold is your anonymity, the only thing keeping you alive these days. What happened to that woman? That woman who--

Madame Regle yawns.

Madame Regle: I'm sorry, were you trying to motivate me?
Azmuth: YES! But apparently that woman I once performed trade with a decade ago is too long gone to see that!
Madame Regle: I guess she is, Azmuth. I don't even recall doing business with you in the past, honestly. Mind reminding me?
Azmuth: Yes, I do.
Madame Regle: Aww, that's too bad.
Azmuth: There's a bitter taste in my mouth left only by your presence, Regle, and I never had that taste in past encounters.
Madame Regle: Oh, who cares? Azmuth, my father once told me that there's nothing better than the highest form of power. And you can't get power without taking risks, without showing your dark side. There is a brief pause. This was, of course, briefly before I took over the family business and universally rebranded it as "Madame Regle," but who cares? "Papa Regle" wouldn't. He's long gone now.
Azmuth: You've a cold soul, Madame Regle.
Madame Regle: You should be talking, Azmuth; you show just about as much emotion as a Khoruan regal tree's bark when turned to ashes.
Azmuth: What a harsh comparison, Regle. It's too unfortunate that the one you were addressing that to does not feature the same amount of linear emotion as described. Look in a mirror or rather in that window, assuming you've developed the ability to see lucidly in the dark; you'll find the one you're characterized is actually--
Madame Regle: Me? My kind is superior. I could kill you right now, as a matter of fact.
Azmuth: While the most irrelevant response I've ever had to endure, I must inquire: are you an Atasian?
Madame Regle: An Atasian? You mean, a Highbreed? Of course, not. My kind is even more superior than the likes of them.
Azmuth: Anatomically speaking, especially with their added enhancements from the Omnitrix, I can't say that that is true, Ms. Regle. I respect Madame Regle's wish to keep her identity a secret, but you're obviously not Madame Regle.

Madame Regle snaps her finger.

Azmuth: What?
Madame Regle: That's not for you; it's for the dummy holding you. Snaps her finger. Are you deaf? Hand him over to me!

Dreadsense extends his tongue over to Madame Regle in the dark and she grabs him as Dreadsense opens his tongue, nearly dropping Azmuth. Dreadsense's tongue retracts into his mouth and he closes it once more.

Azmuth: Is this...a tongue? Your species has the ability to extend its tongue? Pointing to Dreadsense, he continues: Are you one of these?
Madame Regle: His backwater kind? Of course not. My species has beautiful females, such as myself.
Azmuth: I wouldn't know; the dark silhouette you hold only illustrates an ugly being. And the personality shows that that's not only a description of your exterior.
Madame Regle: Insult all you want, Azmuth; soon, you'll be too busy to.
Azmuth: What do you mean?
Madame Regle: I want you to work for me, Galvan; together, we can--
Azmuth: Are you mad or just as deaf as you believe Tennyson is under your control? Speaking of which, how exactly are you controlling his mind? His particular species should not be capable of falling victim to any normal method of mind control.
Madame Regle: No, I am not mad; and how I control him is none of your concern. However, with the fact that Tennyson is a bit hesitant with his actions, that or just becoming an imbecile from overexposure to what allows me to control him, I need a new method of control. I would like you to develop it.
Azmuth: You must be mad if you believe I will simply manufacture a brainwashing utility for a madwoman like yourself. You're a power hungry creature that ought to be taken down by local enforcement; it baffles me how you haven't already been called about.
Madame Regle: Oh, I have been called about, but everyone who dared test me has been dealt with, thanks to Ben here.
Azmuth: And I assume that is why he was in that empty underground carpark? Oh, I understand it now. You do something with the bodies of those who wrong you by placing them below the carpark; or is something displaced with the use of holograms or other means of cloaking?
Madame Regle: You're a very smart little thing, Azmuth. You see why I need you. If you work for me, you'll never have to worry about whose hands your products end up in.
Azmuth: I prefer to have to worry. That way, user's protection is my highest priority.
Madame Regle: Then we will add someone to your team. It'll be you and whomever you desire with the other focusing on user's protection.
Azmuth: Unfortunately, unless you can manage to be the first to hire Sodico staff, I won't be assisting you. As a matter of fact, even if you do manage this, you will not get me to work for you.
Madame Regle: No? Well maybe you just need further persuasion. Azmuth: No need to beat around the bush with your "persuasion;" that mindless version of Ben is the only other one that can hear us.
Madame Regle: Oh, wonderful. Then I'll spend this up. Opens up her tongue and launches Azmuth at a wall across the room. Ready to work for me?
Azmuth: Nothing you do will relieve me of my values.

Despite being majorly invisible, the only visible part of Madame's Regle body--her eyes--twitch. She snaps her finger as she turns and retreats to her chair. She stops on the way and snaps again. She waits then turns around and snaps yet again. We see her eyes directed at Dreadsense.

Madame Regle: You will obey me. Snaps her fingers. KNOCK HIM OUT.

Dreadsense continues to stand absolutely still. Madame Regle throws her hand out into the light, making visible a white-gloved palm balled into a fist right in front of Dreadsense's face prepared to attack him. She stops, though, as her eyes begin to glow pure white as Azmuth and Mendler had previously. We focus on Dreadsense's eyes, which also glow. Azmuth in the corner struggles to get up onto his feet, continuing to drop to his knees.

Azmuth: Give me a moment...
Dreadsense (in his demonic voice): No need. It's done. Madame Regle slowly begins to step out of the shadows, still sporting her glowing white eyes. Meet Madame Regle, (Madame Regle continues to make herself--a woman in a purple dress which is narrow at the torso but widens immensely beyond the waist, also sporting white gloves and pants which connect seamlessly to her heels--visible, presenting all but her head at this point) or should I say, (A familiar green-skinned face appears, but now thinner and seeming much older. A looping symbol appears at her forehead and several green markings dot her face from cheek to cheek, a true nose not being apparent above her lips which stand out just slightly more than they used to) Attea.


Part V

[We reopen in Madame Regle's office at the highest floor of her building. Standing out in the open for the first time ever is Madame Regle, with attributes--even down to her outfit and blemishes--similar to Attea. Her eyes are glowing white, as are those of the somewhat humanoid spider alien Dreadsense next to her. Azmuth continues on one knee in the corner, recovering from being tossed across rooms multiple times within the last half hour.]

Madame Regle (garbled, completely incomprehensible): Ughablugh.
Azmuth: You know, it is a custom to not talk with your brain full.

Both Dreadsense's and Madame Regle's eyes cease to glow. With this, Madame Regle shakes her head and looks around frantically with her eyes gaping.

Dreadsense: Your control was broken when I became Dreadsense, Attea.
Dreadsense: With both Azmuth and me knowing your true identity, I don't think you'll be able to "crush" me.
Madame Regle: I'll just wipe your memory.

Madame Regle digs into one of many pockets across her belt and removes a golden pocket watch attached to a gold chain. Dreadsense's eyes gape upon spotting this.

Dreadsense: I recognize that watch!
Madame Regle: Not for long. Madame Regle holds the watch up a couple feet away from Dreadsense's face and clicks a button at the top of the watch, pointing the face in Dreadsense's direction. Fall into my control!
Azmuth (taking a moment to look up at the two): Ben, no!

A wave is emitted through the pocket watch passing through Dreadsense's head. For a moment, he stands absolutely still. Madame Regle grins and looks to Azmuth.

Madame Regle: Transforming him into this creature was a minor inconvenience, yes, but it's been overcome. She turns her pocket watch and faces it to Azmuth. Forg--

We hear a fairly loud smack just before Madame Regle falls over onto the floor. Before dropping, her pocket watch is caught in the pitch black hands of Dreadsense. Dreadsense then catches Madame Regle, turning her so her face is in his direction. He then points the face of the clock toward her, clicking its button as he speaks.

Dreadsense: I know you're not the one behind this. You were with someone when you came to get me. Tell me who you were with.
Madame Regle: Never.
Dreadsense: It wasn't a question; it was a demand.

Another golden wave is emitted from the pocket watch, passing just over Madame Regle's body. The pocket watch then explodes, the wave being emitted yet again against a wide range.

Madame Regle: A stout being, a human, goes by Sublimino.
Dreadsense: Where is he?
Madame Regle: No clue. He never told me.
Azmuth: She's lying.
Dreadsense: She's being mind controlled, by me. She can't tell a lie...right? Are you lying? Tell me.
Madame Regle: No, I swear.

Madame Regle finally faints, dropping her head backward. Dreadsense lays her down on the floor comfortably then stands up straight on all eight legs. He walks over to Azmuth.

Dreadsense: How are we supposed to find Sublimino now?
Azmuth: appears to have been right in front of us this whole time.
Dreadsense (throwing his tongue at Azmuth, wrapping it around him, and lifting him up onto his own shoulder): What do you mean?
Azmuth: Do you recall where I found you?
Dreadsense: Yes. The parking garage downstairs.
Azmuth: Do you know why you were down there?
Dreadsense: I don't. Azmuth lowers his head as he begins to stroke his whiskers as he thinks. But I did get something from Attea's memory. She sent me down there to put away a body--not a dead one, though, just...unconscious.
Azmuth: Then I am correct. Proceed to the parking garage. Dreadsense nods and walks over to the door. Upon opening and heading out toward the elevator, Azmuth speaks. Let me see if I am correct here: you were no longer under this "Sublimino's" control as of transformation into "Dreadsense?"
Dreadsense: Yeah.
Azmuth: So you nearly digested me to sell your lie to Madame Regle?
Dreadsense: *Attea*. And yes, sorry, I just really--
Azmuth: No, no. You are getting more clever with your plots, Benjamin. Just don't let the cleverness take over. You're a hero, but cleverness tends to run in the evil family.
Dreadsense: You're talking to Ben Tennyson, here, Azmuth. I hope you know that. I'd never go evil; it's not as fun as being a hero.
Azmuth: Hmm...Dreadsense arrives at the elevator and with the push of a button, it immediately arrives, and its doors open. Yes, perhaps, you're right.

Dreadsense steps into the elevator and presses a button. The elevator then immediately shuts and takes off. We see the duo arrive at the lobby. As they step out, we pan out a bit to see Mendler's head still dropped on his desk, drooling now. Dreadsense pays no attention to this as he walks over to and enters the elevator leading to the parking garage. He pushes a button and the elevator shuts and takes off again.

[We are brought down to the parking garage, fully lit at this point but barren. A portion of the left wall opens like a door, revealing the elevator inside. Dreadsense steps out, with the doors closing and concealing themselves on the wall yet again.]

Dreadsense: Weird, that elevator wasn't there before. He looks to the front wall, feet away from the corner where it and the left wall meet. It was there.
Azmuth: That is completely irrelevant, Benjamin. Search for Sublimino. Dreadsense: On it. Steps over to the center of the room. We pay attention to Dreadsense's eyes as they begin to glow white again. Through his eyes, we see a white energy burst starting at him and widening its radius through the room, soon passing through the walls. A muscle on his head begins to pop out. His legs drop, leaving him flat on his lower body as he holds tight onto his head and leaning forward, grabbing tightly onto his temples. At the center of the front wall before Dreadsense, the wall opens up as two wide doors revealing a dark room behind it. At first, we see the red lines glowing along what seems to be a uniform. The lights in the dark room flicker on, revealing the being inside. The humanoid at about Ben's human height stands in a mainly black suit resembling Eon's own original form. His helmet, however, is entirely black, not revealing its user's appearance at all. Dreadsense looks up. Struggling: Sublimino.
Suited Being (deep voice): Ahh, Tennyson, my new pawn.
Dreadsense: You finally go through puberty? Or did you finally get that growth spurt when you turned 50?
Sublimino/Suited Being: You're kidding me. You broke the spell?
Dreadsense: Spell? You--(coughs)--doing magic now? He heavily inhales as he gets back up onto his feet, standing straight, no longer holding his temples. Ahh, and what did you do?
Sublimino: You cannot penetrate my mind; I am a master of the mind.
Dreadsense: You should be, especially after spending most of your life with that being the second biggest part of your body--right behind your head, of course. Now, let's see how easy it is to get to you after we get that suit off of you.
Sublimino: Good luck.
Dreadsense: Thanks, but I won't need it. He uses his hand to remove Azmuth from his shoulder and place him down on the floor. Stay in cover, Azmuth. I'll deal with him.
Azmuth: I can fend for myself, thank you. I managed to do so against you, didn't I?
Dreadsense: Well, I wasn't think--Dreadsense is smacked and goes flying through the air. He manages to land with his feet sticking to the wall. Whoa. He looks forward, or due to his orientation with standing on the wall, upward, to see Sublimino standing where Dreadsense had been hit from. Pretty strong arm; I bet it's not yours.
Sublimino: Pretty good comeback; I bet your attack won't be as strong.
Dreadsense: Oh yeah? He walks down off the wall and onto the floor. Let's test that.
Sublimino: Or better yet, Tennyson. What if we just settle mano-a-mano?
Dreadsense: I'd do that, but I'm an alien right now. And you're about to get your butt handed to you.
Sublimino: Oh, no. I mean, just brawn. My suit only augments my brawn. Use that brawny rhino man, and let's have a real fight.
Dreadsense: I'm not stupid, Sublimino. Not like I was seven years ago. I'll turn into Brawnoceros--an *alien*--and you'll just brainwash me again. By the way, what did you intend to do with me? Just store unconscious people?
Sublimino: Let's go with that. But c'mon, don't you want to strike me? I bet I'd be knocked out in one hit with that guy.
Dreadsense: I bet so, too, but I'm not taking any chances.

Dreadsense lunges at Sublimino, but just as he arrives in front of him, still airborne, Sublimino smacks Dreadsense back. Dreadsense down, Sublimino steps over to the alien and reaches for his shoulder-bound Omnitrix.

Sublimino: That's the device that lets you transform, right? The Omnitrix?
Dreadsense: Yeah, now, go away!

Dreadsense struggles to wiggle his legs in an attempt to grab Sublimino and and launch him across the room, but continues to fail.

Sublimino: You shan't wiggle your way out of this one, Tennyson.

Sublimino reaches for the Omnitrix, with Dreadsense continuing to squirm with Azmuth nowhere in sight.

Dreadsense: Azmuth, help me!
Sublimino: He'll never help you. He holds his hands on the rim of the Omnitrix symbol. He's been under my control since you broke Regle's device.

Dreadsense gasps then narrows his eyes.

Dreadsense (as Sublimino twists the Omnitrix, rushing): Omnitrix, reactive all safeguards!

The Omnitrix dial pops up with a beep being heard.

Sublimino: No more tricks, Tennyson.

Sublimino smacks down on the Omnitrix, an evil grin definitely being assumed beneath his helmet as he snickers.

Omnitrix: Unauthorized.
Sublimino: Huh?

Lights begin to fly out of all sides of the Omnitrix. Sublimino stands up and tries to step back, but a single light hits Sublimino. While not dealing damage, a bright flash proceeds. Then an explosion. In the midst of it all, the sound of the Omnitrix (de)transformation sound is played. Quickly, the smoke in the area clears, and we even see Sublimino fly into the air, the helmet rolling away. It stops at a sneaker-covered foot. The person to which the foot belongs lowers his light-skinned hand to the helmet and picks it up, lifting it to his face. We see Ben, now in his human form, observing and analyzing the helmet. He proceeds to step over to Sublimino, whose upper body is held up by his head facing backward, away from Ben. When near Sublimino, a mind-control ray is shot from his suit's chest at Ben, who swiftly transforms into Dreadsense. With the beam simply phasing through him, Dreadsense bends over to Sublimino's suit and tears the mind-control device. He proceeds to crush it in his hands as Sublimino begins to turn his head up to Dreadsense. We begin to hear moaning, though, in a voice quite akin to Ben's own. Dreadsense looks down to the face of Sublimino, one that appears almost exactly like Ben's. The only differences? Gray hair. Red eyes.

Dreadsense: ALBEDO! He transforms into Plasmodic.
Plasmodic: PLASMODIC! I'VE BEEN WAITING A LONG TIME TO DO THIS AGAIN. His eyes flash green then quickly turn red. Flashing before our own eyes is the sight of Negative Ghostfreak blasting a Tritadagen ray that arrives at and attacks Julie directly. We return to the present as Plasmodic's arms and fists increase in size as he smacks down onto the thought-to-be-Sublimino, now-Albedo's, suit. Albedo coughs. With another flash, we see the lifeless body of Julie lying in Ben's car with him staring at her, beginning to tear up. Again we are at the present scene as Plasmodic pries the suit open from the center. Another flash, and we see Julie lying in a hospital bed in a white hospital gown. Ben, sitting at a seat across from her, is touched on the shoulder by a doctor, who drops his head. Returning to now, Plasmodic raises Albedo in one hand, as Plasmodic begins to grow in height and width. One final time, we flash to the past. A gathering of many people, including Mr. and Mrs. Yamamoto, all in black suits and dresses stand behind an open casket as it is being lowered into the ground via machine. We pan over to Ben who stands at the front row beside Gwen, to his left, and Kevin, to his right. Saddest of the three, visibly, is Gwen. But dead center, Ben's mouth fails to manage a straight face. We focus in on his right eye as we see the reflection in it of Julie's lifeless body in a light pink dress and black jacket lying in the black coffin ahead. We pan out just slightly to see a tear slowly find its way to the foot of Ben's eye. As it slips out onto the skin on his face, he gasps. We pan out to find Gwen now hugging him. She hugs her back, continuing to look over at Julie. We pan out and watch as she is finally lowered into the ground. Back at the present, Plasmodic begins to tightly grip his negative counterpart. In a deeper voice: YOU SHOULD'VE DIED WHEN I GAVE YOU THE CHANCE.
Albedo: WAIT,--
Plasmodic: You never waited for Julie! You never even gave her a warning! YOU JUST SHOT!

We hear the elevator ping, and the sound of heels hitting the floor louder and louder as the source approaches Plasmodic.

Familiar Female Voice: Ben! No, that's not Albedo!

Plasmodic swiftly turns his head to the holder of the voice. We see her, Madame Regle, out in the light.

Madame Regle: Because I am not your Attea, not yet. Years are to come until I appear like this, before I lose my...charm. Around that time, Milleous dies...and I come back to a couple decades ago, before I was born, to make a business under my new new identity. I came back to be a good person, Ben. You can trust me; Azmuth did. You heard him.
Plasmodic: I thought one wasn't able to remember what happened while under "Sublimino's" control.
Madame Regle: From shortly before being brought out of it, you do. You remembered bringing a body down here, didn't you?

Plasmodic remains silent for a moment. He begins to shrink, until he is thin but still tall--8 feet, to be exact. He continues to hold up Albedo and sport red eyes.

Plasmodic: Who is he then?
Madame Regle: Just who you thought he was. It's Sublimino.

Plasmodic squints at Madame Regle. He then turns back to Albedo, who tries to squirm out of Plasmodic's hold. Using his free hand, Plasmodic holds Albedo's face. He pulls, removing an ID Mask and tossing it behind himself, revealing Sublimino at the same height he'd always been and with the same appearance he'd always had. Plasmodic inhales heavily, then exhales as he opens his left hand allowing Sublimino to drop to the ground. Sublimino begins to follow a similar voluntary breathing pattern, however, at much greater speeds to accomodate the period of drought, or just plain lack, of air.

Plasmodic (with a barely higher and less ominous voice): Why would you dress up and parade around as Albedo?
Sublimino: I heard he was your biggest threat. I thought you'd be a little afraid to see him, assuming you managed to remove my helmet.
Plasmodic: If there's anything I'm not of Albedo, it's afraid. If he ever manages to show his face again, he's going to deal with whatever a Celestialsapien can dish out.
Sublimino (enthusiastically): Re--(holding his stomach) ow--really? Maybe if I control you, we can see that star guy now! He removes from his left pocket another pocket watch, but Plasmodic lunges at him and charges up his punch as a charge of green electricity is fired from the other side of the garage. We see from Sublimino's eyes as Azmuth is firing something from a gadget built from the remains of his teleporter. What?! We black out as Sublimino is hit by Plasmodic's punch and Azmuth's pulse.

[We reopen as Sublimino comes to. From the third-person perspective of the now standard-height Plasmodic, upon whose shoulder stands Azmuth, we see Sublimino being confined by the hands with energy cuffs. Cuffing him are an unfamiliar form of law enforcement who wear black uniforms with white Galvanic Mechamorph patterns. The shape and design of the uniform is almost identical to Sublimino's as was used in battle.]

Sublimino (to Azmuth): How did you break my spell? You were mine!
Azmuth: For a brief lapse, yes. But it appears your "mind-controlling" pocket watch is more suited for the control of humans or those with human-like brains, such as Incurseans. But it's not that the Galvan brain is larger than the human's--that's physically impossible without modifying the brain--it's that it's much more complex. You tapped into a quarter of my brain, the part which a Galvan can function without.
Sublimino: And what part is that?
Azmuth: Wouldn't you like to know?

Mendler steps into view beside Plasmodic.

Plasmodic: Sorry about what I did. I had to sell this.
Mendler: Whatever. I finally got to sleep on the job. Didn't get much of it at all this week because of work.

Madame Regle approaches Plasmodic, Mendler, and Azmuth.

Madame Regle: And I apologize for that. Sublimino's had control of me for a week, using me as the trial leader. He had all of this planned out; it's surprising that you managed to defeat him. We hear another set of cuffs being attached. Madame Regle turns around, however, to find them being put onto her. To one of the officers: What are you doing?
Officer #1: You're under arrest for illegal, unauthorized mind control.
Plasmodic: Guys, it's not her fault. She was being controlled at the time.
Officer #1: We'll let the guys down at HQ decide on that. Plasmodic transforms into Dreadsense. The eyes of both officers glow white, as do Dreadsense's. We hear Madame Regle's cuffs being removed as the officers' eyes return to normal. Dreadsense's follow. Apologies, Madame Regle.

The first officer steps back over to Sublimino, where the second already stands. The two take Sublimino to the elevator, which closes and takes off soon after. Dreadsense then reverts to Plasmodic, who looks to Mendler.

Plasmodic: Those were Plumbers?
Mendler: No. This system's always had brutal leaders, so they refused the Plumbers' aid knowing they'd be arrested. The new guy in charge has a temporary pass with us, but until it's permanent, the officers here won't trust us.
Plasmodic: But they seemed to trust me just fine.
Mendler: Well, you're not entirely recognized for being a Plumber. You're a...a multipurpose hero.
Plasmodic: Uh-huh...well, alright. I guess we're done here, then.
Azmuth (pointing to the still-open room Sublimino had originally emerged from): Not quite.
Plasmodic: What?
Azmuth: There is a person inside, one who you put in there.
Plasmodic: Ah. Alright. Plasmodic removes Azmuth from his shoulder and lays him down on the floor. This should only take a second.

Plasmodic reverts to Dreadsense and steps into the room. His eyes turn white once more then smiles as he walks to his right out of view from Mendler and Azmuth outside the room. He soon emerges again with three people following him. Of the three, the most noticeable is Teddy Ryan. Dreadsense leads them out of the room toward Mendler then reverts to human, allowing everyone to go free.

Mendler (to Teddy): Dude...I didn't know what happened to you. You alright?
Teddy Ryan: Yeah, I'm...alright. Hey, anybody else in the mood for Smoothies?

The other two who had escaped with Teddy, both women, nod and agree with each other.

Ben: I guess I'm in, too.

We hear a loud burst and see a flash at the corner of our eye originating behind us. We turn around to see Professor Paradox.

Professor Paradox: Unfortunately, you have other things to tune into, Ben.
Ben: Like what?
Professor Paradox: It's Friday, Benjamin. And it's almost 8.
Ben: PM?!
Professor Paradox: Of course.
Ben: Can you get me home?
Professor Paradox: Of course. Azmuth, come along.
Azmuth: Why, exactly?
Professor Paradox: Do I truly need to speak my reasons?
Azmuth: I'd prefer it if you did.
Professor Paradox: Too bad. Come along!

Ben turns around to Mendler. He removes his wallet from his pocket and takes a twenty-dollar bill out. He hands it to Mendler.

Ben: Drinks are on me. Ben swipes Azmuth and puts him onto his shoulder as he rushes over to Professor Paradox. Go, go, [We arrive in front of Ben's house late at night in the blink of an eye] go...Thanks, Paradox. Oh, and hey, Azmuth, what was that thing you were saying about your brain?
Azmuth: About the quarter?
Ben: Yeah. What's that about?
Azmuth: It's an entire part of the Galvan brain devoted to...romantic relationships. It's apparently key with my people. It stands in second place for largest data center in the entire Galvan brain, right behind the memory.
Ben: Well, that's obvious. Okay, alright, see ya, guys. Thanks for the teleport, Paradox.
Professor Paradox: My pleasure. Come along, Azmuth.

Paradox turns around and begins to walk away down the pathway in front of Ben's home. This allows us to see Chelsey, just down the sidewalk on her way to the house.

Ben: Chelsey! Hurry up!

Chelsey looks up and sees Ben at the door. Her eyes widen then she rushes over to him, a bag of popcorn in hand.

Chelsey (upon arrival): Hey, what are you doing outside?

Ben rushes to grab his key out of his pocket and open the front door. He steps in to find Gwen, Kevin, and Mercedes already in the living room. Chelsey follows Ben in as the door is shut behind them.

Ben: Sorry, I'm late, guys.
Gwen: What happened?
Ben: Long story short, Sublimino kidnapped me, Azmuth saved me, I saved some other people. Now, we ready to start the movie? Oh yeah, and Mercedes is joining us. Ben proceeds to rush over to the TV, but Gwen stops him by touching his shoulder. He turns around. Huh?
Gwen: Ben, it's 7:50; there's still ten minutes left.
Ben: Oh...well, in that case, anybody wanna hear the story in full?

Gwen, Mercedes, and Chelsey all raise their hands. Gwen looks over to Kevin as he simply crosses his arms.

Gwen: Oh, c'mon, Kevin.
Kevin: Hey, Azmuth got to pound some guys, and I didn't. Sounds pretty boring to me.
Chelsey: Well then let's make this a majority rule, in which case--
Mercedes: C'mon, Ben, there's only like nine minutes left now!
Ben: Alright, alright, everybody sit. Kevin rolls his eyes as he takes a seat in one of two recliners. Gwen takes a seat at the loveseat sofa, Mercedes attempting to follow but failing as Chelsey usurps it. Mercedes sighs as she takes her spot at the other recliner, while Ben stands in front of the TV and proceeds to tell his tale. all started last night...

We pan up to the ceiling, phasing through and up into the skies, which transitions to a red color with its stars still present. We watch as a flying armored vehicle dashes through the air. We follow it to a large, familiar prison. The vehicle parks in an area beyond the back of the prison. Stepping out from the driver and passenger seats are Mother System law enforcement, who rush to the back of the vehicle and open the double doors to remove Sublimino. They then lead him to a rear entrance to the prison and push a simple door bell button embedded into the wall. We hear several locks being slid, dialed into, and otherwise generally unlocked. An opening appears in the door where the helmet of a Null Void Incarcecon guard is seen.

Null Void Incarcecon Guard: State your presence.
Mother System Law Enforcer #1: The Mother System has a temporary accord with the Plumbers. We've been permitted to use your facilities for containment of this guy, Sublimino.

We see the hole in the door be shut. We hear several more locks be unlocked, and the door finally slides to an ajar state. The first officer, then Sublimino being led by him, and the second officer step in through the door in that order. The door is quickly shut behind them. Three guards appear from the shadows.

Null Void Incarcecon Guard (#1): Follow me. The first guard walks to in front of the first Mother System officer, while the other two take to behind the entire group. We are taken past countless cells belonging to criminals from the universe over, even one featuring Vulkanus. We are walked to the opposite side of the jail in the "S" section. They find an empty cell with Sublimino's name on it. Toss him in there.

The guard waves his hand over a sensor above the cell and the bars slide open. The Mother System officers toss him in. With another wave of the hand, the guard shuts the cell.

Sublimino: I will escape. Mark my words.
Null Void Incarcecon Guard #1: Sure, you will. Sublimino growls as the guards and officers roll their eyes. Thank you for bringing him. We will find a way to inform you if anything is to occur to him.
Mother System Law Enforcer #2: Thank you. The two sets nod to each other then head their separate ways. Sublimino proceeds to grip his bars and watch the guards and officers leave the area. After they've gone out of view, he speaks aloud. All clear!

We pan over to the opposite side of the jail to Vulkanus. We move a couple cells to his left and find Vilgax.

Vilgax: Good.

A Thep Khufan drops down from the air, landing right in front of Vilgax.

Thep Khufan: Indeed.
Vilgax: Who are you? Are you the one who will break me out?
Thep Khufan: I intend to, in due time. My name is Scarogus. I need you to agree to tell any of your accomplices as well as your opponents that I and my Thep Khufan army are a part of your plan. Read me?
Vilgax: Why should I do that?
Scarogus/Thep Khufan: Because I'll pay you for it. And nothing helps get back to your home planet like money.
Vilgax: Hmm...
Scarogus: Take your time on the decision. I'll be back.

The Thep Khufan throws his arm into the air and extends to the ceiling. A guard is heard rushing down the halls to Vilgax. He stops in front of him.

Null Void Incarcecon Guard #2: Who were you talking to?
Vilgax: Myself. Staying cooped up in here isn't good for one's sanity.
Null Void Incarcecon Guard #2: Yeah? Well, keep it down. I'd hate for a planet's ruler to have to go through final.
Vilgax: Oh, worry not. I won't be too much trouble.
Null Void Incarcecon Guard #2 (beginning to walk back away): Yeah...

We begin to pan over to the back of Vilgax's head, where we see a black rectangle with red Galvanic Mechamorph patterns on it.

Vilgax: No trouble at all...



Gwen, Kevin, and Mercedes assemble for movie night but Ben's gone missing. Gwen tracks him to the Mother System, and Azmuth is the one to rescue him.

Major Events

  • Sublimino returns after the original series.
  • The Mother System appears, after first being mentioned by Malevolence.
  • Gwen, Kevin, and Paradox meet Mercedes Barnes.



  • Sublimino
  • Madame Regle (formerly)

Aliens Used (by Ben)

  • Frisbit (mind-controlled)
  • Brawnoceros (mind-controlled; accidental transformation, selected by Azmuth)
  • Dreadsense (x2; first appearance)
  • Plasmodic


  • What Carl says about Ben's girlfriends is a reference to the sentiments of Ron Witwicky to his son Sam in Transformers: Dark of the Moon.


  • This is first episode to have been released altogether.
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